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Though thoughtful and moving in its exploration of such suffering, both individual and collective, Years and Years occasionally stumbles by insufficiently using its characters to contextualize its political world-building. As Daniel bemoans the banks and the corporations and fake news and more, he ceases to blink, his voice rising and quickening. Later, though, Daniel tells off a xenophobic visitor to the refugee camp he works at in his capacity as a housing officer.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Years and Years is the compassion with which it considers its characters. It would be easy for a series filled with so many cataclysms, both global and personal—nuclear weapon launches, deaths, infidelities—to err on the side of sadism in its depiction of that turmoil. But it takes no pleasure in the pain of the Lyonses. Instead, Years and Years recognizes that pain is edifying as well as transient, and it accordingly gives the pain that it inflicts space to evolve: to form, to torment, and to pass, like each year that comes and goes, taking more and more away with it.

Rue characterizes the world she grew up in as a chaotic, aimless place devoid of much understanding for her people her age, which leaves her generation concerned mainly with wringing out as much enjoyment from it as they can. And the series, which is adapted from an Israeli drama of the same name, depicts such teenage hedonism in frank, explicit terms: a high school world awash in pills, sex, and nude photos thrown to the winds of social media. Regardless, the series finds its character-driven groove by turning an empathetic eye toward the inner lives of its principal teens, observing their listlessness and small moments of solace as much as their outward pain.

She determines the flow of the action, freezing a sex scene outright for a digression on modern porn habits or summoning a cutaway gag, like a lecture on dick pics complete with projector slides. Zendaya plays Rue with a perpetual murmur and effortless remove, like an observer sitting on the sidelines watching the world go by, until she succumbs to a desperate, drug-seeking freak-out or one of the panic attacks those drugs are meant to distance her from.

The series tempers some of its heavier material with an often laidback atmosphere, a world of deep shadows drenched in multi-colored hues and dreamy hip-hop beats that belie the darkness in its corners. The chemistry between Zendaya and Schafer paints a believable portrait of a companionship only possible before adulthood, when you have as much free time as you have affection to distribute.

The two might have sustained the series by themselves, though Euphoria struggles to develop its other characters. With Rue and Jules at the center, you feel the exhilaration of their friendship as much as a real concern for their growing troubles. But with its less fully developed characters, the series can feel like little more than a lurid performance of teenage pain. The series transforms a story that captured something of the experience of war into a familiar melodrama.

Indeed, its shocking ending underlines the absolute senselessness of war and the meaninglessness of heroism. Das Boot is a war film that could only be made in a country where virtually everyone had experienced the horror of war firsthand, whether it was on the frontlines or cowering in a bomb shelter. Johannes W. Forfeiting the telescoped focus that keeps the film engrossing, the series substitutes hidden backstories and interpersonal melodrama that feels like it was pulled from the prestige-drama handbook.

Meanwhile, Simone arrives in La Rochelle, where she expects to live and work alongside her younger brother, Frank Leonard Scheicher , a radio engineer. With no choice in the matter and suddenly facing an uncertain fate, Frank hands over to Simone a cache of materials he was supposed to deliver in a post-curfew rendezvous later that night. On the brink of explaining her intentions to Simone, Monroe stops herself, mostly, it seems, to extend the mystery for another episode or two. Forster has a professional relationship with Simone, and, he hopes, a burgeoning personal one.

The sense of cheapness and naked commercialism that pervades the series makes its explicit depiction of disturbing violence—a death by firing squad, the gang rape of a Jewish woman by German sailors—feel unearned and, particularly in the latter case, completely irresponsible. The encounter leaves Jessica injured and newly traumatized, and Salinger psychotically obsessed with his incidental victim.

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The series empathetically attests to the agonies that queer people to this day often have no choice but to suffer in silence. I can see it clear as day! But the point of the episode, like some long-delayed eulogy, is to empathetically attest to the agonies that queer people to this day often have no choice but to suffer in silence.

Too often, though, the series goes one step further by blaring that message out loud, with dialogue that suggests a kind of PSA speak. The cast list for the new season reveals that Charlayne Woodard, as Helena St. The stage may be lovingly ceded to Angel and Lil Papi, but after a while, it just feels as if the lovebirds are going through all the same soap-operatic motions that Damon and Ricky did in the first season: Angel is so desperate to be a star that she opens herself up to being exploited by a smarmy photographer Alexander DiPersia , and after she and her friends hand him his ass in a proud show of unity, Angel gets her first break, which just so happens to occur at the exact moment of a date she has with Lil Papi.

The new season recalls the most human elements of past episodes while levying urgent indictments of the present.

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Miley Cyrus stars as Ashley, a singer who wants to transition from glittery pop to more challenging material, much to the horror of her exploitative handlers. When eventually called for help, the communications magnate is powerless, no longer able to grasp the magnitude of his creation, and reduced to speaking in platitudes. Alice previously served a similar juxtaposing function. Despite her chemistry with Luther and their mutual attraction, her teasing, nihilistic amorality and even-more-extreme methods conflicted with his determination to protect life; their developing relationship threatened his job, his loved ones, and his own beliefs.

But at this point, the two simply know each other too well for her wild-card antics to surprise Luther, and by extension the audience. Her ability to throw him off balance is muted since he mostly just seems tired of putting up with her rather than shocked at her insistent, ultimately predictable attempts to lash out at Cornelius.

That same sense of exhaustion and inevitability hangs over the entire season, undermining its usual attempts to shock us with plot twists that bring death and violence.

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The serial killer this time around, a surgeon Enzo Cilenti with a fetish for turning people into pincushions, may have strong visual iconography through the eerie combination of a clown mask and a glowing hood meant to fool CCTV, but his grisly compulsion is more of the same for a series that loves to plumb the depths of how gory a series can get. Our preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the films, big and small, coming your way soon. Connect with us. You may like.

By Steven Scaife. Continue Reading. By Michael Haigis. By Niv M. By Pat Brown. By Ed Gonzalez. Popular Latest.

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Features 5 days ago. TV 7 days ago. Film 6 days ago. Video 5 days ago. Film 18 hours ago. Film 2 days ago. Video 2 days ago. Sign Up for Our Weekly Newsletter. The final two contestants in The Last Rally of the Five Galaxies, they have out-survived thousands in a messed-up Krypton Factor through space, and are now on the verge of winning untold riches.

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Because of nebulous reasons, the mythical Ghost Monument that represents the finish line is actually the Tardis. Susan Lynch and Sean Dooley make for a durable guest cast of fleshed-out characters with disarming backstories and motivations. Angstrom by turns both beautifully warm and utterly tragic; Epzo one of the most wilfully unpleasant guests companions Doctor Who has seen.

Frankly, he is a dickhead, and the reasons why are obvious. Taken together, the whole thing is good old-fashioned rollicking, albeit with some slightly off-beam messaging as the day is saved by a cigar.

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The assembly of team Tardis has been curious this season. There have been no inspirational scenes of the characters running away from unfulfilling lives in search of adventures in space and time. Graham, Yaz and Ryan have been taken off quite by accident, and even when we get to that breathtaking arrival in the Tardis, the plan is still to take them home. So that is surely all to come. An impulsive young man alright, his trigger-happy approach to the Sniperbots falls flat, although his Call of Duty battle cry is priceless. For all of this character work, Yaz is feeling something of a spare part, but hopefully that will change.

But as the Doctor appeared to be giving up hope towards the end, her new friends started to truly band together. The linear piling up of scares and dangers one by one was effective in keeping everything hurtling along. But I must say, the sequence where Epzo is half-suffocated by whatever-those-things-were was the most disturbing Doctor Who moment I have seen in quite some time.

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The deathly goings-on on Planet Desolation are revealed to be the work of the Stenza. With two mentions in a week, was that just a subtle nod or the seeding of a Big Bad for the series? Chibnall said there would be no through-line this year , but as we all know, Doctor Who producers do not mind the odd fib. The dancing lights of the new titles and the Delia Derbyshire-isms of the new theme tune are a trip right back to where it all began. I for one was loving them.

Things are thankfully getting a bit funnier, too.