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Small, H. Lowry, O. Journal of Biological Chemistry , — Wouters, P. CrossRef Google Scholar. Cleverdon, C. Kessler, M. Kelly, K. Pert, C. Bradford, S. Current Contents , No. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist , Volume 1. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist , Volume 2. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist , Volume 5. Cawkell A. Garfield E. Reprinted in Essays of an Information Scientist , Volume 3.

Hamilton, D. December 7, Pendlebury, D. Wade, N. Surely no need to worry about the decisions that you have made for them — they sound like such intrepid, confident children to be proud of! I had no idea the anxiety that would come with motherhood and all the decisions we have to make that involve the kids lives!! More choices now? More pressure for the kids to be doing everything!!

I was an English major and then did Teach for America. If Maude ever wants to chat, my email is Rachel. Cole gmail.

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I believe I read before that you require your sons to complete Eagle Scout. Am I remembering that correctly? I saw that your talked about Girl Scout Camp. Hi Katie. But it turns out both of our sons really like scouting, so wanting to get an Eagle was a natural path.

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The girls camp I mentioned is through our church — one week each summer for ages Interestingly, the Personal Progress program you mentioned is ending this year. Olive has finished the program, and Betty is trying to finish it this year before it ends. And not really at all safe with my dad, emotionally. Anyway, you guys are clearly doing something incredibly right with your kids this post alone makes that very clear!!

We live in the Bay Area and I wanted to say that we have found sailing to be very rewarding for my kids. The independence of being on a little! There are some very thoughtful criticisms of TFA that are worth investigating and that I think you will find compelling. There are also alternatives in which Maude could participate. How do you define a "big" family?

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And did you ever consider having one? DNA tests are revealing unknown siblings, long hidden affairs, and all sorts of family secrets. A letter from a teenage reader who is heading to college, but hasn't been taught about sex yet. Random Thoughts June 6, A Few Things. Living With Kids: Kelly Houseman. Something to Try: Iced Chocolate. Barbara June 6, at pm Reply. Lovely musings! You should feel so proud! Madeline June 6, at pm Reply. Sandra Ray Lakow June 6, at pm Reply. Natalie S. June 6, at pm Reply. Catherine June 6, at pm Reply. Chenay June 6, at pm Reply. Pam June 6, at pm Reply.

Heather June 6, at pm Reply. Thank you! Mafalda June 7, at am Reply. I second that post about the Au Pair life! Robyn June 9, at pm Reply. Nancy June 6, at pm Reply. Kate June 6, at pm Reply.

Caitlin in MD June 7, at am Reply. Gilly June 6, at pm Reply. Robin June 7, at am Reply. I can only dream that my kids will be as productive and motivated as yours! Sarah June 7, at am Reply. Lily June 7, at am Reply. Dorf June 7, at am Reply. Ivonne June 7, at am Reply.

Sara June 7, at am Reply. Jeanne June 7, at pm Reply. Sars June 9, at pm Reply.

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Thank you for sharing and your thoughts echo many of mine own. Aliesha June 12, at pm Reply. Midori June 7, at am Reply. Caitlin June 7, at am Reply. Laura June 7, at pm Reply. Catherine June 7, at pm Reply. Angela June 7, at pm Reply. Debbie S. June 7, at pm Reply. Heidi June 7, at pm Reply. Sophie June 8, at am Reply. Maddy June 8, at pm Reply. Katie June 12, at pm Reply. Design Mom June 12, at pm Reply. Katie Vieceli June 13, at am Reply. Post a Comment Cancel Reply. Our Favorites. Education , 41 4 , Fall Education , 42 1 , Winter Common beliefs about the validity and value of student ratings, what the research says about those beliefs, and how to make ratings as useful as possible.

Education , 42 2 , Spring Education , 42 3 , Summer Mistakes Education , 42 4 , Fall Your teachers made them and your colleagues make them. What about you? Education , 43 1 , Winter Education , 43 2 , Spring A questionnaire to rate academic departments on a Competitive vs. Collegial scale. Education , 43 3 , Summer A satirical but not entirely unrealistic look at how university administrations function in budget crises.

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Education , 43 4 , Fall A celebration of Professor Jim Stice, a legend in engineering education. Education , 44 1 , Winter Using checklists and rubrics both to assess soft professional skills and to help students develop those skills. Does It Exist? Education , 44 2 , Spring Summary of a recent survey of the literature on the relationship between faculty research activity and teaching effectiveness. How to Strengthen Each without Weakening the Other.

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Education , 44 3 , Summer Second part of a summary of a recent survey of the literature on the relationship between faculty research activity and teaching effectiveness. Education , 45 1 , Winter Statistics on the incidence of cheating in college and proven ideas for preventing it and catching it when it occurs. Education , 45 2 , Spring If you tried active or cooperative or problem-based learning and got pushback and lower ratings from the students and feel discouraged, here are some things to think about. Education , 45 3 , Summer Collection of quotes about education.

Education , 45 4 , Fall Education , 46 1 , Winter The technique of having students work through solved problems, explaining each step as they go, and the research that supports its effectiveness. Education, 46 2 , Spring A workshop to help new faculty members in engineering and the sciences get their research and teaching careers off to a good start. Education , 46 3 , Summer A whimsical look at headaches typically faced by department heads and a tribute to the men and women who manage to deal with them day after day.

Education , 46 4 , Fall Why pre-class reading assignments are usually ineffective and how to improve them. Miscellaneous Issues. Education , 47 1 , Winter Keeping course preparation time reasonable especially for new preps , what and what not to do with PowerPoint, making course content relevant. Active Learning. Education , 47 2 , Spring Why do it? How do we know it works? How much should you do in a class session? Can I use it for long problem solutions and derivations? Can I use it online? Education , 47 3 , Summer Education , 47 4 , Fall Collection of miscellaneous gripes.

Felder and J. Education , 48 1 , Winter Things students should and should not do when preparing for tests and taking them. How about Teaching Them? Education , 48 2 , Spring Suggestions for how to do it. Education , 48 3 , Summer Ideas for course content that could be dropped and no one except maybe the professor who loves it would miss it.

Education , 48 4 , Fall Predictions about engineering education in 10 years. Spoiler alert: MOOCs will still be here. Education , 49 2 , Spring Several easy but effective teaching strategies. Education , 49 3 , Summer Good and not-so-good ways to flip a classroom, introducing new material online and then processing it actively in class. Education , 49 4 , Fall A research-validated technique for incorporating activities in a class, getting all the benefits of active learning, and not sacrificing content coverage maybe even increasing it.

Ineffective Studying.