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Inside is a white converted loft space, with assembled e-bikes stacked up in every corner. Tire marks are visible along the floor. Adrien Roose , the CEO, greets me at the door.

"Be Cowboy"

Cowboy originally started as a trio of young cofounders Adrien, Karim Slaoui and Tanguy Goretti who had previously worked together on an early Deliveroo competitor called Take Eat Easy. There was a gap in the market catering for a new type of urban consumer. For younger people, big cities and nice bikes are often a recipe for a broken heart. And it was one of the early reasons behind the decision to make the bike fully connected. Beyond security there is a dashboard of live stats which is also integrated with their App.

Deep product background and a passion for the impact education can have on the world. Husband, father, optimist. Co-founder at Hone. Background and passion for product, culture, and talent development. Hone Co-founder. Growth expert, proud mama, amateur foodie. Passionate about amplifying the impact of next gen leaders. Parag is CTO of Hooked. He'd rather be surfing. CEO of Hooked. She believes everyone has a hero inside them. Her Patronus is a tardigrade. Her favorite food is lembas. Prerna is CEO of Hooked.

Product-centric engineer striving to make the world a better place. Internet entrepreneur and software architect. Previously co-founder of HomeRun. Additional ventures in consumer internet, P2P content delivery, and retail analytics. F1, Steelers fan. Young at heart, but the senior in the team, Fred keeps the kids in check, the big picture in mind and the money in the bank. Certain that you cannot control that which you do not measure, Joe constantly strives to shrink the gap between your data and actionable insights. Marketing analytics and data expert. Cut teeth creating complex systems for computers at Google; now feverishly excited to create complex systems for human beings.

Thinks that all software is terrible. Believes that it can and will be better. Manifest CEO, former Digg exec, startup founder, father, guitar strummer, surfer, bike rider, optimist. Co-founder and CEO of Memebox. Dino finds inspiration from the changing environment and world around him. With a passion for C. LinkedIn Twitter About. Doin applies analytical frameworks through a macro perspective in everything and anything he does. LinkedIn About. Serial entrepreneur passionate about building smarter social networks. Former CMO of Gusto. Scaled Gusto from seed stage to employees and 50, customers.

Co-founder and CTO of Mutiny. Previously an early Gusto employee where he led Developer Infrastructure, maintaining the engineering systems to support over contributors. Nintendo's ambassador to the West during the 90s.

Raquel Gottsch | The Cowboy Channel

Tony is passionate about video games and photography. Game-nut serial entrepreneur obsessed about making real games hyper accessible in the world of connected everything. Game design pioneer creating indie hits Menace and Hired Guns. Also created obscure games Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. Co-Founder and VP of BD at Pantry, the most important advancement in food-tech since the microwave according to his mother. Co-Founder and VP of BD, the most important advancement in food-tech since the microwave according to his mother. Enthusiast of software and hardware development, digital signal processing, and data mining.

Experienced startup founder with emphasis on designing, building, and managing massively scalable customer-facing products and services. Experienced startup founder and operator, with emphasis on designing, building, and managing massively scalable customer-facing products and services. Co-Founder of Pantry.

Engineering veteran of Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Intel. Gets a kick from delivering beautiful products to users' hands.

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Phil is passionate about people, community and coffee. He believes in values and tradition above all else and strives to lead by example. He believes in values and tradition above all else, and strives to lead by this example. Jacob is on a mission to change the way people drink coffee. Enjoys building teams and products Polar, PatientsLikeMe from the ground up. Likes apps that collect interesting data. Believes less is more. Founder of Product Hunt and loves geeking out about products surprise. He's also a diehard Philz fan and probably consumes an unhealthy amount of caffeine.

Ryan is the Founder of Product Hunt and loves geeking out about products surprise. Enjoys building the impossible and improving the world through technology. Speechwriter turned product guy that loves building stuff from scratch.


Passionate technologist and team builder. Mike Del Ponte applies a Kiteboarder's angle to entrepreneurship: go big, have fun, and remember it's all about the water! Re-imagining the doctor's appointment since Re-imagining high scores at arcade Pop-A-Shots since She gets lots of haircuts.

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  6. Jason thinks a lot about what makes us humans happy. For him, its building companies, raising kids and cycling. Jasper enjoys obsessing about users, product and design. At home he keeps his kids at bay with Smitten ice cream.

    Chesapeake’s ‘Cowboy’ CEO and an Annual Meeting -turned Corporate Rodeo

    David is the inventor of the GIF Keyboard. Jensen led the design and implementation of the UX of some of the most widely-used products in the world during his career at Microsoft. Jensen led the design and implementation of the UX of some of the most widely-used products in the world during his career at Microsoft, including Office, Outlook, and Windows. Kieran holds a PhD in linguistics and has held product and design leadership roles at Microsoft and Amazon. She has authored several studies on language, technology, and document bias. She thinks it'll be a good fund-raiser and that the parents, caregivers and all their donors would want to buy that kind of merchandise.

    She liked the fact that Emily Dixon chose her company, and really liked the fact that Emily was so dedicated to helping children. Her sister, Elaine, would have loved to spend time at a place like the Gold Buckle Ranch. Susan stood and leafed through the clipboard again, not remembering what she was looking for. If she had enough energy to stand at the window and lookdown at the street, she'd see people pushing clothes racks from building to building. Vendors would be hawking goods from tables on the sidewalks, and shoppers looking for bargains would be haggling with them for better deals.

    There was no place like New York's Garment District, and Susan loved the hustle and bustle and the energy of it all. She'd started Winners Wear seven years ago, after her mother died. She'd bought this century old building with the money her mother had left her, her entire savings and a huge bank loan.

    Then she'd hired the best employees she could find, mostly eager young graduates from the city's fashion and design schools. For most of the past seven years, she'd felt overwhelmed, but it had paid off. She worked hard, but she couldn't take all the credit. Everyone worked hard. She hated to admit how tired she was. She couldn't do her best when she felt like a pile of scrap material. Maybe she should go to Wyoming. Don't worry about a thing here. We'll take care of everything while you're gone.

    No thanks. She'd had enough of hospitals when her sister was alive. I'll go," Susan mumbled. I'll leave this Thursday and return on Saturday. Then I have to get back here and take care of business. Every now and then, he'd slow his pace even more and take a gulp of strong, black coffee from a white take-out cup. Nothing like a perfect Wyoming day. Not too hot. Not too cold. A warm breeze and a lot of sunshine. A perfect July day to drag out a lawn chair and take a snooze in the sun.

    He yawned in anticipation of doing just that. D had promised to bake him a blueberry pie if he picked up Susan Collins at the airport. His buddy Jake Dixon had warned him about his mother's matchmaking tendencies and reminded Clint that she'd sent Jake to pick up Beth Conroy, who became Mrs. Jake Dixon, just last year. Clint swore under his breath. If Mrs. D had any ideas about matching him up with Susan Collins, she might as well spit in the wind. Been there. Done that. He liked his freedom too much to commit to anyone.

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    Once inside the terminal, he checked the monitor and saw that Susan's plane had landed a few minutes ago, so he headed for baggage claim. She was tall, slender and buzzing from person-to-person like a bee in a flower bed. Clint grinned. That had to be Susan Collins. Her red-brown hair was done up in some kind of fancy braid. Her dark eyelashes fanned out onher cheeks like paint brushes.

    A red blouse with a vee-neckline worked for her. Strappy black sandals with a slight heel made her legs look long and slender. He stifled a wolf whistle and approached her. Clint tweaked the brim of his hat. They must be colored contact lenses, he decided. No one had eyes like that. There's only two," he said, flexing. They are terribly heavy, especially that one.

    Damn, they were heavy. What else had she brought from New York, the Statue of Liberty?