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Emma has the advantage of having only one established spelling.

We have young adult granddaughters called Emma and Sophia. The names Emma and Sophia weren't even in the top when they were born, but for the last several years those names have been at the top of the top 10 lists. Emma does well partially because there is only one spelling for it; Sophia is split between Sophia and Sofia 15 , both traditional spellings depending on which language its from. Emma also has the advantage of having basically just one pronunciation across many languages, so it's an excellent choice for multilingual families. In fact, I don't know if there is another name that has such a close correspondence between sound and spelling in so many languages.

Just opened the first page of Baby Name Wizard and noticed two errors in the small box labeled. Search for a Name. By Laura Wattenberg. Comments 1. By Emily Cardoza. Click here to review our site terms of use. If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment. Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. It's time for your word art to shine. Plus, we show you how to use Instagram's new fundraiser and sh Overview Specs.

From ImranQureshi. Easy Browsing of Names. With Meaning of every Name. Find, download, and install iOS apps safely from the App Store. Please Wait. It is a gift to nurture and safeguard a woman as she does the profound work of bringing life into this world, and it is a duty to be held with reverence. If the day has come that you are too stressed, too tired, too jaded to treat women with respect, then the day has come for you to leave this profession.

You swore an oath.

The royal wedding is clearly on parent's minds.

Every time you ignore, or raise your voice to, or disrespect a woman in labor you are breaking that oath because in doing so you are inflicting harm. Birth trauma —and make no mistake, mistreatment in labor is trauma inducing—has very real consequences.


As I have shared previously, "When we give birth, we do so from our core—not just the core of our bodies , but the core of ourselves. We are open and vulnerable during and after birth, and the energy that is around us is the energy that we absorb. It becomes a part of the inner voice that guides us in motherhood.

I want you to think back to the you who just got accepted to nursing, medical, or midwifery school. Would they be proud of the provider you've become? I believe that a great many providers out there can answer yes. I believe that most people are trying to do right and be good.

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But every single one of us needs to take a very hard look at ourselves and our practice and ensure that we are still deserving of the honor. First, you are worthy of respect. You know what? Scratch that. Because the word "worthy" implies that a special quality or effort on your part makes you good enough to deserve respect. Our culture does a bang-up job of putting medical professionals on a pedestal—and there are some pretty amazing, life-saving ones that quite frankly should be up there.

But even the most intelligent, skillful provider is a human, just like you. Yes, they may have a gift. But mama, so do you. So often I meet women who say things like, "It felt kind of hostile, but I'm probably just being too sensitive," or, "They kept hurting my feelings, but maybe I'm just hormonal. If you feel mistreated, it is okay to say so.

Yes, misunderstandings happen. But you do NOT have to sweep your feeling under the rug because you think you are "being silly. I also want you to trust that any mistreatment received is not your fault. I don't care if you asked a thousand questions, or cried and yelled the whole time you were in labor or didn't "do what they wanted you to do.

If you feel that you are being or have been mistreated, you have rights and you are not alone. Check with your birthplace and see if they have a patient advocacy department, or contact an attorney or advocate near you that will support you. For a full list of your rights in childbirth, check out this document from Childbirth Connection.

On Tuesday Connecticut became the eighth state including D. Today was a win for family leave advocates in Connecticut, as it's been a long road to getting this bill passed. At one point it was even suggested that Lamont would veto the bill , but in the end, lawmakers came to a consensus that it is in the best interest of parents, babies and basically everyone in Connecticut.

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Connecticut's plan is widely regarded as the most generous in the United States because workers will get 12 paid weeks of work to take care of a new baby, sick family member or take care of themselves. Oh, and anyone experiencing complications from pregnancy can take an extra two weeks of paid leave to recover from that. Workers in the state will be able to start collecting these benefits in and the plan is funded through a 0. In a statement to Motherly, Catherine Bailey the Deputy Director or Campaign for Paid Family Leave at Connecticut Women's Education and Legal Fund explained the campaign a coalition of more than 75 organizations that has fought for paid family and medical leave applauds the paid family and medical leave plan.

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She believes the plan will "provide economic stability when women and families need it most - when they need to care for themselves or a loved one, or welcome a new child. We regret the error.

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Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time, but let's be honest—it can be pretty stressful too. We find ourselves continually questioning or critiquing our choices. Is it okay to have a drink? Should we have sex every day or every other day? Should I ask my sperm donor to switch to boxers? While all this pondering may keep you up at night, the latest findings may just inspire you to try to get some sleep. According to a study shared at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference, it turns out that men who go to sleep before pm have sperm that's four times as healthy as men who go to sleep after pm.

They also found that men who got eight hours of sleep had healthier sperm than men who got seven or fewer hours of sleep, irrespective of what time they got into bed. We've known that sleep is important to female fertility.

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Sleep disturbance can create stress in a woman's body, which in turn may impact how her hormones and reproductive system function. But it's nice to be reminded that men's lifestyles have a significant impact on fertility too—so often women feel that they have to bear the load, and that's simply not the case.

Did you know that fertility issues are split evenly between men and women? Experts believe that just like in women, a decrease in sleep for men leads to increased stress, which can harm sperm. I also wonder if we can extrapolate that people who routinely go to sleep before pm have healthier lifestyles in general said as someone who routinely does NOT go to bed before pm, ahem.

If you have baby making on the brain, a few other lifestyle tips to consider for your partner or sperm donor include:. And as we now know, get into bed early. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn More Got It. Topics 20x20 Export Created with Sketch. About Subscribe Login. A modern lifestyle brand redefining motherhood. These are the 20 most popular baby names in the U. Oliver, James, and Noah appear on both Top 10 lists for boys. Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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