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We exercise this responsibility by delegating functions to the Local Governing Body of each academy through schemes of delegation one for good and outstanding schools and another for sponsored academies. Currently leads team of communications professionals in a FTSE organisation employing 18, people worldwide.

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Extensive experience within education services, including assignments for the Director General, University of London and International Baccalaureate. Expert in strategic planning, critical thinking, facilitation and stakeholder management, governance and organisational structures and partnership working. Experienced chair of governors and additional skills governor; specialising in raising standards and strategic awareness. Former director of operations within an education trust now specialising in consultancy and project management for the state funded education sector. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

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The BET Board. Tony Oakden Chair of governors at Jubilee High School and school governor for 10 years Consultant for the Diocese of Guildford Extensive experience in social services including management of residential care services Qualified social worker Diploma in management studies. Directors Trustees Role: To oversee the strategic direction of the Trust, ensure full compliance and hold its executives to account. This means that these two must run in the top three positions along with only one of the other horses selected.

In a field of runners, there is only one swinger dividend. In a field of 6 or more runners there are three swingers dividends. Hollywood refunds your stake for the two horses that dead heat for third. There are four types: a. Straight Line b. Boxed c.

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Banker d. Floating Banker Straight Line Banker Means you can have one horse for 1st, one for 2nd, and another for 3rd. With any straight-line bet you can only place one horse number per finishing position. A dead-heat for THIRD place would result in two separate dividends being paid on the combination of first, second and the one of the third placed dead-heaters, and first, second and the other third placed dead-heater. Boxed Trifecta This bet is a selection of three or more horses to run in the first three positions in any order.

The ticket would qualify for the above dividend. Banker Trifecta In this type of Trifecta you may have many selections for first, many selections for second, and many selections for third. This is on provision that one of the selections for first must run first, one of the selections for second must run second, and one of the selections for third must run third.

A punter can also catch more than one trifecta if there is a dead heat for first, second or third and he has those numbers in a bet. Floating Banker Roving Banker Trifecta In a trifecta you have the option of one or two floating bankers which must run in the top three positions in any order and the other selections must fill the positions that your banker does not. When you have only one floating banker, two of the remaining selections must fill the open positions.

When you have two floating bankers, one of the remaining selections will fill the open position. Note: 1. If your roving banker dead heats for third, you will be entitled to only one trifecta because your roving banker will appear in one box. The purpose of the quartet is to select four horses in a single race to finish in the first four places in the exact order. There are four options: a. There is therefore only ONE dividend barring dead-heats in any of the first four positions — see below.

Boxed Quartet This bet is a selection of four or more horses to run in the first four positions in any order. The ticket would qualify for the above dividend once if taken for R Floating Banker This is similar to a boxed Quartet in that the selected horses may run in any order in the top four positions. A floating banker differs by having 1, 2 or 3 selections which must run in the top four positions in any order. When you only have one floating banker three of the remaining selections will fill the open positions.

Example 1. In the former option, two horses are chosen to fill any two of the four winning horses. The cost is therefore determined by using the following formula: [R The place accumulator PA involves selecting seven horses to place over seven consecutive preselected races. In order for a horse to be a winner in the PA it needs to finish either first, second or third. These are usually the last seven races of a meeting.

This bet would normally start on the third race on a 9 or 10 race card, but may start on the second race on an 8 race card and the first race on a 7 race card.

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You can select a large number of horses in your permutation, of which you can take a percentage if you do not wish to spend the full amount. You can select more than one horse per race, but it will cost you per combination If you have more than one selection in a winning leg, your payout will multiply out by how many winners you have. Therefore to get the full amount of the dividend once, it would cost you R Remember that for each horse qualifying, your PA will multiply by the numbers of winners.

A jackpot is where you select the winners of four consecutive preselected races. You can include as many horses as you want in your jackpot, but it will cost you per combination. Leg Race Horse Selection 1 5 2 x 3 2 6 1 x 3 x 7 x 8 3 7 3 x 4 x 6 4 8 1 x 2 Note that if any of your selections get scratched, you will automatically be given the tote favourite for that particular leg. If this jackpot's dividend is R , and you spend R48 , meaning you have paid the full amount for each of the 48 combinations, you will receive R!

This means you walk away with a profit of R! The calculation of the winning combinations is done just as in the PA. The Jackpot Mixa is a jackpot over 4 races from 4 differnet centres. It starts with the last local race, then the next 3 from other centres. The adcantage is that it is resolved quickly, within min.

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With large pools do far it means that there is the potential for decent payouts. What if a race meeting is abandoned.

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When a race meeting is abandoned, unless two legs of an Exotic bet are run the bet will be fully refundable regardless if there are losing selection in the first leg. If two of more legs of the exotic bet have been completed, the bet will have a final dividend the field will apply in any abandoned legs. The object of this bet is to select the winners on two consecutive races run at the same race course: these start at race 1 and 2, 2 and 3 and so forth Example: The options of how the bet can be taken are the single entry one horse selected in the first leg with one horse selected in the second leg , or a permutation any number of horses selected in the first leg, with any number of horsesin the second leg.

As an example, horses 1,2,3,4 are chosen to win the first leg, with horses 1,3,5,7,9 in the second leg. The purpose of the BiPot is to select a horse to place first or second in each of the 6 legs.

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The BiPot will always start one leg before the place accumulator. If there are 7 Race in a meeting there will be no BiPot.

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Scratchings Scratched horses are replaced by the tote favourites and no refunds shall be given. If two or more legs of the exotic bet have been completed, the bet will have a final divident the field will apply in any abandoned legs Note: 1. The 'First Timer' rule does not apply to the BiPot.