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The biographical introduction of Alma the Elder into the Book of Mormon narrative Mosiah also introduces the name Alma into the text for the…. The prominence of circles and circular motion has been one present in scientific discussion of the structure of the universe from Aristotle to…. Review of Terryl Givens and Philip L. A series of three Patheos posts on the subject of Nahom rings out-of-tune bells all over the place.

By seeing the example of a county prosecutor, I learned that we are never more like the Savior than when we willingly and vulnerably enter the…. Aminadab, a Nephite by birth who later dissented to the Lamanites, played a crucial role in the mass conversion of three hundred Lamanites and…. The texts that religious youth negotiate are often deeply embedded in their sociocultural practices, which can have profound influences on their….

From the beginning, Latter-day Saints have rejected the notion that science and religion are incompatible. In this article, we give an overview of…. The Sun makes life possible on Earth. No wonder many ancient civilizations…. The Book of Mormon contains several quotations from the Hebrew Bible that have been juxtaposed on the basis of shared words or phrases, this for the…. Taking up the yoke may have…. The world of the Nephite nation was born out of the world of seventh century BC Jerusalem.

The traditions and tragedies of the nation of Judah set…. Because it is primarily an Early Modern English text in terms of its English language , the earliest text of the Book of Mormon understandably…. Review of Terryl L. The drastic differences between the…. A number of years ago, my home teacher, John Wright, stopped by to see me, unannounced. Apologetics is typically seen as a purely cerebral activity designed to convince others of the truth or, at least, of the plausibility of certain….

Review of John H. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, …. Review of Matthew S. Brown, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Stephen D. Ricks, and John S. Thompson, eds. A review of Mason, Patrick Q. New York: Oxford University Press, Mormon, as an author and editor, was concerned to show the fulfillment of earlier Nephite prophecy when such fulfillment occurred. Mormon took care…. The brass plates version of Isaiah , as contained in 2 Nephi , contains a small difference, not attested in any other pre Isaiah witness,…. Review of: Jack R. Lundbom, Biblical Rhetoric and Rhetorical Criticism.

This article is the third in a series of three articles responding to the recent assertion by Jonathan Neville that Benjamin Winchester was the…. The crux of the creation—evolution conflict is a futile desire to scientifically prove or disprove the existence of God.

The conflict is manifest in…. A review of James E. The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship,…. The claim that God revealed the details of Book of Mormon geography is not new, but the recent argument that there was a conspiracy while the Prophet…. A Review of Samuel M. The doctrine of resurrection was taught by Lehi and Jacob among the first Nephites but was not mentioned again in the record until the time of…. Over the last few years, several Latter-day Saint scholars have commented on how the socio-religious setting of Judah in the late-seventh century bc….

Review of S. Michael Wilcox. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book. Review of Lofte Payne. Victoria, BC, Canada: Trafford…. It is apparently a transcription of a recent talk he had given and…. Some critics of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, chiefly of the secular variety, claim that Latter-day Saints are mind-controlled…. If God is both all good and all-powerful, how…. Joseph Smith taught that the origins of modern temple ordinances go back beyond the foundation of the world. Review of Jerry D. Grover, Jr. Vineyard, UT: Self-Published, The nature and function of Psalm 82 has long been a subject of debate within biblical scholarship.

The text is rather brief and has no real…. Royal Skousen opened…. The Deseret Alphabet represents a bold but failed attempt by 19th century LDS Church leaders to revolutionize English language orthography. As 21st…. Review of: Matthew B. Review of Brian C. Hales and Laura H. Believing Latter-day Saints hold different views about what it means to sustain the presiding Brethren of the Church. In this article, I outline some….

Increasing understanding of scripture one article at a time

A strong case has been made by John A. Tvedtnes and Jeffrey R. Chadwick that Lehi was a metalworker by profession. Although the text gives several…. In the early editions of the Book of Mormon, Alma refers to the Nephite interpreters as directors. Because director s elsewhere refers to the brass….

In the middle of the 16th century there was a short-lived surge in the use of the auxiliary did to express the affirmative past tense in English, as…. Scriptural accounts of celestial beings visiting the earth are abundant in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Whether a descending deity or…. In , facsimile…. In what is surely one of the saddest tales in the Bible, Jephthah vows that if granted success in battle, he will sacrifice the first person to cross….

The third edition of the Book of Mormon was stereotyped and printed in Cincinnati in While some have…. Because he was an eloquent…. From the birth of modern science at the end of the sixteenth century, Galileo famously believed that God had written two books — the scriptures and…. The variety of command syntax found in the Book of Mormon is very different from what is seen in the King James Bible. Yet it is sophisticated and…. Christ was a baby, then a toddler, then a boy, then a young man, and he experienced life at every stage.

Scholars from many religious backgrounds--including Latter-day Saints--have noted both temple themes and parallel structures in the Jacob Cycle…. The best available evidence for the Book of Mormon continues to support a limited Mesoamerican model. However, Alma 63 indicates that there was a….

Official LDS Essay on Book of Mormon Translation, Annotated

Advocates of this thesis have argued that the…. A review of Blake T. Both reason and experience are essential to religious life, which should be neither completely irrational nor entirely cerebral. But surely, of the…. The essay traces lines of continuity between ancient middle eastern traditions of Asherah in her various later Jewish, Christian, and Mormon forms. The Book of Mormon claims to be an ancient record containing a summary of a now-disappeared civilization that once lived in the American continent….

Grant H. In response to questions arising within God, Job, described as blameless and upright, is thrust from idyllic circumstances into a dark realm of…. A review of Jason Hartley. Places are made sacred through manifestations of the divine or ritual activity. The occurrence of a theophany or hierophany or the performance of…. Authors inevitably make assumptions about their readers as they write. Readers likewise make assumptions about authors and their intentions as they…. Earl M. Wunderli has written a book that works through the reasons he fell out of belief in the Book of Mormon.

These are combined with issues that…. Much of the earliest Book of Mormon language which has been regarded as nonstandard through the years is not. In that part of the original article here presented with some minor editing , I first describe the different kinds of changes that have occurred in…. Review of John L. Joseph Smith and the Geography of the Book of Mormon. The Communications Company, Short as it is, the dietary counsel in section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants is far from straightforward, as evidenced by the wide variety of….

Philosophers and theologians, believers and unbelievers, friends to faith and enemies, scientists, historians — these and many others have devoted a…. The distinctive Mormon conception of God makes possible a logically coherent reconciliation of the facially incompatible laws of justice and mercy. In this brief note, I will suggest several instances in which the Book of Mormon prophet Enos utilizes wordplay on his own name, the name of his…. Review of Wade E. In particular, there are those who publicly…. Carl T. Cox has graciously provided me with a new account of Moroni showing the Book of Mormon plates to Mary Whitmer , wife of Peter….

Volume 2 () | Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship

Humankind spoke before we wrote. In the early stages of the movement from exclusively oral to heavily literate communication, writing was an adjunct…. Many people still believe that Jesus Christ was born on 25 December, either in 1 bc or ad 1. The December date is certainly incorrect and the year is….

Among the covenant obligations taken upon themselves by faithful Latter-day Saints is the consecration of their talents, gifts, and abilities to the…. Review of David E. To date, LDS scholars have largely ignored the important but rather….

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, Volume 2 (2012)

Review of David Bokovoy. Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis—Deuteronomy. Foreword by John W. Fundamental changes have occurred in the historical profession over the past thirty years. The central revolutionary change is that workers in the….

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This essay provides a close theological reading of Helaman 13, the first part of the sermon of Samuel the Lamanite. Beginning from the insight that…. I begin this brief historical account of alternative work on the critical text of the Book of Mormon by including material that I wrote in an…. The following are reflections on some of the complicated history, including the abuses, of what is commonly known as theology. Review of John S.

Dinger, ed. Chiasmus, or inverted parallelism, is well-known to most students of Mormon studies; this note explores one instance of it in Abraham Evangelical critics in particular, such as Matt Slick of the Christian…. Miller, Letters to a Young Mormon. Provo, Utah: Neal A.

Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, Her story has been considered and utilized in a…. Review of Jeffrey M. Bradshaw and David J. The accounts of creation in Genesis, Moses, and Abraham as well as in higher endowments of knowledge given to the faithful are based on visions in…. The following article from Hugh Nibley, written more than half a century ago, is a timely reminder of the contrast between empty holiday exuberance…. Review of D. The Intolerance of Tolerance. Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B.

Eerdmans, The author introduces a syntactic technique known as "enallage"—an intentional substitution of one grammatical form for another. This technique can…. A presentation by Chris and Duane Johnson proposed a new…. Review of Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Review of E.

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Randolph Richards and Brandon J. The author introduces the subject of the essay based on scripture by observing that one true morality governs the heavens and exists to govern…. I first became involved in apologetics because I wanted to defend the truth of beliefs that are important to me and to defend the character of….

Thank God for Evolution. New York: W. Norton, Saving Darwin:…. The Mormonizing of America by Stephen Mansfield has been touted as a solid, impartial look at Mormon history and doctrine. Unfortunately, on closer…. The following article was published in the Regent University Law Review in the first number of its volume, pages The article is….

Latter-day Saints have always been encouraged to seek the truth wherever it can be found. With the Book of Mormon being written especially to the…. Review of Mark A. Review of Diarmaid MacCulloch. The Reformation. New York: Viking Penguin, Mosiah provides the reader of the Book of Mormon with new insights about Israelite-Nephite family structure. For ancient Israelites, the temple was a place where sacrifice and theophany i. The account of…. Foreword by Richard Lyman Bushman. Introduction to volume 5, and considers the modern-day notion of the end of Bible-like divine manifestations and revelations which Joseph Smith….

This essay seeks to examine the Book of Mormon translation method from the perspective of a regular, nonscholarly, believing member in the…. At the end of , Jack M. Lyon and Kent R. Discovering parallels is inherently an act of comparison. Through comparison, parallels have been introduced frequently as proof or evidence of….

Review of Rick Grunder. Mormon Parallels: A Bibliographic Source. If Marxist theory has made any useful contribution at all -- that contribution would have to be inconceivably enormous in order to outweigh the…. King Josiah's reign has come under increasing focus for its importance to the formation of the Hebrew Bible, and for its proximity to the ministry of…. This study considers the Book of Mormon personal names Josh, Nahom, and Alma as test cases for the Book of Mormon as an historically authentic…. In this open letter to doubters of the Latter-day Saint faith, the well-known author Terryl Givens does not attempt direction to resolve….

The proliferation of Mormon Studies is surprising, considering that many of the basic questions about the field have never been answered. Review of Roger E. Against Calvinism. Foreword by Michael Horton, author of For Calvinism. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, The new volume Exploring the First Vision, edited by…. An investigation of ancient astronomy shows that a cubit was used not only as the metric of length elbow to fingertip but also as a metric of angle…. Review of John G. Buy As Gift. Product Details About the Author.

Its goal is to increase understanding of scripture. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Challenge and Reward Journal 2. The Challenge and Reward Journal 2 is the second of three books that provides students The Challenge and Reward Journal 2 is the second of three books that provides students in Grades with motivational take-home challenges to complete for rewards within Gamelife training sessions. Its challenges teach main spiritual principles through modern-day parables, personal View Product. Color Me Journal: Vol 2.

Why Color Images? The American Art Therapy Association says that art therapy can be useful to The American Art Therapy Association says that art therapy can be useful to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem. So coloring images This is the twelfth volume of the hard-copy edition of a journal that has been This is the twelfth volume of the hard-copy edition of a journal that has been published online www.

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