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In this four-movement work we find all the qualities that link him to the style and manner of the 18th century: regularly-shaped phrases, an effortless command of sonata form, and an impeccable sense of decorum in musical expression. The first movement is marked Molto allegro agitato , the sense of agitation conveyed through pulsing syncopations in the piano as the cello, and then the violin, presents the expansive, slightly anxious opening theme.

This texture of evenly paced quarter notes or longer in the strings over a burbling of much faster figuration in the piano will dominate the movement as a whole. Both principal themes are songlike in their tunefulness, but the second is especially so. Its symmetrically balanced phrases, rising and falling like a heaving breast, are lovingly crooned by the intertwined voices of the violin and cello. To make up for the lack of a repeat of the exposition, Mendelssohn, with faultless courtesy, kindly begins the development section with both themes presented again 19 in their entirety before chewing them up in fragments.

The following Andante con moto tranquillo is a Mendelssohnian song without words, introduced in the piano in the three-layered texture typical of this genre: a right-hand melody singing out over an accompaniment split between the hands. The theme itself is gentle and warmly intimate, exquisitely evocative of Biedermeyer contentment with a touch of sweet longing. In the contrasting middle section, set in the minor mode, this movement progresses ever so gradually from an 8 th -note pulse, to triplet 8 th s, and then to 16 th s in its exploration of the gentler emotions.

The use of the high register in the piano adds timbral brilliance to the rhythmic sparkle of the repetitive pattern that pervades the texture throughout, occasionally supplemented by some punchy keyboard muscle. A central episode in the minor mode provides contrast, making up for the lack of a formal trio section. The finale, Allegro assai appassionato , begins with the piano offering up a deceptively simple chordal statement of small melodic range in a repetitive dactylic LONG-short-short pattern.

This innocent little mini-march soon gathers momentum, however, when taken over by the strings and supported by a dizzying array of brilliant piano figurations.

Piano trios by Joseph Haydn

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This was also a fruitful time of composition which included his second symphony, three string quartets, an overture and the Piano Trio in d, Op. This work represents the full flowering of the classical piano trio.

While following a classical design, Mendelssohn brings his own lyricism and rich sonorities to the genre. While the piano part demands virtuosity in fact a rewriting made it even more so than the original ,the strings are often presented in vocal-like duets, and each of the players have an equal share in the musical conversation. The cello leads in the long flowing line of the opening movement in sonata form.

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The final rondo movement stays darkly concentrated in the key of d minor until the coda where the sun comes out closing the piece in D major. It is a beautiful composition that years from now will delight our grandchildren and great grandchildren This experience enabled him to experience folk idioms in a setting as natural as breathing. He was later sent to the town of Zlonice and then to Prague to study classical music with the German masters who dominated Czech social and intellectual life of the time.

By age fifty he had gained the recognition that he deserved. String Quartet in b minor, Op. Finale: Allegretto. III III The Frog. III The Lark.

Haydn: Piano Sonata No.33 in C minor, abepivurev.tk:20 (Alfred Brendel) (Audio + Sheet Music)

III Rider. Allegro ma non troppo. String Quartet in d minor, Op. Poco Adagio.

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Allegro spirituoso. XX Op.

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