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This is how she discovers that a teenage girl, Brooke, who is missing was actually kidnapped. I don't really think that this kind of ability exists, but I was willing to suspend my beli I won this book at the Malice Domestic conference this month. I don't really think that this kind of ability exists, but I was willing to suspend my beliefs and go with the flow. However, I think this 'ability' was used too often to discover clues and to move the plot along.

Much of the story was so improbable and tiresome that I couldn't wait to finish the book. Then the ending was much too violent for a cozy. I read cozies in order to avoid the excessive violence in many books today. I did enjoy the slow progress of Grace and Kai's relationship. That is more realistic than much of the other events. However, I don't think I will continue with the series to see how their relationship evolves. Apr 16, Alice Liu rated it it was amazing. This book began with action and didn't end until I pulled my body out of its contorted position -- yes, I read it in one sitting.

Morrigan weaves an intricate, action packed, and suspenseful tale out of a seeming non-story However, Grace Wilde knows better. Sussing out clues from the emotions of large, deadly, and concerned animals, Grace has to piece together a huge back story that leads to new and surprising I love how the a This book began with action and didn't end until I pulled my body out of its contorted position -- yes, I read it in one sitting. I love how the animals are natural players in Grace's life, both in how they are able to communicate with her and how she is able to tap into their very essence.

You get a real sense of the complexity and busyness of her life, as well as of the care and frustrations of the people closest to her including those who want to be close to her. And, it's amazing how all the disparate pieces fall together seamlessly at the end, while still leaving room for intrigue with the Ghost, and a fantastic teaser to start the next book. This is the kind of cozy mystery that makes reading worthwhile.

May 12, Debbie Lester rated it it was amazing. Readers who are looking for a change of pace in a cozy need look no further. This books focuses on a disappearance rather than a murder and keeps readers on their toes with clues and evidence or an usual sort. Morrigan has an affinity for writing about animals and their thoughts and feelings that gives her work a realness that isn't easy to find in the genre.

She is able to tap into the heart of the animal and u A Tiger's Tale is the second book in the Call of the Wilde series by Laura Morrigan. She is able to tap into the heart of the animal and use it in her writing. A great addition to this wildlife orientated series.

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What I liked: The first book in this series introduced readers to Grace Wilde, who is essentially an animal whisperer. Grace's ability to talk to animals is an ongoing theme in the series, which will appeal to animal lovers and cozy mystery enthusiasts.

Twisted Short Stories - 5-Story Edition #1

I love Grace. She's a bit of misfit in some ways, except where animals are concerned. She doesn't really fit into a particular niche and I always enjoy a character who has their own eccentricities and uniqueness. I think this character is all about being comfortable with being who you are and not letting yourself be influenced by what others want you to be. She is one of favorite heroines that I have found for a while. Grace talks to all kinds of animals and in this particular book it's a lion taking center stage.

Not many people are aware of Grace's gift for being able to communicate with those in the animal kingdom and when she finds out that a young worker is missing she isn't sure how to explain how she knows that she has been kidnapped.

A Tiger's Tale

I liked Grace's dilemma and how she eventually figures out how to handle it. The lion was a great character and definitely has his own personality. I also loved the addition of Voodoo the kitten and how this affected Grace's life as well. This book wasn't about a murder.

Now there is a surprise for a cozy mystery. This one focuses on a missing girl who everyone wants to believe has run away. Morrigan is able to show cozy readers that a disappearance can be just as interesting in the whodunit department as a murder can. I loved that Morrigan went out on a limb and changed up the mode of the crime.

She didn't stick to the cozy plan Now I love cozies, but something different in the genre is a rare find and this is it.

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Great idea! The mystery elements of the book are all still here. There are a lot of suspects when it comes to this kidnapping and figuring out whodunit, isn't as easy as one might think. The plot involves everything from an abusive father, to an unstable kid, to mobsters. There are enough red herrings to make the perpetrator elusive and Morrigan keeps it interesting by providing a lot of different reasons or motives that someone might want to kidnap that girl.

Very well written. What I didn't like: I liked this one a lot. It wasn't your same old cozy. The animal psychic connection is believable and Morrigan has a way with writing the animal psyche. Bottom Line: If you love animals, an eccentric heroine and a mystery that doesn't has to involve murder, this is the one. A great read! Jan 07, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery. I was buckling down for another awesome ride when I picked up this sequel following the great first book, but I have to say it fell a little short. I still enjoyed it - Moss continues to be doggie goals, the wide range of quirky animal characters as fun and Kai is lovely - but there are some things that I loved about book 1 that seems to have slipped up in book 2.

Firstly, the animal featuring in this mystery namely the tiger Boris was less front-and-center in comparison to Jax the Doberman. I I was buckling down for another awesome ride when I picked up this sequel following the great first book, but I have to say it fell a little short. I suppose it's understandable, given that Grace could hardly keep a tiger at her place the way she did with Jax, but it did have the unexpected effect of making the animals seem like an afterthought despite the importance of Grace's animal telepathy to the mystery.

Boris did his job in kickstarting the mystery, but then he largely faded out of view. Secondly, and the main reason for my irritation, was that Grace went from being mostly intelligent and sensible to being downright obtuse in her sleuthing. She had a few moments of oversight in book 1, but mostly had the sense to leave the dangerous investigative aspects to the police.

In A Tiger's Tale? She was trespassing on private property on multiple occasions, threatening violent suspects, harboring people who should have been in protective custody in her house , confronting the mob I'm not sure there was anything stupid and dangerous that she didn't do. Worse, she admitted herself that she had no real reason to be so invested in the case, and thus no motivation to behave so recklessly.

All this, despite the fact that she had both a top lawyer as a best friend and a cop for a boyfriend! It's terribly disappointing, since Grace did so well to avoid the usual silly-amateur-sleuth pitfalls in the first book by handing evidence and suspicions to her police contact, and was off to a good start here as well.

At least Grace didn't lie to Kai about her activities or omit evidence? And finally, I really did not love the trick of introducing the third book's mystery via a cliffhanger at the end. It just wasn't necessary; I never like it when the same trick is used elsewhere and here, it felt particularly awkward and shoehorned in. Lest I give the impression that I hated this book with my laundry list of negatives, let me list what I did like! Kai, as previously stated, is lovely - he really makes up for his initial skepticism and the hurt he inadvertently caused Grace by being an all-round gentleman and one of her staunchest supporters.

The animal telepathy continues to be subtly and cleverly used, and I like that the mystery is always the focus throughout the book. Hope the third book doesn't disappoint, and has more Moss! Aug 01, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-reviewed , cozies When I first received this book, I wasn't entirely sure what to think of it. How on earth was this going to turn out, being so Most cozies follow a pattern, as anyone who's read them knows. But A Tiger's Tale took that pattern and reworked all of the parameters. It threw in a touch of paranormal, and created a brilliant if not a tad bit cooky concept that was unbelievably enjoyable.

The heroine of the story, Grace, has a special gift. She can communicate with animals. Being an an When I first received this book, I wasn't entirely sure what to think of it. Being an animal behaviorist, she's called upon to help with a tiger who's behavior has suddenly changed. When Grace meets the tiger, she finds out, from the tiger himself, that one of his care takers has been taken. Grace decides she has to get to the bottom of the girl's disappearance From that point on, the story takes off and is nearly impossible to put down. As a lover of animals, I loved that Grace could talk to them.

I loved that their thoughts and feelings could be conveyed in such a unique way. It made the story so much fun! And the mystery itself was fabulous.

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  6. It was fast-paced and full of so many quirky characters, including members of the mob! If you're a fan of paranormal, and you want something quick and fun to read, pick up this series. It's definitely one you do not want to miss! May 31, Moondance rated it really liked it Shelves: cops , family , favorite-series , bingo , favorite-author , talk-to-the-animals , woman-sleuth , mystery , veterinarian , animal-rescue.

    Grace Wilde has been called to Happy Asses to rescue Hugh, a zoo vet, who came to check on Boris the tiger.

    About Brian A. Klems

    Grace immediately picks up that Boris is upset because his friend Brooke was "taken". Grace delves into the matter and finds that volunteer Brooke has not shown up for the last couple of days and Boris misses her. He was also the only one who saw her being kidnapped. Brooke's family thinks she has run away and will not file a missing person report. Kai strongly discourages Grace to stay out of the investigation.

    Of course she doesn't! I really like this series! Grace's ability to "talk" to animals is wonderful. Her sister, Emma is quite entertaining with her party planning and goes all out in this book because it is set in October. Goth wedding anyone? Kai has become more constant in Grace's life.

    They may actually get to go on a date! Grace stumbles into mob business looking for Brooke and once again puts her life in jeopardy. Interesting ending that makes me want to start the next book right away. Highly recommended! Jun 10, Kai Hunter rated it really liked it Shelves: cat-books , cozy-mysteries , paranormal , animals-other-than-cats. Book 2 in the Call of the Wilde cozy mystery series. Another good mystery. I like this author's writing style, but there is one thing she does that drives me nuts.

    That's the last you hear about it. You're left to assume the promise has been kept. Other than that, if you're into cozies i recommend this series. Dec 10, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery , abc-author-challenge-1 , cozy-mysteries , cruisin-through-the-cozies , read Another really great mystery, this series keeps getting better and better. I loved all of the characters, especially the animals, Moss and Voodoo are really cute!

    I especially loved the fact that even though this was a mystery, there wasn't murder in it. I felt like it was a break from the usual books I read. Overall a great book that I really can't say anything bad about. Jan 11, Daniele rated it really liked it Shelves: read One would think that a series about a woman who can talk to animals might veer into the realm of the unbelievable, but it comes across as realistic here.

    The mystery was interesting, and I loved Jack-Jack the miniature donkey. This series has become a favorite. May 18, Jill rated it it was amazing. I love animals of all kind and I love how the main character can relate to animals. The story was fun to read and I didn't want to put it down until I knew what happened. The premise for this series is different from the regular cozy and that makes for a fun read. May 24, Tracy Weber rated it it was amazing.

    Awesome second installment of what I hope is a long, long series. Dec 27, Chuck rated it it was amazing. Ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. Can't wait till the next book come out. Amazing read :. May 18, Kristen rated it liked it. This was good. Not great, but good.

    Shannon's Picks

    I enjoyed it, and this series continues to have some aspects that I really like. I am an animal lover, so the "Dr. Dolittle" thing that Grace has and the conversations that she has with the animals she comes across in the story is really fun. That is a clever, unique component and I like it a lot. Grace got on my nerves a bit in this book. She continually does exactly what she knows, or has been told, she absolutely should NOT do.

    See a Problem?

    Even Grace recognizes that some This was good. Yes, I know this is a cozy, and the main character getting into trouble while sleuthing is part of the genre, but Grace takes that a bit too far for my taste. The supporting characters are kind of bland to me. The previous one was called Death Penalty. If not, you need to go and watch those Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone! The first was called Going To The Dogs. When Death rides into the villages along its route, nobody survives its voracious appetite — except a lone teenager.

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    Book News New chapter? But maybe it's more than that. Paperback Edition. The clues are there — not too obvious, but hanging around the edges of the story. They write a compelling story using a minimum of space.