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They will be fully informed about the possible outcomes of their situation. These youth will be fully informed about the possible outcomes of the adoption subsidy if one is involved. They will be fully informed about their options regarding sibling contact if siblings are a topic they want explored and our goal is for these youth to connect to a stable, caring adult and appropriate services to help them move successfully into their adult lives.

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CLC conducted a six month Trend Study of live and cold cases to see how many case came in to the organization the fit the criteria of "Broken Adoptions" A dedicated team in both The Bronx and Brooklyn office represented these clients and ascertain the causative factors of the children returning to the family court under a new petition. The Voice Project focused on the stories of Broken Adoption youth who have lost contact or connections with siblings.

A law review article was submitted entitled Are you Still My Family. June : Are you Still My Family was published. The Issue Foster care to adoption is one path a child takes to a permanent home—yet it is not always permanent. Couples who struggle with infertility gain an astounding appreciation for the gift of parenthood.

Adoption presents the couple with another chance to reclaim their dreams of raising a child, and it shows in the little things, such as reading to their child before bed. They appreciate every day the opportunity to be a mom and a dad, and it shows. These statistics are remarkable, especially considering the many complexities that may occur through the adoption process.

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These statistics prove that no matter how difficult the adoption process can be emotionally, the end result is what matters and that the family unequivocally loves the child. This feeling was produced by the media and people that are inexperienced in adoption. Similarly, some television shows and movies have unjustly portrayed adoptees in this way as well.

Adopting from Foster Care

Most adopted children are raised in happy homes by loving adoptive parents, so why would an adopted child hate his birth parents, the ones who provided him with a great life and his mom and dad? At one time, this misconception was not a misconception at all — it was reality. It was thought that the adoption process was easier for each member of the adoption triad if the birth mother went on with her life not knowing anything about her child.

However, current adoption statistics reveal that much has changed in the past several decades regarding the amount of openness in adoption. Today, most adoption professionals agree that at least a semi-open adoption — the post-placement sending of pictures and letters through agency mediation — is good for all parties because it creates healthy relationships between each.

Keeping at least some contact with the adoptive family gives the birth mother the peace of mind that she made the right decision by placing the child in a loving, two-parent home.

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It reminds her that she can feel good about her decision, instead of bottling up her emotions and trying to forget about it. This has resulted in 67 percent of private adoptions having pre-adoption agreements of at least a semi-open adoption. An open adoption can be a truly beautiful thing. This is proof that any sort of stigma that adoption may have once had has since lifted, and nearly all adopted children know the story of where they came from and who they are.

Sadly, there are some persistent stereotypes out there about the women who consider adoption for their babies, leading some expectant mothers to worry that choosing adoption is wrong or that it makes them a bad person.

In fact, United States adoption statistics suggest that birth mothers are among some of the strongest, bravest and most successful members of society. Just take a look at these adoption facts and statistics about birth mothers:. Family Planning Perspectives, Jan. Rating details. Sort order. Even though I have no personal experience in this field, I find it a fascinating subject. This makes a book like Willing and Able invaluable. The author takes us on a captivating journey of her personal experience with the process of adoption.

I found Willing and Able quite engrossing, and I kept reading one further chapter. The anguish and stress was palpable as each step of the slow procedure unravelled. This is not a legal guide, but rather an emotional companion to the process. Elaine R. Chissick is a brave woman for adopting these two children. Being a biological parent is difficult enough, never mind embracing placed children as your own.

If you are even thinking about adoption, this book should be on your reading list. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Elaine Chissick. Elaine Chissick.