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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I truly enjoyed this book, which is a perfect sequel to Executive Actions.

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I am now reading the third book, Executive Command. The stories move fast, and I find them hard to put down. The story lines are compelling to the point of being just a little too close to reality when it comes to possible terror acts against the United States. If you enjoy books by Robert Ludlum e.

Nation on FIRE: Executive Amnesty: Treason to the Constitution

The Bourne Trilogy , you will enjoy the books in the Executive Series. I highly recommend these books. My only criticism is related to editing. I have found many spelling, usage, and grammar errors breathe vs. In one of the books, a major soft drink brand was spelled incorrectly.

While I can still read and enjoy the books, I have found the errors annoying, but that's probably because of my background. Even with the errors, you will enjoy the books if you like the genre. Just how members of the legally legitimate executive government of the US could even consider themselves as the modern day political heirs of Charles 1 and, while acting within their powers escapes me.

IF the president and his aides are accused of treason then their exists a mechanism called impeachment which is meant to provide a remedy for such conduct. I did enjoy the book, but I read it out of sequence which left me a bit muddled at times, but I think I caught up. The precise ambit of the powers of US vice presidents is not a subject I had ever expected to read about in a crime novel, but it was so well written that, even as atrial lawyer, it kept me gripped from beginning to end.

I know the word 'treason' brings with it the air of deep mystery and much blood, particularly to students of the treason, and high treason, trials in England, particularly before Charles 1 was deprived of his head, but also under his son Charles II and then his brother James II, The author here summons these deep dark historical trials and dishes them up in our laps in a contemporary theoretical only political situation. The guy can really write so well I read this book a second time after the 1st and 3rd of his books.

Great plots, although to a non US person the high drama created by the use of the word 'terrorist' seems a bit overdone. After reading the first book in this series, I was really looking forward to this one. However, I was really annoyed during many parts of the book because the author went into too much detail about weapons, etc. I found myself skipping chunks of the book.

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I also didn't like the ending, just left a lot of loose ends. OK read. Having read Executive Actions and then Executive Treason, my first reaction is to wonder how long it will take to make this series into a movie! There were times when I'd read a bit more before calling it a night, but I had to get to a point where my mind wasn't racing!

Pretty difficult! I've already pulled up the sequel, Executive Command, into my Kindle and will no doubt enjoy it just as much as the first two books.

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Great character development and attention to story detail. Would have been 5 stars had I not found so many editing errors as I read.

Treason, arrests, a suspicious death, the vanishing executive order — Trump's cyber-mystery

Multiple times I came across "Sony" instead of the word, "sorry"! Other than that, it's great reading! We assume line of succession, as outlined by the Constitution and a number of Amendments relating to it, will automatically provide a President suitable to the voters in the event of an unthinkable act.

But in this increasingly violent world, we have to think of the potential for chaos if the first "several" in the line of succession are all incapacitated. Would the successor to the office of President even be from the same party as the current office holder? Then, without explanation, the order signing was canceled, leaving cyber-folks to do what they often do best: Guess at what it all means. Three, or possibly four, Russians with ties to law enforcement have been arrested and charged with treason. One suspect was grabbed at a meeting and had a bag thrown over his head in a clear show of force.

He had stopped crime rings that were targeting Russian banks. I have been told he is accused of snooping on and sharing data with outside entities — perhaps the U. My source requested anonymity, but others have confirmed that basic story.

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Brian Krebs has painstaking amounts of additional detail on that here. Meanwhile, a former KGB official was found dead a few weeks ago in his car under mysterious circumstances. The man, Oleg Erovinkin, was reportedly a source for Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored the notorious dossier of allegedly embarrassing information about President Trump.

When Trump assembled the folks who will be in charge of making U. On the surface, a draft version of the order that was widely shared showed it would primarily call for a day review of the most critical U. Prior to BeyondTrust, Haber spent 10 years as a contractor providing vulnerability assessment to the Department of Defense.

Haber pointed out that most hacks involve the human element, like an employee responding to a phishing email. We do need to look at these things, but this is not typically how attacks have occurred. We should be targeting the lowest hanging fruit, like phishing emails, USB sticks left in parking lots. Perhaps because of this kind of feedback, the order was delayed.