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The aggrieved party can file a Misc. Appeal against such refusal within 14 days. It is heard and decided by Judge in Chambers. If accused is in jail, after being convicted by the High Court, what remedy is available to him?

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How can an accused in criminal cases get the assistance of counsel at state expense to represent him before the Supreme Court? Supreme Court Rules provide for counsel at state expense in Jail Petitions in cases of the following nature Important ones are as under:. Filling and lodging petition for leave to appeal. On the appeal as provided by order XIV rule 6, where the amount or value of the subject -matter in dispute on appeal is Rs. For every Rs. In cases where it is not possible to estimate at amoney Value the subject-matter in dispute.

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Filling and lodging concise statement or caveat. Application for Review of Judgment or order including filing. Half of fee paid on the original Proceedings. Entering Appearance. Power of Attorney. Every document for which fee is not specifically. Every Application. Affidavit in other cases. Does the Supreme Court or its staff offer legal advice? How can I get legal advice if I cannot afford the services of a lawyer? Supreme Court does not provide such kind of facility. Does the Supreme Court provide a list of recommended lawyers?

Does the Supreme Court provide mediation services? Can I choose which Judge hears my matter?

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Judge can never be of the choice of the litigant. Can a litigant or common man attends the hearings of Supreme Court? At Information Desk of this Court, prescribed forms are available which can be filled in by the applicant and after affixing requisite Court fee, if due, as in service matters arising out of judgment of Tribunal, court fee is not charged one can obtain a certified copy. Can any person get certified copies of all documents of a case? A party to a case who has appeared can get copy of documents on payment of prescribed fee.

A person who is not party to a case, can also get a copy on showing good cause for the same on payment of prescribed fee.

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There are Branch Registries of this Court at Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar and the applicant can approach any of these Registries to apply and then to receive the certified copies from there accordingly. Court fee stamp of Rs. Howa person can approach Human Rights Cell of this Court? By sending an application through post.

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How a person can get information about status of his Human Rights Case? More Search Options. Principal Seat Islamabad. Branch Registry Lahore. Branch Registry Karachi. Branch Registry Peshawar. Branch Registry Quetta. Print Page. E-Mail Page. The coffin is then destroyed, and the vault is now ready for a newly deceased family member. What happens if a family member dies within that two-year period?

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Generally, local cemeteries are equipped with temporary holding vaults, and the newly deceased family member is moved into his or her final resting place when two years have elapsed. On your way into New Orleans from the airport, you'll catch a glimpse of the newer Metairie cemeteries. The city's older, more dilapidated cemeteries are St. Louis Numbers 1, 2 and 3, located near the French Quarter. The older cemeteries' paths are twisted; crumbled corners of tombs jut out, and dead ends add to an eerie atmosphere.

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Pirates, politicians notice how those two go together? Explorers should take caution though. Don't go alone, but travel with a group or with one of the tour companies here. During this tour, wind your way through the historic French Quarter to St. Visit the beautiful historic homes of the Garden District and see Lafayette Cemetery 1, a historic 19th-century cemetery with above grounds tombs.

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Learn about old Southern burial customs and the famous New Orleanians who once walked these cobblestoned streets. Special guides are available for French- and Spanish-speaking travelers. There are 42 cemeteries in the New Orleans area, all with fascinating tales to tell. Learn about 10 of the cities most famous cemeteries below.

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Again, for your own safety, go with a group or with a tour. Sign up for our mailing list to receive information on the latest New Orleans news, events, and attractions! Get A Group Quote.

Chet's Melody Lounge still pours a Bloody Mary for her every Sunday.

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