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Iron Man shows up, and Loni shoots his father in the chest, threatening to shoot him again if he doesn't take the suit off.

Tony takes off his armor, and Loni shoots him in the head, not knowing that his entire body is a brain and will heal itself. Tony fights Loni, beats her, and tends to his father. Obadiah, mad that his mother abandoned him for dead with the poison gas, enters the room and kills her. However, he decides not to attack Tony, stating that he had save his life several times and that they are now even. They are all picked up by the feds and go home.

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Ultimate Iron Man Vol 2 5. Your purchase also supports literacy charities. Marvel, Direct Ed. New York, NY, U. First Edition. Hard Cover. Ferry, Pasqual illustrator. Brief summary of content available upon request by e-mail. NOTE - Product is brand new and in shrink wrap.

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Ultimate Iron Man, Vol. 2 by Orson Scott Card

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Iron Man Gets Nuked! (Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates Vol 1)

Not Chipped Or Crinkled. Not Price Clipped. Thanks And Enjoy.. Bookseller: skylarkerbooks , California, United States Seller rating:. New York, New York, U. New York: Marvel, His father has lost ownership of his corporation to Zebediah's now-wife Loni who was Stark's first wife, before Maria and they now live a middle class existence in a normal home. Tony is trying to follow in his father's footsteps as an inventor and is developing a prototype power-armor.

Not the most popular student at his school, he is constantly picked on and bullied. Seeing that he, also, is the victim of his classmates, Tony eventually befriends fellow student James Rhodes. Ultimate Iron Man 4 follows Tony Stark, shortly after befriending Rhodes, getting in a scuffle with bullies where they try and force Tony, feet first, into a lit furnace having been lied to earlier that Tony would not be harmed by this action that burns and destroys the lower half of his body and nearly leaves him dead.

The altercation is interrupted by Tony's friends, causing the bullies to run away.

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Normally an injury like that would kill a normal human, but his friends watch, stunned, as Tony's body begins to regrow itself and eventually regrows completely back to normal as if it never happened. Discovering that the bullies were following orders from an unknown individual, Stark's father decides, for their own protection and to put their skills to better use, to enroll Stark, Rhodes, and Nifara another of Tony's friends , who witnessed the attack and were all of genius-level intelligence, into the Baxter Building program, a school for above genius intelligence.

Also enrolled in the school is Obadiah Stane , the son of Zebediah. Shortly after their arrival, Stark witnesses Obadiah murder a pair of students and then make it look like an accident, but is unable to prove it. This incident hardens Stark's resolve to improve his armor and punish Obadiah. At this point, he has already begun to build a suit that closely resembles a traditional Iron Man suit, with Rhodes and Nifara helping him develop it.

Ultimate Iron Man 5 shows that shortly after his father's arrest based on planted evidence by Obadiah at the gruesome murder of his enemy Zebediah Stane, Tony gets his first taste of champagne at a party held by his father. Tony was warned against alcohol by his father because it would affect his brain more than a normal human due to his decentralized brain tissue and increase his chances of alcoholism. He later says that while he was intoxicated, it was the first time in his life he was not in chronic pain.

After his father's incarceration, Tony takes control of his father's company. Its at this point where two prototype variations of the suit are shown. One is roughly 6 feet 1. The suit doesn't fly, but hovers or bounces and is not completely stable. Stark is forced to use the foot 6. Though Tony is successful, the terrorists manage to detonate the bomb prematurely and completely destroy the suit. Tony is also injured, but due to his physiology, bounces back quickly.

Despite surviving being blown up in his prototype armor, Tony has other problems to address.


Howard is still wrongly imprisoned for the murder of rival Zebediah Stane, and teenage Tony is forced to run Stark Enterprises in his stead. After seeing the prototype armor in use, the military wish to use the armor themselves. Convincing the military that the armors are in fact robots, both Tony and Jim Rhodes Ultimate War Machine suit up and go on the mission masquerading as robots. They complete the mission, and find a map that leads them to believe there are nukes in New York.

Tony begins trying to find a way to release his father from jail and find out who the terrorists were that tried to blow up his building. Obadiah is working with a man named Dolores, who is responsible for the terrorist attack on the Stark building. Dolores convinces him to try to murder Howard. Obadiah drugs a prison guard with a "hypnotizing" bio-drug, and the guard tries to kill Howard.

He fails, though Howard gets shot in the process and is in ICU.