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Fairest Lord Jesus by Amy Grant (with Lyrics)

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The Story Behind Fairest Lord Jesus (Beautiful Savior)

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Read more on Larvik's page. Accommodation Read more on Larvik's page. Festning Photo: Halden Turist. Badeland Photo: Quality. Read more about Fredrikstad and Hvaler. Read more about Halden. Sing-along at the fortress Read more on Halden's page. Kano Photo: Grete Elgetun.

Fairest Lord Jesus

Sykkel Photo: Grete Elgetun. Read more about Moss. Photo: Jon Klasbu. Pilgrimsskilt Photo:. They have no light of their own. God does not despise the material world. Its loveliness and his incarnation in it both speak to its virtues. This comparison is developed in the last line of the second stanza, for it is the woeful heart that Christ comforts in Matthew 6 by causing anxieties to cease.

The pattern of comparison established in the second stanza continues to the third as we now turn our attention on the heavens. Since Scripture habitually refers to angels in terms of light Acts it makes sense to see Christ as not only brighter than sun, moon, and stars but as brighter than the angels, too. The last stanza is a response to all that comes before. Rather than remarking more on creation, we turn back to the creator and note that he—not the things he has made, but he himself—is the object of all worship, and not just for his role in creation but also for the salvation and rule that he has obtained.

Then the same pattern continues in the second half, with a new idea—only slightly less static in that it descends by a step from B-flat in measure 9 to A-flat in measure 10—that is repeated, though this time a step lower instead of two steps higher. The form of the tune works especially well with the repeated grammatical structures of the text in lines 1—2 and lines 4—5 in most stanzas.

And when Nature is compared to her Creator, she concedes to him his rightful place. Welcome Biblical Model Introduction 1. Communication 2.

Fairest Lord Jesus (Cello Solo)

Message 3. Audience 4. Singer 5.