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In the last one year we have seen S outh African women continue to organise under TheTotalShutdown to protest gender-based violence following marches in August Earlier in May, images out of Nigeria shocked the world as it was revealed that the police in Abuja had raped and assaulted women found in clubs in the name of crackdown on prostitution. This was followed by the raid on a Marie Stopes clinic in Lagos by police on allegations of illegal abortion in a country that still upholds one of the most restrictive laws on the services women and girls often need to save their life and future.

Nigerian women continue to organise and protest under EndWaronNigerianWomen. These MeToo movements, whatever form and pace they may take on, are necessary and long overdue. When a continental body like the African Union is still investing in cover up of sexual harassment and abuse instead of accountability, we very well know the journey ahead is a long and winding one. As women continue to fight for their rights, allies are indeed important in shifting power. However, you can only be a true ally if you are not seeking to make yourself the centre of our struggle.

Yehuda Shaul - Breaking the Silence - Seattle, Nov 14, 2013

In the struggle to end abuse against women, allies who take a seat, learn and respect the voices of women including at times when their help is deemed counterproductive, can make a big difference. As we build on the MeToo we must confront the the biases and also recognise that African feminists lived among our grandmothers generation and in there we can find both wisdom and power to build upon. Today we are connecting the dots and questioning the many interlocking forms of oppression, old and new, in a much more connected world from the local, to national and the global stage.

She persisted, so we too must press on. Along with those allies, however few, that do appreciate and are willing to do the work in the trenches, the pushing back against apologists of the status quo. Social transformation has never been a mass activity in its beginnings. Rosebell Kagumire is a trained journalist, award-winning blogger, pan-African feminist and socio-political commentator.

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Find her on Twitter RosebellK. She has expertise in media, human rights, gender, peace and conflict issues.

Sisterhood pulsing to support in breaking the silence around Sickle Cell

Kenyan women leaders and advocates at the launch of HerLifeMatters campaign in Nairobi. I mean, I never knew anything about sickle cell growing up although a cousin and a family friend both live with it.

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It is very stigmatized. Such people are even called witches and in some villages they are ostracised.

How Katha Pollitt Helped Me Break Abortion Silence

I will come again before the month is over o hahahaha. Ok seriously, she makes SickleCell less frightening and thus lets us into her world of enduring with joy what some of us cannot even fathom. Support her Campaign, no donation is too small. This is a nice post about your visit. Oh she is a strong lady, the way she is able to hide her problems is amazing. Arrey, we will surely rally behind you this month of June. For a certain you can look forward to my up building comments ha!

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Best wishes. Dear Lis, Yes it was a soul support meet-up for a brave sister. Yes yes, let's rally behind her especially on the day itself which is the 19th. I loooove reading posts about World Pulse sisters meeting together. The Queen surely knows how to treat Queens! From writing stories in hiding as a kid growing up where writing was 'an idle use of time', to being able to do it so freely today brings me so much joy One day for real She is hearts for real I am having a home day today to rest and recuperate o.

MySisterhood | Advocating Social Change

Nice regards. You bring so much positive wherever you go.

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Thanks for sharing your lovely update and meeting with the lovely Arrey and Sophie:- I seriously feel like I missed out. It's so sweet of you to support Arrey by sharing her campaign, too. Wow Jill, It was so soul and although I was on a sort of marathon journey, I really wanted to go see her personally.