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The second is to make sure that whatever happens, and despite the permanent obstacles, these crimes do not go unpunished. This is why France has organized a partnership to fight impunity for the use of chemical weapons, which is allowing us today to identify and draw up lists, and ensure that member states — and there are many — can prosecute these murderers, for as long as it takes. France and allies urge action over Syria chemical weapons. Assad regime involved in chemical attack, says France.

Politics and Conscience: An Essay By Vaclav Havel

Minister reacts to UN report on chemical weapons in Syria. France calls for immediate end to attacks in Syria.

Follow FranceintheUK. Chemical attacks "shock conscience of mankind" - Minister.

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Situation in Syria — Reply by M. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, to a question for the government in the National Assembly Paris, 14 February Yes, chemical proliferation, at the dawn of the 21st century, is killing innocent people. Despite the military accomplishments of the Crusade, the most important factor leading to its eventual victory was moral.

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In the end, the nobles and citizens of the region were persuaded to abandon their sympathies toward the Cathar heretics, not through violent coercion but by winning their hearts and minds. Throughout history, we are presented with examples from the past showing that wars have moral limitations. Time and again, limits have been the result of moral choices that have brought restraint to what would have otherwise been limitless violence. From a human point of view, one would suggest that this is a good thing.

Politics and Conscience: An Essay By Vaclav Havel – Haiti Chery

Arguably, a mix of two components, practical and moral, provides the restraint necessary to prevent this disastrous outcome. Yet in the past when man has identified a threat to his system of moral norms, he has been apt to defend through military action that which he believes to be morality itself.

Short Five: Attack of the Conscience

Such conflict can be referred to as a certain type of ideological war, or more specifically, a war whose goal is to defeat an insidious moral ideology.