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From this follows the next recognized belief in Sikhs that people of all faiths can reunite with God provided they follow the true path of their own religion. Anyone can earn favors from God depending only on his or her own actions and thoughts. God does not see ones color or gender or social status when passing judgment.

Further, the Sikhs believe in the evolution of the Soul and the principle of reincarnation. This spark is separated from God and wants to become pure so that it can reunite with God. For this to happen, the Soul has to evolve and purify itself so that this reunification with the Supreme Soul can take place. The law of Karma is another concept central to this faith. Ones actions in this life will have a direct influence on the type of life in your next existence. So to adhere to these principles, the dedicated follower must lead a disciplined personal life and must uphold the moral and ethical rights of all the peoples of the world.

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It is a must to lead a spiritually correct life at all times and to be ready to be subjected to personal sacrifices if the liberty of any weak person s is at stake. Sikhs must graciously and with humility accept the will of God at all times.

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They must lead life unattached and untangled with the material world and should not come under the influence of Maya — the illusionary and transient world around us. Hence again women are equal partners in Sikhism. Sikhism is a very egalitarian religion. Sikhs are told very strongly, explicitly, to seek knowledge within the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Knowledge is the "key" to enlightenment. One must understand the Guru's written words in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, in order to help themselves transcend this worldly ocean and reach the higher spiritual goals given to Humankind by God.

Life after death

The challenge of being a Sikh is truly a hard one, the majority of the world of today have not the courage in them, nor the will power, nor are the willingness to spend time to pursue this "intellectual" and "spiritual" journey and achieve that ultimate state of ETERNAL BLISS. People not wanting to face this challenge, since it is a difficult one, a long one, is why people are unaware of the greatness of their Sikh religion. They continue to play in this world metaphorically speaking in the pursuit of trying to find happiness, yet never achieve it.

Happiness is only temporary.

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Happiness Bliss can not be bought with riches, etc. Happiness is a state of mind. Bliss is the state of being one with our mind, soul, and heart. One can only find it by being able to control cleansing the mind, which Sikhism stresses one to do, with God' Naam Name. Then only will one achieve true lasting happiness bliss within ourselves.

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I challenge the readers to spend some time, to read up on the lives of Sikh Gurus, read the Sikh scripture, along with the other religions open mindedly, and Sikhism will pass as the most objective, logical, equal, humanitarian religion. Sikhism is a religion which builds character. It tells its followers to be "hard workers" to earn their daily bread. To share this with others, as well as to remember the Lord in their heart. Hence within Sikhism, there is a compassion towards all of humanity, a fact of social reform.

Sikhism is the only religion that allows all people, of any caste, colour, creed, religion to come to "ANY"! They are served in the Gurdwara Sikhs holy temple , in the kitchen with the same dignity as if they were Sikhs. They are allowed to participate in Singing Hymns on stage even if they are not Sikhs. They are allowed to discuss Sikhism in these places of worship even if they are not Sikhs.

He sings Gurbani hymns all over in Gurdwaras and tells wonderful stories of the Gurus. Sikhs respect and give him equal dignity, even though he is not a Sikh. He's more of a Sikh than I am. This pattern is very similar to the situation that we have in Christianity and Judaism where a fantastical and wishful but easy to grasp version of eternal life is given to most of the religious believers, but a more abstract and mysterious vision of the afterlife is reserved for a select minority. There is a great deal of scientific research which has been done into the reality of reincarnation.

And the evidence to support reincarnation is overwhelming. Dr Gerald Netherton, who was raised as a fundamentalist Methodist, has successfully used past life regression on 8, patients. He was initially sceptical but as a result of his experience is now convinced of the effectiveness of past life regression.

That it actually happened! There is a case to be made for proof of life after death with reincarnation being a common unifying thread throughout all world religion. Furthermore, when we consider that many of the great luminaries of ancient Greek civilization such as Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras, and also others who were involved in the various mysteries, were firm believers in reincarnation, then the idea of reincarnation really lies at the foundations of Western civilization.

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It is a healthy trend that today and in recent times, belief in reincarnation is on the increase. This trend has been particularly pronounced in industrialized Western countries. This trend encourages the hope that perhaps in the future, the idea of reincarnation will become the dominant doctrine concerning the nature of eternal life. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your explanation that Christians believed in reincarnation is so warped that you can build your entire understanding on one verse that you have taken out of context.

Why not instead print to leaflets all available as A4 PDFs from the homepage by clicking the icon and distribute them in your local temple or multi-faith centre? Alternatively, why not write one of our upcoming leaflets and send it to us so we can publish it online? Perspective of an Atheist To the atheist or the materialist, the whole idea of life after death is an absurdity.

Reincarnation There is another widely held belief about eternal life which is common to the mystical heart of all world religion.

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Why Does Reincarnation Exist? Judaism In modern times, matters of eternal life in Judaism are considered mainly by the mystically inclined Kabbalists. Islam The picture we have in Islam concerning the nature of eternal life is one where only a small minority of those Muslims belonging to some of the more esoteric sects believe in reincarnation.

Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation There is a great deal of scientific research which has been done into the reality of reincarnation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. One comment.

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