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A backup feature was about the Legion of Almost Villains, who were always trying to make a reputation for themselves by defeating Atomic Mouse, who was unaware of them. And in a one-shot, Atomic Mouse vs.

Atomic Mouse

Suvarna Garge Editor A rose by any other name would smell as sweet whats in a name - William Shakespeare. Updated on Mar 31, Like Comment Share. Contents Atomic mouse part i in blender 1 atomic mouse s revival References In , Atomic Mouse was licensed by the furry comic company Shanda Fantasy Arts. Fago went on to create Atomic Rabbit a.

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Atomic Bunny and Atom the Cat. Captain Triumph.

Now, the publisher itself is no more. Unexpectedly, tho, Atomic Mouse has been re-revived anyway.

In , Shanda Fantasy Arts brought out a black and white comic featuring a mixture of reprints by Fago and new stories by Mike Curtis, Charles Ettinger and other modern practitioners of the funny animal arts. In this version, he was a comic book character within the comic book, transported into comic book "reality" through judicious application of comic book science, to protect the city of Rodentia from all that may threaten it.

Atomic Mouse Part I in Blender

Placing the old material next to the new makes a striking contrast. For one thing, in the old stories, the title character has the proportions of a funny animal large head in relation to the rest of his body , while the new ones show him built like a superhero smaller than average head.

Still, there he is — Atomic Mouse, of all the unlikely characters, having brand-new adventures in the 21st century. Webring: This site is a member of WebRing.

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