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Elder James E. Elder Talmage didn't just randomly make up this date. He took it from Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants — a collection of revelations mostly through the Mormon founding prophet, Joseph Smith Jr.

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Since his book, Mormons — from church leaders to children — have accepted April 6 as the real date of Jesus' birth. Jeffrey R. Chadwick, an associate professor of church history and doctrine at BYU, published an article in the latest issue of BYU Studies on "Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ" that challenges the popular but not universal Mormon dating of Jesus' birth to April 6.

In , President J. Reuben Clark Jr. In , Elder Bruce R.

Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

McConkie, also an apostle, favored December 5 B. Steven C. Harper, a BYU assistant professor of church history and a volume editor of the Joseph Smith Papers, said in a phone interview that some people, including Elder Talmage, have read this verse as if it is the Lord speaking and revealing precisely that Christ was born 1, years before that day and that the revelation was given on April 6, Chapter 3 explores in detail the parables of the Lord Jesus- they account for a large bulk of His actual teaching content. Chapter 4 and the Appendix return to theological and psychological reflection as to why it is that the Lord Jesus has been so misunderstood by His own church; there's a detailed consideration of Biblical texts which have been widely misinterpretted.

You can read the whole book online by clicking here. The book is downloadable as PDF and Word files here.

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The Unreality In Luke So many of our people are totally focused on Jesus of Nazareth and cannot experience him as the Cosmic Christ for all people. If we could grasp that, we would be so much more open to all races and cultures. The Divine within humanity. The Pastors are generously cooperating. The Contemplative Outreach site has a listing of all groups.

So, aside from totally false doctrine, I would question any distorted truth as possibly an area we need to expand into the fullness of truth.

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Thanks for sharing, Claire. It may well be that sometimes a distorted truth can help to tease out deeper understandings, but sometimes it just leads in the wrong direction and needs to be rejected. They can also make the work available in several eBook formats and even help to market it. You can do all this for no fee or you can pay a small fee for their assistance.

I use them for several books and have enjoyed working with them. I simply have no idea why Bernadette Roberts wants to write books about Christ. Or God, for that matter. That's the point! Who would care about someone who lived years ago? You may think they are inadequate, wrong, useless, impoverished, but please do not attribute this to Augustine, Gregory of Nazianzus or others. Perhaps, you know how Thomas Aquinas defines via negationis and via eminentiae?

If they could hear what you say about the Most Holy Trinity, they would be appalled. Augustine in book XI of the Confessions compares his theological adversaries to dogs barking against the Truth.

3 pieces of historical evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ

And the subject was allegorical interpretation of the Bible, not denial of the Trinity dogma. I wonder how he would react to the Bernadette Roberts' nonsense! Thomas writes "sacred doctrine makes use of metaphors as both necessary and useful" Ia, 1,9.

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Not impoverished and misleading - necessary and useful. And this is about poetic metaphors, not about theological concepts and arguments, which are much more necessary and useful. Take Thomas Aquinas, for example, he was simply wrong, poor guy, writing his unfinished "Summa", praying to God for enlightenment to express in concepts His mysteries Perhaps he had not done HIS homework? And I know that he compared his "Summa" to straw, but he had the right - he wrote every word of it But why should we bother with the Doctors?

So maybe the saints? But all those Augustines, Francises, Bonaventures, Bernards, Ignatiuses, Teresas and Johns were stuck at some lower level of insight, at some deluded dualistic stage, so what can they possibly say to us about God and Christ that would mean anything? But wait And now we know, eventually, that the whole tradition of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Europe is just wrong What a relief!

Have anyone thought of sending a copy of this book to one Joseph Ratzinger? He is still convinced that those fallacies are true, those "Persons", "Incarnation", "the man Jesus" and all that outdated, impoverished stuff He even wrote a book in several volumes about "the man Jesus", for the Ultimate Reality's sake! Or wait - maybe he shouldn't read that book, because he will be confused, poor guy What will they do when they finally realize that the truth about God and Jesus has been revealed at last, thank That-Which-Is! Now - seriously. I know that this whole thing can be spiritually dangerous as all heresies are, but it is also quite funny, from a certain point of view.

Some hypotheses: 1. She is still emotionally attached to religious language and "climate" of Christianity.


She wants to "liberate" people by drawing them towards her teaching and instructing them how to get enlightened like she is - but Christians are strangely attached to their version of the truth, so She thinks that her experience is so profound that she has to share it with the world and she thinks it will be more understandable, when she uses Christian words. She cannot look at over billion of Christians who are deluded, while she knows the truth. Whatever the reasons are, I do not intend to read that book, since it seems to me preposterous to be so condescending towards the greatest religious, spiritual and intellectual tradition of this world.

The Catholic concept of God as Trinity is "impoverished and misleading"! Well, I think that what Bernadette Roberts writes and Joe repeats here is impoverished and misleading. I can read "the Experience of No-Self" out of curiosity about an interesting personal experience that is described there. But this absurd play with theology and philosophy written by someone who has no knowledge or understanding of the subject?

No, thanks. After all, I think that Roberts' books will have, fortunately, no impact in the Christian community. She is discussed here mostly because some people had similar experience and integrated it succesfully into their Christian life, while she rejected Christ. All good points, Mt. Thanks for taking the time to share your perspective.

Some of what BR is sharing now on her site and in her new book, I'd guess was taking shape a couple of decades ago, and I was objecting then, especially since Fr. Thomas Keating was so affirming of her writings. The discussion of her work is important in that it helps to clarify a few issues that are floating around in nondual spirituality circles today. The more one goes into it, however, the more it seems to be just another way to minimize the significance of Jesus, which ought to make any Christian take pause. Quote All good points, Mt. Phil, please tell me where I can find old posts with reference to BR and Fr.

Thomas Keating.

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Claire, we had a long, rather convoluted discussion of BR's work and related topics sometime back. For those who may not have found this quote, which was in our other discussion. To me the big mystery was Christ. Go figure!