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Description Physical Enjolras is described as "a charming young man who was capable of being terrible"[1] and as "Antinous wild". The "divine right" of revolution that he expresses is said to go "as far as Robespierre",[2] and Hugo declares that "in the Convention, he would have been Saint Just". Events from the year in France. The Doctrinals French: doctrinaires was the name given during the Bourbon Restoration — and the July Monarchy — to the group of French royalists who hoped to reconcile the monarchy with the French Revolution and power with liberty.

Headed by Royer-Collard, these liberal royalists were in favor of a constitutional monarchy, but with a heavily restricted census suffrage—Louis XVIII, who had been restored to the throne, had granted a Charter to the French with a Chamber of Peers and a Chamber of Deputies elected under tight electoral laws only around , Frenchmen had at the time the right to vote. During the July Monarchy, they were an intellectual and political group within the Resistance Party. Broglie — and Guizot — were both Prime Ministers of France, although Guizot and the Doctrinaires dominated the political scenery during the premie.

He was also a member of the Council of Five Hundred the lower house of the legislative branch of the French government under The Directory , and a teacher at the military school of Rebais, Champagne. Defrance had an extensive and successful military career in the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

After the First Battle of Zurich, he refused a battlefield promotion to brigadier general, asking instead for a cavalry regiment; he received command of the 12th Regiment of Chasseurs-a-Cheval light cavalry as Chef-de-Brigade, a rank equivalent to colonel. He led this brigade in the campaigns of — in southwestern Germany and northern Italy. By , he had been promoted to brigadier general. By the Battle of Bo. The battle at Sacile was preceded by the action of Pordenone on 15 April in which the Austrian advance guard mauled the French rear guard.

While still in his teens, he was able to determine a necessary and sufficient condition for a polynomial to be solvable by radicals, thereby solving a problem standing for years. His work laid the foundations for Galois theory and group theory,[2] two major branches of abstract algebra, and the subfield of Galois connections. He died at age 20 from wounds suffered in a duel. His mother, the daughter of a jurist, was a fluent reader of Latin and classical literature and was responsible for her son's education for his first twelve years. It marks the end of the Bourbon Restoration — It began with the overthrow of the conservative government of Charles X, the last king of the House of Bourbon.

The king promised to follow the "juste milieu", or the middle-of-the-road, avoiding the extremes of either the conservative supporters of Charles X and radicals on the left. The July Monarchy was dominated by wealthy bourgeoisie and numerous former Napoleonic officials. The king promoted friendship with Great Britain and sponsore. Portrait by Marie Gabrielle Coignet. Vidocq is considered to be the father of modern criminology[1][2] and of the French police department.

Childhood and youth — Little is known about his childhood; most of it. Initially, the war was similar to the 14th-century Jacquerie peasant uprising, but quickly acquired themes considered by the Jacobin government in Paris to be counter-revolutionary, and Royalist. The uprising headed by the newly formed Catholic and Royal Army was comparable to the Chouannerie, which took place in the area north of the Loire. Having secured their pays, the deficiencies of the Vendean army became more apparent.

Lacking a unified strategy or army and fighting a defensive campaign, from April. Wikimedia Commons has media related to As of the start of , the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localized use until January 13 — The Christmas Rebellion of slaves is brought to an end in Jamaica, after the island's white planters organize militias and the British Army sends companies of the 84th regiment to enforce martial law. More than of the slave rebels will be publicly hanged for their part in the destruction.

After returning to France, he was a key figure in the French Revolution of and the July Revolution of Lafayette was born into a wealthy land-owning family in Chavaniac in the province of Auvergne in south central France. He followed the family's martial tradition and was commissioned an officer at age He became convinced that the American revolutionary cause was noble, and he traveled to the New World seeking glory in it.

He was made a major general at age 19, but he was initially not given American troops to command. He was wounded during the Battle of Brandywine but still managed to organize an orderly retreat, and he served with distinction in the Battle of Rhode Is. The French cavalry routed the opposing cavalry and captured 14 enemy guns.

A lull followed as John arranged his infantry in a formidable defensive position. In the afternoon, the viceroy sent Paul Grenier to drive back the Austrian left while Jacques MacDonald mounted an assault on the center. The attack succeeded in breaking the Austrian line and compelling John to order a retreat. Its population increased from , in to 1,, in , as the city grew to the north and west, while the poorest neighborhoods in the center became even more crowded.

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A cholera outbreak in killed 20, people. Claude-Philibert de Rambuteau, prefect of the Seine for fifteen years under Louis-Philippe, made tentative efforts to improve the center of the city: he paved the quays of the Seine with stone paths and planted trees along the river. He built a new street now the Rue Rambuteau to connect the Marais district with the markets and began construction of Les Halles, the famous central.

The Canon de 4 Gribeauval or 4-pounder was a French cannon and part of the artillery system developed by Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval.

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The Old French pound French: livre was 1. In the Gribeauval era, the 4-pounder was the lightest weight cannon of the French field artillery; the others were the medium Canon de 8 Gribeauval and the heavy Canon de 12 Gribeauval. The Gribeauval system was introduced in and the guns were first employed during the American Revolutionary War.

At first a pair of 4-pounders were assigned to each infantry battalion and were often called battalion pieces. Later, Emperor Napoleon took the guns away from the infantry units and began to replace the 4-pounder with the 6-pounder, using captured guns as well as newly cast French cannons.

However, as the French infantry declined in quality after.

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Sacile proved to be the most notable victory of John's career. On 15 April at Pordenone, the Austrian advance guard routed the French rear guard, inflicting heavy losses. Though the two sides were equal in numbers of foot soldiers, the Austrians possessed a two-to-one advantage in cavalry, and this turned out to be a key factor in their victory.

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The list includes the general officers in the French service during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. From to , their number exceeded 2, The 8-pounder was the medium weight cannon of the French field artillery; the others were the light Canon de 4 Gribeauval and the heavy Canon de 12 Gribeauval. The 8-pounder could be found in divisional reserves, advanced guards or army artillery reserves.

Emperor Napoleon began to phase out the 8-pounder by increasing the proportion of pounders in his artillery. The emperor began switching calibers to the handier 6-pounder piece, utilizing captured guns as well as newly desi. In he was appointed officer of a volunteer battalion. He fought the Spanish in the War of the Pyrenees and was promoted to general officer.

In he was assigned to the Army of the Rhine and led a brigade at Stockach, Messkirch and Biberach. Shortly after, he was transferred to Italy. He participated in the Invasion of Naples and led his troops against the British at Maida where his brigade put up a sturdy resistance. After briefly serving in the war, he took command of Modena and died there of illness in He never married. They liked least Tristan C. Je me suis fait pigeonner par le mot clef "Cthulhu"! Frederic M. You have to be logged to submit reviews. Top livres jeux. View all Tops Games. Newsletters Do not miss the fun news!

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