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Having had pup since June 1st, this is our 1st Fall season with him. The Autumn leaves were very pretty in October when they started changing colours. Yellow, orange, gold, red I just loved them all.

A mystery pooper is tormenting Broadway

Now, in mid-November, they are kind of a dull brown. If they're dry, they crunch underneath our shoes. Pup loves the sound and runs through them. He tosses them in the air, and bites at them.

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Sometimes they get stuck on his snout. He's perfectly happy with all this..

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What we don't like are the leaves that are all wet. They just kind stick to the bottoms of your shoes, and stick all over pup's face and legs. Also these brown wet leaves look very much like a certain something that belongs in a poop bag Yesterday, hubby was exhausted. He had done yard work for most of the day, winterizing the house, raking up leaves Being a loving, wonderful wife! I should also mention at this point, that we are in the transition stage in puppy food. Pup is now slowly going from puppy food to adolescent food. Son and I took a few poop bags with us just in case , and the flash-light of course.

Off we went on our evening walk. Pup had to go and he wanted to go NOW!! As I said, he took his stance and began. He went and went.

Phantom poop

Son and I began to give each other nervous looks Pup, unphased by our body language, just kept going and going. He got up at one point, went a few feet further, and continued to go. What felt like an eternity, but was probably only a few minutes, the pup finally got up and walked away. I gave son the leash, took out 2 bags I knew there was no way all that could possibly fit into 1 bag , and I took out the flash-light. I searched and searched I scoured every inch of that lawn, but all I could see were yucky wet brown leaves. I looked forever I'm pretty sure I found the needle in the haystack, but the phantom poop was nowhere to be seen.

I took back the leash and gave son the flash-light.

I figured his 14 year old eyes were better than mine. He combed through that front lawn with the precision of a CSI agent. The poop was gone!!! I feel really bad about this. In 5 months, this has never happened to me. But I just know, that when those folks woke up the next morning, they had the same reaction as I did when I found poop in my yard. They thought we didn't care.. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I have basically been constipated all my life. In the last 10 yrs I have taken loads of meds, including pain pills.

Need I say more? Thanks to you guys for all your work to help people like me. I also have experienced ghost poop. Thanks for sharing! Great information…has been a revelation to my husband who has been constipated half his life! Fun to see you in person at St…. The husbands at the table were wondering if you had the ribs or sauce or what exactly could you eat there???? Also are there other places in town that you recommend for those of us doing the SCD diet??? Jan — Thank you so much for introducing yourself!

I had the ribs and tried a bit of sauce but not much, Jordan stayed away. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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