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Blow your lid, torpedo your ticker? Your blood also becomes stickier and more likely to clot, upping your odds for a trip to the ER—or worse. Feel a flip-out coming on? Try these simple tricks to keep your short fuse on a short leash. Since many people experience frustration when they feel underappreciated, picture yourself delivering food to your elderly neighbor or giving a few extra bucks to the homeless man on the corner.

Self-deprecating humor may help you view the anger-inducing situation in a comedic light, says Ron Potter-Efron, Ph. Laugh off the moments that make you tense.

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Stuck in gridlock traffic? People who can poke fun at themselves or their situations are usually far less angry, Potter-Efron says. If your anger is geared toward a specific person, think like his defense attorney, says Stosny.

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Although the culprit may be guilty of pissing you off, try to justify his actions. Maybe he just received sad news about a loved one, or is struggling with an unknown illness. Finding a new perspective will shake your narrow focus on the guy who gave you grief, Stosny says.

If you have long-term issues with anger, seek help from a counselor or psychologist. In fact, uncontrolled anger often can be a career staller—and it definitely derails leadership presence.

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It also can take a toll on personal health and relationships both in and out of the workplace. However, the work can be rewarding when the leader is open to being coached and receiving honest feedback and is willing to change by increasing their self-awareness. Once the client answers these questions, we begin to create clarity about anger triggers or hot buttons. We discuss the importance of recognizing physical changes that happen within the body when rage begins to rumble. These might include the face becoming red, heart rate increasing, blood pressure increasing, palms becoming sweaty, or seeing stars.

4 Ways to Cool Your Hot Temper

It is critical for the client to recognize their personal signs so that they can begin to implement self-management techniques. Do you find yourself fuming when a work conversation goes bad or when your boss or a colleague dismisses your efforts in a meeting?

Do anger issues lurk in other areas of your life? Here are 7 tips for keeping your temper in check:.

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These are all simple steps that require self-discipline and courage. In these settings, drama is very low and productivity is very high. Top performers flock to these organizations and are not apt to leave them. Use these 7 steps to keep your emotions in control and model how to create a safe, encouraging, and productive environment for everyone you lead.

Here are 7 tips for keeping your temper in check: Identify your personal anger triggers or hot buttons.

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