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Books have been written and graduate studies completed on these early works, but for the purposes of our database, I thought it was worth my time to give this collection a brief introduction. These books were created, of course, by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster , under the watchful eye of legendary editor Vincent A. Sullivan who also approved the proposals for Batman near that start of what would be the Golden Age of comics. These simple facts should be known to anyone with an interest in sequential art and American History after all, Superman is a major cultural icon at the forefront of the evolution of an American art form — the comic book.

The comic book as we know it is an American cultural export. Knowing the history, though, and knowing the actual comic itself is a different thing. I bet that most Superman fans have never read a Golden Age comic, let alone one of his. Just like with radio dramas and classic TV serials, the average sentiment seems to be that old media is kind of boring.

These comics sparked a revolution in the market because they were fun.

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And that still holds up! Superman is treated as an unlawful vigilante by the police, who fumble around trying to capture him — like many a modern vigilante. Superman makes his own news to secure his job kind of like Spidey.


He has to deal with companies trying to use his image for advertising. Speaking of standards and bright colors, I found the art very endearing. The linework is generally sparse probably due to the much smaller production industry and relative newness of the art form. I particularly looked forward to any panels where Supes would lift a person over himself, their arms flailing, or drag a pile of people with him as he walked along. There is often less explained outright than you see in later Pre-Crisis comics, which actually makes it feel like a more sophisticated or modern reading experience.

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I wanted to wrap this up with a few notes about the collection style. This is a Chronicles book, which means it contains full color reprints of several titles in chronological order as opposed to the Superman Archives that collected Action Comics and Superman separately. Verdict: 4. Essential Continuity: Oh totally, absolutely yes. Read first: I assume you have some exposure to Superman. Read next: A million places to go from here.

If you really really love the Golden Age, you could just keep following the Superman Chronicles releases. You may want to see what was up in the 60s by picking up the black and white Showcase Presents: Superman Vol. There are also the Superman In the Decades books that showcase stories from 10 year chunks from the 40s to the 80s.

Or you could go watch that Superman movie.

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You know the one. Marc wrote on at November 12, pm :. Great review, Ian! Very creative, and very fun. Thanks Marc! Supes is definitely focused more on social issues here, which I like. Not really supervillains yet. Namely, The Adventures of Superman novel by George Lowther reading that now , The Superman radio shows also working my way through those and the Superman movie serials.

Then it will be on to Superman in the 50s and the 50s stories in Superman from the 30s to the 70s, and possibly some of the collected volumes D. Superman Family is a fun place to hit, and I think all the Showcase volumes move into the 60s too. Google wrote on at June 29, pm :. In addition, the observing surgeons could transmit their comments to the operating surgeon, who could read them on the Google Glass monitor. The only tab of your concern is Public Templates, and no actions are necessary as it is already on the screen. This is a gently used […]. RSS feed for comments on this post.

TrackBack URI. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Remember Me. Review: The Superman Chronicles Vol. Sullivan This review is spoiler free! Skip To The Verdict? And you really should. Ian replied on November 12th, at pm : Thanks Marc! Ian replied on November 20th, at pm : Superman Family is a fun place to hit, and I think all the Showcase volumes move into the 60s too. Click to cancel reply. RSS Feed Updates. Fate 5 Dr. Both eventually moved on to create and write other characters, with Siegel working on The Spider and other British boys' comics, also creating the comic strip Funnyman with Shuster.

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Sadly, Shuster died in , and Siegel in They will always be remembered, by comics lovers and Superman fans the world over. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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