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All Rights Reserved. F examine employment opportunities in entrepreneurship. The student is expected to: A apply English language arts knowledge and skills by demonstrating skills such as: correct use of content, technical concepts, and vocabulary; using correct grammar, punctuation, and terminology to write and edit documents; composing and editing copy for a variety of written documents such as brochures, programs, posters, flyers, and magazine covers; and B apply mathematics knowledge and skills by identifying and demonstrating skills such as: the use of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions applied to measurement and scale; demonstrating a knowledge of arithmetic operations; using conversion methods such as fractions to decimals and inches to points; and applying measurement to solve a problem.

English The student uses a variety of strategies to read unfamiliar words and to build vocabulary. The student is expected to: A expand vocabulary through wide reading, listening, and discussing; and B rely on context to determine meanings of words and phrases such as figurative language, idioms, multiple meaning words, and technical vocabulary. The student comprehends selections using a variety of strategies. The student is expected to: F identify main ideas and their supporting details; G summarize texts; and J read silently with comprehension for a sustained period of time.

Speech E Use appropriate verbal, non-verbal, and listening strategies to communicate effectively in groups. Accommodations for Learning Differences It is important that lessons accommodate the needs of every learner. These lessons may be modified to accommodate your students with learning differences by referring to the files found on the Special Populations page of this website cte.

They will need to do this once they are employed.

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Tell the class about some of the things you learned at previous jobs. Explain how those skills helped you to become a teacher. Explain the necessity of learning as much as possible about a job because some of the skills learned will help with future employment.

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Explain to the class that customers see a business much differently than the employees see it. Ask the class if they ever wanted to work at a place where they shopped. Have them give reasons why they wanted to work there.

General Housekeeping: Forms Lesson Plan Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration

Go over all the criteria in the assignment and check for understanding. Keep these in the permanent record files. If possible, it would be helpful if the teacher made one to show as an example. Assign this on the first or second day of class due by the end of the first week. Hang all of the mobiles in the classroom for the first few weeks of school. It is extremely important that all students understand what is required of them in order to be in the program. Set a deadline usually the end of the first week of school for all forms to be returned with signatures.

Keep in mind that during the first few days of classes, students will leave or enter your program. You will need to keep up with all paperwork and will need to see that the new students receive all documents.

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You have been selected from many applicants to experience a fun and rewarding year. It is my intent for you to learn a great deal about the world of work as you learn about yourself. There will be a lot of information given and discussed in class that is not in the text; however, you are still accountable for reading assigned chapters. Students entered in Graphic Design and Illustration competition are more successful due to reading the material in the text.

GRADING: Your grade will consist of the following: weekly work reports, dependability grades see Dependability sheet , individual and group assignments, daily work, tests, and your employer evaluation. Insert Club Name Here : Practicum in Graphic Design and Illustration All co-op students are expected to join enter professional competition organization here and to participate in competitive events. Student Responsibilities in Cooperative Training Program Type Your School District Name Here Career and Technical Education Department In order to establish and maintain a responsible, high quality type of Cooperative Training Program for insert name of school or school district , it is essential that the student, the parents, the training sponsor, the coordinator, and school administrators agree to these basic principles: 1.

It is the responsibility of the coordinator to provide appropriate interview opportunities for student job placement. And don't forget to demonstrate everything. Vacuuming is pretty easy to get the hang of, but your teen may not know vacuuming includes the drapes, couch cushions, and underneath furniture.

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And since practice makes perfect, don't begin teaching your teens quick cleaning lessons the summer before they leave for college. Start when they're young and make sure they get in lots of practice through weekly chores. While they're perfecting their cleaning skills and learning responsibility, you will get a much-needed break from your usual duties. Easier said than done, you say? Well, that may be true, but the task is well worth the effort on your part. One of these tasks is dealing with housekeeping and recordkeeping. Each day, teachers must take care of the business of teaching before they begin their daily lesson plan.

While required daily tasks might seem monotonous and at times unnecessary, they can be made manageable through the use of effective systems.

The main housekeeping and recordkeeping tasks can be divided into the following categories:. There are two main housekeeping chores related to attendance: taking daily attendance and dealing with students who are tardy. It is very important that you keep accurate attendance records because the situation might arise that the administration needs to use these to determine who was or was not in your class on a particular day. Following are some key tips to remember when taking attendance:.

Tardies can cause a lot of disruption for teachers. It is important that you have a system ready and waiting for when a student is tardy to your class. Some effective methods that teachers use to deal with tardies include:. Learn more about these and other methods for dealing with tardy students with this article on Creating a Tardy Policy. Student work can quickly balloon into a housekeeping disaster if you do not have an easy and systematic way to assign, collect, and return it. Assigning student work is much simpler if you use the same method every day. Methods might include a daily assignment sheet either posted or distributed to students or a reserved area of the board where you post each day's assignment.

Some teachers make collecting work completed in class a real time waster without realizing it. Don't walk around the room collecting work unless this serves a greater purpose such as during an exam or to stop a cheating situation. Instead, train the students to do the same thing each time they complete their work. For example, you might have them turn their paper over and when everyone is done pass their work to the front.


Collecting homework should be done at the beginning of class to stop students from finishing their work after the bell rings. You might stand at the door and collect their work as they enter the class or have a specific homework box where they are to turn in their work by a certain time. One of the biggest thorns for many new and experienced teachers is dealing with late and make up work.