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Mayan teacher Jose Arguelles refers to our entry into the Galactic arena:. Author Mary Rodwell, Principal of ACERN, almost daily sees the influence of our star brothers, and how both they and the Language of Light are part of an evolutionary transformation that can no longer be ignored. The communication can be astral or physical. Many understand this as a Universal language or a language of light. I have known individuals, after hearing the languages, begin to write strange scripts themselves.

It seems to be a catalyst for an awakening or a re-connection to another deeper part of the individual. I have been sent examples of these languages, both in scripts and audio from all over the globe, including from small children. One 9 year-old in Northern Europe told me that one of her star languages can heal water.

“Freeing my soul…” – Sunrise Reiki Colorado

Her mother told me the water tasted quite different after her daughter had spoken to it. I refer to these children as Star Children and they are being born all over the globe. When I met Mary recently a transmission of Light Language came through me. On witnessing me speaking and singing Light Language, Sarrissa addressed me directly saying:. Each of the places that you touch your energy too are like references, so when you touch a place or an energy or more simply an information state, you are able to transcribe that energy through your vocalisation.

It seems like you are at the winds of change. You have an instinctual ability to connect to an energy and bring forth information. You are connecting to an information state , and when you connect to that information state, you bring forth sound information. So when we observed you attempting to bring forth a variety of techniques for the harmonising of this time and this plane, you were linking to the locations where those technologies originate. You are connecting to references of energy, references of information — like you are touching your finger to a colour and transcribing the colour through your language.

It seems that we are at the very cutting edge now. We stand at the juncture of two worlds, straddling the bridge of two very different dimensional realities, one foot in the 3 rd dimension and the other foot in the realms beyond the veil of our conscious knowing. What an incredible time to be alive here on Planet Earth! More and more evidence is coming forth to suggest that we are not alone in the Universe, and that there are many Space bothers and sisters out there watching, guiding and assisting us.

The Language of Light is one way in which our Galactic family are communicating with us. It is perhaps also a tool that we as multi-dimensional beings have chosen, to help ourselves awaken to the full knowledge of who we truly are — a Divine spark of Universal and Cosmic Light, birthed from the great Central Source of All that Is.

If I could but speak to you the ancient language of light, you would weep with remembrance… But I have remained mute for oh so long that even I forgot my song. Lonely I have been upon this plane; deep has been my longing to go home, and silent my voice from earthly sound, for once sung I a song not yet here found.

It was a simple language of being, light impulses conveyed through feelings, a subtle resonance of spirit vibrating through cell and heart and soul, merging and re-emerging into the ALL…. Essence to essence we touched And spoke the silent language of the stars, mirroring through our eyes and hearts the light of who we are; for we were one and knew not what it was to be alone.

Ours was a realm of purest love, innocent and infinitely sweet, we breathed the fragrant breath of God, hearts pulsing as one within the one Heartbeat…. If I sing you the star name of Sirius, does your soul begin to hear an ancient song? Of dimensions beyond the stars and the suns, angelic spheres of radiance within the body of the Infinite One. There are brothers in the seas of our world who sing this song, calling man to remembrances of his celestial Homeland and his origins of the light filled Heart of God.

Now the light of the stars and the sea awakens also in me the starry patterns etched within my cells. And the song of the Eternal One is truth I have always sung, for it is the very essence of who I am. Only now I am remembering And singing it again….

Some souls choose relationships before they are born

Missing, Presumed Death is a quest that features Death , who has gone missing, and the Menaphite god of the dead, Icthlarin , who is attempting to take over his role until he is found. The quest starts in Silvarea , west of Paterdomus , where some monks have been murdered, their souls unable to pass on due to Death's disappearance.

It also involves the Mahjarrat Sliske , revealing how he obtained the Staff of Armadyl from the Dragonkin prior to the assassination of Guthix. None , although completion of the following quests are highly recommended for full storyline comprehension and additional dialogue:. To start the quest, speak to Brother Samwell in the mountain pass of Silvarea , located west of Paterdomus and east of Varrock.

After you calm him down, he hands you an investigation notebook. There are three core clues. Investigate the torso of the dead monk in the northeast, a plant a little further east to find a lost ring , and a tree to the southwest with an arrow stuck in it.

Soul Worker Academy Signature Program

An additional clue is found by listening to the trapped soul of the monk to the southwest. If not all pieces register as "found", destroy the problem item and find it again. Return to Brother Samwell, who asks you to find a witness. Go up the hill to the Odd Old Man.

What is Soul?

In order to get him to talk, persuade him two times, then threaten him. He will say that he saw an elf, and after the monks were murdered, a tall, hooded figure making off to the east, who seemed to be taller than the elf and wearing darker clothes. Return to Brother Samwell again and select any of the chat options. It won't matter who you pick to accuse, as you will be investigating further.

Next, follow the crystals to the east. These crystals are small and blue; they may not appear on low detail. The trail leads up the steps and off towards the beacon. Upon coming to the end of the trail, search the dead elf there to find a core clue in her hands, and an additional clue by listening to her soul. Afterward, investigate the plant to the west of the body, near the stairs going up to another building, south of the chapel, to find a necklace, the clothing on the fence to the south-east of the body, and the bench further south-east to find a letter.

Talk to Blaze Sharpeye at the beacon by threatening him twice then persuading him for more information. Return to Brother Samwell. Show her the clues, then ask her about elves, Saradominist wizards, and teleportation.


If you accuse her of covering up for wizards for a more thorough explanation, she claims that it is neither elves nor wizards who did the crime — this is not necessary to proceed with the quest. Return to Brother Samwell and tell him what was learned. Select the option about a "Clear conclusion.

Icthlarin communicates with you telepathically and appears. Go through all his dialogue options to learn about Death's disappearance and their work. At this point, 4 wights attack. Their life points vary depending on your level. Icthlarin will battle them alongside you with magic , but you will have to finish them off yourself as he can only weaken them to 2 life points. After defeating the wights, the last one you kill drops an invitation box. The box, left by the killer Sliske , invites Icthlarin to attend his ascension.

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Ichthlarin debates going but decides to do so after dealing with the dead monks. Open the invitation box to be transported to the Empyrean Citadel. Upon arriving at the citadel, there are representatives of the gods standing outside a set of doors guarded by the Barrows brothers. You may talk to any of them for some interesting, but inconsequential, dialogue.

Speak with Icthlarin and tell him you wish to enter the citadel. Tapping these skills will execute the desired attack, whereas certain others usually ability 2 allow for longer attacks by holding the button down.

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

This will free you up from having to reposition the camera during a fight. Accessible by holding the Wild Soul icon above your regular attacks, sliding and releasing your thumb over one of these pop-out abilities will activate them. The top one is basically always a heal with limited uses, but the first two can range from buffs and debuffs, to handy time stop effects and other neat little extras.


Both Nature and Light-type Wild Souls would suit those ready and willing to aid their team with situational heals , whereas Mystic and Shadow and more of a middle ground between damage and support. Titan, on the other hand, would be a fine choice for slower options like the Greatsword, allowing them to continue dealing more damage to regain lost health rather than continuously break their charged combos to avoid enemy damage. Just like abilities, the above options only relate to the initial Wild Souls offered to the player in the early hours of the game.

Each class of Wild Soul have 6 different variants, meaning available skills can and will change as you unlock and exchange different Wild Souls or rank them up through training. The main focus of a game like Rangers of Oblivion is to hunt big monsters and turn their spoils into weapons and armor capable of taking on the next big thing. Tapping a material will, in most cases, tell you where you can gather them; but some will rely on the dreaded RNG more than others. Players in your party will show up in the Party window when you tap the Flag icon in the top right.

TouchArcade Rating:. Rangers of Oblivion.