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Six years ago, Kamen Itenu was made the Regent of the Sunjaa nation, ruling for a boy-king, and thus became the most powerful man in all the west. But Kamen is not just the Regent. He is also a man who has lost his first love, and he has never expected his heart to kindle again. Ajalira is a woman trapped, one who, for honor's sake, sold herself to the Red Lotus Guild to be made into a courtesan and assassin. When war sends the Regent to the Guild, Ajalira's honor kindles Kamen's broken heart, but can even the love of the Regent protect Ajalira from her past?

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Upon hearing that Zuko required a decoy, Iroh quickly volunteered.

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Arriving via submarine, Iroh was the first one to pop out before embracing his nephew. Noticing Ursa, he expressed his gratitude at seeing her once more and his regret at how she suffered at the hands of his family. Ursa then embraced him, saying he had nothing to be sorry for and that his presence in the family always gave her hope. When Suki revealed to Zuko Iroh's consent to be his decoy, his nephew was concerned since they don't look alike.

Iroh assured him that the crowd would only see his hand from the carriage and demonstrated how he could wave with angst. Iroh then exchanged places with Zuko and Ursa's family. Upon arrival at the capitol harbor, as Iroh put on his performance, he explained to a puzzled guard next to him that he needed to feel genuine angst for his act. As Iroh's caravan made their way along the main road to the capitol, as expected, they were attacked by the New Ozai Society.

Iroh was ready to leap into action, but Mai , Ty Lee , and their Kyoshi Warrior detachment had already subdued their attackers. Mai noted that her father sent only six soldiers to attack Iroh, before everyone noticed a distress flare sent by Suki and they realized they had been fooled. Iroh joined the others in racing to Zuko's location via hot air balloon and was delighted to finally see some action. When Zuko concerned over Ursa's apprehension at re-entering the palace, Iroh assured him that she just needs time. Iroh then noticed that something else was bothering Zuko.

The Fire Lord confessed that the New Ozai Society was becoming a significant threat, so he requested his uncle to attend the Yu Dao inauguration ceremony in his place while he remained to deal with the insurrectionists. Iroh acquiesced to Zuko's wishes and traveled to Yu Dao for the presentation of its new coalition government, where he ran into Team Avatar and the Air Acolytes.

Following the banquet, in which he held the center seat, Iroh returned to Ba Sing Se to manage his tea shop. Iroh would later allow Aang and the Air Acolytes to meditate in his tea shop. After a meditation session, just as Aang, Katara and Sokka were prepared to set off for the South Pole, a messenger hawk arrived with a message from Zuko requesting Aang's aid. Iroh later traveled to the Fire Nation via airship to reinstitute "National Tea Appreciation Day", though he confessed to the crew that Zuko didn't know he created the holiday.

However, when he arrived at the Royal Palace, he found it empty, save Ursa, who was cradling her daughter Kiyi 's doll. He sat beside his sister-in-law in silence. Eventually, Ursa confessed her concerns that Kiyi will never accept her change in face, though Iroh encouraged her not to lose hope.

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She then asked if he ever got over the death of his son. Iroh confessed that he never had, stating that parents can't protect their children forever, and the best they can do is teach them to face fear with unclouded eyes. Iroh later accompanied Ursa to Ozai's prison, where she stood up to her ex-husband. Sometime after AG, feeling that he had done all he could in the material world, Iroh chose to ascend to the Spirit World, leaving his mortal body behind and letting his soul make a new home there, where he made friends with many spirits, and also constructed a new tea shop.

In AG, Iroh came across Avatar Korra , who had reverted to her four-year-old self, and a baby dragon bird spirit , while walking through a dark forest. Noting that they appeared lost, he offered to help them. Since he had been good friends with Avatar Aang, he was instantly recognized by Korra, and he subsequently guided the young Avatar out of the forest to a brighter part of the Spirit World. He expressed his pleasure over her visit, and noted that she was just in time to join the wedding celebrations of May-Jim. He offered Korra tea and cake, and when she recognized Wan's teapot as her own, Iroh explained how when she was Avatar Wan , she had used it to carry Raava before they permanently bonded, adding that tea poured out of the cup still retained a hint of light.

Later, he explained to Korra about the legend and finesses of Pai Sho while he played with a tulip-shaped spirit who seemed to struggle. Noticing that Korra seemed depressed, Iroh asked what was wrong, to which the young Avatar said that she came there with her friend , but had become separated from her, leaving her by herself. Iroh tried to tell her that she was not alone, but a distraught Korra erupted in a tantrum, saying she wanted to go home and did not like the Spirit World, causing the skies to darken and the spirits to grow restless.

Iroh urged Korra to stop, explaining to her that her emotions became reality in the Spirit World, especially for the Avatar, and that she needed to stay positive. He wiped her tears away with a small cloth, and the Avatar apologized, causing the spirits and the sky to both stabilize. The elderly man added that if she sought the light, she would find it, but looking for the dark would mean that it is all she would ever see. Korra tried to apply what she had just learned to find Jinora, but Iroh stated that finding the young airbender would not be that easy. When Korra asked for advice, he imparted the wisdom that sometimes the best way to help oneself is to help others, recommending she took the dragon bird spirit home, pointed Korra toward its home atop Hai-Riyo Peak.

Iroh reassures Korra that she has peace and light inside of her and as such has the ability to change her surroundings for the better. Iroh accompanied Korra for a while, but when the scared girl asked him if he would accompany her, Iroh squatted down and gently told her that she needed to make the trip on her own. He explained that the darkness on the peak was caused by the darkness and anger brought by the people who had been frequenting the Spirit World lately, but since Korra had light and peace within her, he pointed out that she could change the world around her.

To prove his point, Iroh asked her if she still thought the dragon bird was scary like she had upon their first encounter, and after she replied that it was not, he noted that many things that seemed threatening in the dark would prove to be welcoming by shedding light on it. After embracing the young Avatar, Iroh told her that it was nice meeting her, and invited her to come visit him again, whether it was in her present life or her next incarnation. He offered to guide them out of the forest, though was declined, as Tenzin wanted to find his daughter, not a way out.

Iroh expressed his sympathies for their loss, though urged them nonetheless to leave, as darkness threatened to take over the Spirit World since Vaatu had escaped. Understanding that Tenzin would not leave without Jinora, he cryptically said they had to be careful to not travel too deep into the Spirit World, lest they reached a place where only the lost could find them. Iroh and the Knowledge Seeker subsequently vanished, leaving his old friends to ponder his message, which Tenzin correctly deduced to be the Fog of Lost Souls.

Learning Korra desired to talk to Aang , Iroh gave her the advice to talk to Zuko , as he had been Aang's lifelong, best friend. Sometime later, while searching for a new teapot to add to his collection, Iroh ended up at Xai Bau's Grove , where he found Korra, telling the Avatar that it was common in the Spirit World to find something or someone one did not know they were looking for. Noticing she looked troubled, he invited her to sit down and talk it over with him.

He tried to ease her mind by pointing out that just because she was the Avatar, it did not have to mean that she needed to have all the answers. When she told him she wished she could talk to Aang, Iroh revealed that, despite their rough start, Zuko and Aang grew to be lifelong, best friends, prompting the Avatar to go back to the physical world to talk to his nephew.

Easygoing, open-minded, wise, comforting, generous, advising, kind, and humorous, Iroh treated his self-imposed exile during Zuko's search for the Avatar as though it were an extended vacation. Something of an epicurean in his old age, he did not devote his full energies to the pursuit of the Avatar, clashing with the dedication of his nephew.

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Although he appeared hedonistic, Iroh's life philosophies were about living life to the fullest and choosing your own destiny. He was a firm believer that everyone had the power to create their own destiny. From Zuko's point of view, Iroh seemed lazy, [29] but from an objective point of view, it could be seen that he understood that Zuko was misguided.

Throughout the last year of the Hundred Year War, Iroh constantly asked Zuko what it was that he wanted in life, asking him if capturing Aang was the destiny that he chose, or a path that others told him he needed to follow. Iroh was particularly fond of tea, the strategy game Pai Sho, and music. He founded a music night for the ship's crew, [46] among whom he was popular, involving singing [21] and the playing of instruments. Probably as definitive of Iroh's character as his love for tea was his sage advice and wisdom. Iroh was known by his niece and nephew for his sometimes cryptic proverbs and lengthy anecdotes.

Throughout Books One and Two, Iroh constantly guided Zuko during his exile and critical, character-shaping decisions. He had also advised Aang [5] and Toph [10] to great effect. Closely related to this wisdom was Iroh's affinity for spirituality. He constantly advocated maintaining the balance between elements, as demonstrated when he implemented waterbending techniques to divert lightning.

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Later in the battle, Iroh threatened Zhao for capturing the Moon Spirit and disturbing the balance of world, breaking his typical easy going manner. Iroh had no desire for power, not protesting when his brother took his birthright title of Fire Lord. Though an honorable man, he was not above a spot of pilfering as he once pocketed perfumes from an abbey.

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  • This partially stemmed from his trip into the Spirit World, which left him with a certain spiritual awareness. In extreme situations, Iroh adopted a much more serious and determined disposition. Despite his age, Iroh could be quite the ladies' man when the need arose, often flirting with various women on his travels. Many of these were older women but some have been much younger, such as the bounty hunter June. It had been hinted that Iroh may have been crueler in his days as a general before the death of his son.

    In his letter, he said he hoped they could see the city if he did not "burn it to the ground first". It was unclear when Iroh traveled to the Spirit World and when he met the dragons and proved worthy to learn the original form of firebending, so it is not known if these experiences reformed Iroh into the man he became or if he was always a more peaceful man than his father and brother. Iroh was shown to rarely hold grudges and did not seem to care much about his own welfare. This was made evident when a man attempted to mug him in Ba Sing Se; he did not fight back, but instead helped and gave advice to the mugger.

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    Iroh's enhanced firebending during Sozin's Comet. Iroh was one of the most powerful firebenders of his time, to the point where he was considered the only person other than the Avatar who could defeat Ozai; [1] Iroh himself, however, doubted his ability to defeat his younger brother.

    Iroh, like Jeong Jeong , knew its destructive and alluring power which could cause an amateur firebender to lose control. Instead of anger, Iroh based his bending style on the original firebending wisdom of the dragons and teachings of the Sun Warriors from whom he learned and whose secrets he kept.

    The Stone in the Skull

    This philosophy emphasized the beauty and life-giving qualities of fire; thus, Iroh firebent without resorting to anger, hate, or lust, unlike his brother, niece and most other firebenders of his time. At the same time, he was able to show truly destructive power when provoked, able to blast through the inner wall of Ba Sing Se with a large and highly charged fire blast.

    Iroh was highly knowledgeable and well-versed in most styles of firebending and their respective techniques. He was also a very capable teacher of the art, having personally trained his nephew, Zuko, in the majority of his high proficiency in firebending. He also stood as one of the select few firebenders of his time who possessed the ability to generate lightning. Iroh redirecting lightning from a storm. Like his brother, he could easily perform it quickly and even during intense battle. Iroh's prowess for firebending also extended to creating his own original techniques.

    One of the techniques he invented was the absorption and redirection of lightning. Iroh invented this by observing the fluidity of waterbending moves and their ability to effectively redirect chi. While not exclusive to him, Iroh's signature technique was his fire-breath , a feat he could perform with especially potent power that earned him the nickname "The Dragon of the West".

    Iroh had a tendency to not involve himself in battle, [46] but when he did partake, he displayed great skill, speed, agility, and ferocity. Even in his old age and while out of shape, he overwhelmed a group of four firebending guards accompanying Admiral Zhao within seconds, causing Zhao to retreat in fear, [8] and defeated multiple trained earthbenders in combat, using the chains that had previously subdued him.

    His firebending skill may have developed even further after getting back in shape in prison. A shell-shocked Warden Poon described Iroh as being like a "one-man army". After a few breaths, he focused the ring around him into a ball, from which he launched a fire blast that breached the Inner Wall of Ba Sing Se itself. Iroh was a talented tsungi hornist. Iroh was a gifted strategist and tactician, having once been the Fire Nation's top general and next in line to become Fire Lord. Iroh was a lover of music; he was a good singer, as well as a gifted pipa and tsungi horn player.

    He had knowledge of other cultures, and history. He was also something of an amateur botanist, [11] probably due to his love of tea, although this skill was not enough to save him getting poisoned, when he confused a rare tea plant with a poisonous one. Iroh was able to see the spirit of Aang riding Roku's dragon when no one else could. Iroh also demonstrated an impressive physical strength and skill in close combat without the usage of firebending.

    While imprisoned after the fall of Ba Sing Se, he spent most of his time performing intensive calisthenic routines without the guards' knowledge. In a few weeks, his previously overweight physique had completely changed to a slim yet impressively muscular one. Interestingly, Iroh had planned to escape on the Day of Black Sun beforehand, implying he knew not only of this firebending weakness but also knew when an eclipse was going to occur, despite none of this information being public knowledge.