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Over the centuries, China has maintained a long-lasting relationship with its principle neighbors, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan. Focusing on the role of the "tribute system" in maintaining stability in East Asia and in fostering diplomatic and commercial exchange, Dr.

Podcast: The Impossible State – Strategizing Engagement

Kang contrasts this history against the example of Europe and the East Asian states' skirmishes with nomadic peoples to the north and west. Although China has been the unquestioned hegemon in the region, with other political units always considered secondary, the tributary order entailed military, cultural, and economic dimensions that afforded its participants immense latitude. Columbia University Press, October, China has rapidly emerged as a major regional power. Foreign businesses have flocked to invest in China, and Chinese exports have begun to flood the world.

Nuclear North Korea: A Debate on Engagement Strategies

China is modernizing its military, has joined numerous regional and international institutions, and plays an increasingly visible role in international politics. In response to this growth, other states in East Asia have moved to strengthen their military, economic, and diplomatic relations with China.

Nuclear North Korea A Debate on Engagement Strategies

Rising powers present opportunities as well as threats, and the economic benefits and military threat China poses for its regional neighbors are both potentially huge; however, East Asian states see substantially more advantage than danger in China's rise, making the region more stable, not less. The issue that focuses on Pyongyang government's violation of nuclear nonproliferation agreements, has remained mired in political punditry.

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This book offers a reasoned, rational, and logical debate on the nature of the North Korean regime. Coming to the issues from different perspectives—Kang believes the threat posed by Pyongyang has been inflated and endorses a more open approach, while Cha is more skeptical and advocates harsher measures—the authors together have written an essential work of clear-eyed reflection and authoritative analysis.

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They refute a number of misconceptions and challenge much faulty thinking that surrounds the discussion of North Korea, particularly the idea that North Korea is an irrational nation. Cha and Kang contend that however provocative, even deplorable, the Pyongyang government's behavior may at times be, it is not incomprehensible or incoherent.

Focus on human rights essential to making progress with North Korea.

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New research released this week by Beyond Parallel and CSIS revealed 13 of an estimated 20 North Korean missile operating bases that are undeclared by the government. Bush Institute Fellow Victor Cha gives his two-minute take. What does this act mean for U.

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  6. Bush Institute Fellow Victor Cha answers our questions. As part of that project, he has been overseeing unprecedented public opinion research inside North Korea. While Cha cautions that the findings reflect only small numbers of participants, they do provide a rare glimpse inside the country.

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