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If you want to make her happy make sure she always has the very best brand of food served in the same place and at the same time each day. Like their canine counterparts, Virgo cats are spotlessly clean and may spend more time preening themselves that getting dirty.

Do Dogs Have A Zodiac Sign? Astrology Isn’t Just For Humans

Cats born under this sign are hopeless at catching mice and would rather play than kill. They have a tendency to allergies and their tender skin may react badly to flea powder. They enjoy the best that money can buy so throw away that old blanket and make sure his basket has the finest silk lining. They also need the company of other dogs and love peace and harmony in their environment. DOGS: Scorpio dogs are either your best friend or worst enemy. They can love or hate with a passionate intensity.

If you wrong a Scorpio dog they will never forget but will also not forget when you treat them well. The sign of Scorpio governs secrets and perhaps because of this, dogs born under this sign make the best trackers. Also, the sexual prowess of the Scorpio dog makes them ideal for breeding dogs.

Aries Dog (March 21 - April 20)

CATS: The ideal Scorpio cat is jet black with deep emerald eyes for this is the zodiac sign that governs the occult. The Scorpio cat is the sacred cat revered by the Egyptians. She is strange and arcane but will bring you luck and protection. She is magic.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

As they grow they become more controlled, muscular and sturdy. They are very trustworthy and reliable and particularly suitable for working for the blind. They have lots of character and know amusing tricks.

“My Dog is a Pisces” – Aqua & Lavender Watercolor Digital Download

CATS: All Sagittarius cats are subject to serendipity which often causes them to be in the wrong place at the right time. They like affection but hate it if you smother them. Your Sagittarius cat cherishes her freedom. She is very popular and sometimes aloof as if she refuses to mix with the common sort of cat from the wrong neighborhood.

The sign of Capricorn favors breeds that can withstand cold climates such as St Bernard or huskies and the practical earthly nature of this sign makes them unafraid of hard work. However, because they are Saturn ruled, they may take an exceedingly long time about anything they do.

They are stubborn and may ignore your commands or calls. Often Capricorn kittens are abandoned when very young.

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An Aquarian dog has traits that other dogs would find strange. But their heart lies with their own species and they love to run with the pack albeit somewhat erratically. CATS: Your white Siamese Aquarian cat would probably be delighted if you dyed her pink, for just like their canine counterparts the Aquarian cat is eccentric.

No sooner an idea springs to mind than another better idea replaces it. You may notice your Pisces dog pacing between the fire, his basket, and bowl. The Pisces is also a salty dog and his favorite day out would be a walk by the sea-shore. He may even enjoy eating fish! Traditionally Pisces have very weak ankles and paws so keep an eye on these areas should he start to limp. A diamond studded collar is an absolute must. Sometimes she may strut around with her nose in the air and her tail straight as a stick and you may wonder how you offended her.

The Pisces cat is a peculiar mixture of conflicting emotions. Tagged as: Animals , Astrology , Psychics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous: Dictionary of Paranormal Definitions. Pet Astrology — what do the stars say about your animals? Craig Hamilton-Parker Love Astrology 0 comments.

12 Easy Astrology Zodiac Signs to check your dogs Compatibility

What Happens to Animals when they Die? Are Pets Psychic? Astrologer Dr.

Standley added on her site that Aries is a possessive sign , so your kitty will insist on sleeping on the bed of its favorite person every night. Taurus is all about comfort and the finer things in life, so you'll find your spring-born cat lying on the plushest sofa cushion in the house, begging for an endless scratch behind the ears, or turning up its nose at anything but premium cat food. In fact, you might have to watch out to make sure your kitty doesn't put on too many extra pounds.

Taurus cats are also known for their stubbornness , said The Astrology Place, so if you want your Bull to move off your favorite chair, expect to get an outraged yowl in response. Just like its human counterpart, a Gemini cat has a changeable personality , according to CatTime.

Pet Astrology Part 1 - John Hayes

One minute it'll romp and play and chase after its catnip toy; the next minute, you'll see it crawling under the bed or giving you an annoyed look for no good reason. But Geminis are such sociable creatures that they won't stay mad for long. A Twins cat is the one who'll help you greet your guests, mewing and chattering all the while.

Cancer is a home- and family-loving sign , said The Astrology Place, so you're not likely to see your Crab cat scratching at the door to be let out. Give it a quiet space and plenty of good food, and the Cancer kitty will thrive. Crabs tend to be a bit needy, added the site, which means your midsummer-born cat will probably follow you around everywhere and jump on your lap the moment you sit down. They're also sensitive to changes in the environment, so think twice before moving the litter box or scratching post.

Proud, loyal, friendly, and entertaining — the same qualities that make a Leo-born person so much fun also make for a delightful cat companion. But the little Lion doesn't take kindly to being ignored , according to PerroPet. If you don't give it plenty of petting and playtime, your Leo kitty may decide to tear up the couch or knock over some knickknacks just to make a point. Cats have a rep for cleanliness, but the Virgo cat puts them all to shame. Your early autumn-born kitty is super-fastidious , according to PerroPet, and will happily spend long periods cleaning itself. However, that also means you'll need to keep the litter box spotless; you might even want to add a second box.

Per The Astrology Place, Virgo felines are deep thinkers ; you'll often find them in their favorite sunny spot, staring into space or watching passing birds and butterflies. Finally, since Virgo rules the stomach and nervous system, you'll need to be especially careful about diet. Premium-quality food, thanks, and skip the table scraps! Does everyone compliment your cat on its gorgeous fur and sweet face? That's because Libra is governed by the planet Venus , named for the goddess of beauty, per Tarot. Libra cats thrive on companionship, so your fur baby will stay close by your side and help you entertain guests.

But if you spend a lot of time away from home, pet astrologers recommend getting another cat for company. Libra tends to be an indecisive sign , explained Astrology Weekly, so expect to spend a lot of time letting your Balance-born cat in and out. Giving it plenty of exercise will also help prevent your cat from being a classic "Lazy Libra. The same secretive, private nature that makes Scorpio people so intriguing is true of their feline counterparts , explained Astrology Weekly.

The Scorpion cat will hide its toys in odd places and scurry under warm blankets on even hot days. They're also territorial, so other pets may learn to steer clear of a Scorpio's favorite nap zone. But behind that aloof exterior is a deep need for love and closeness , said CatTime.

Give your cat regular snuggle time every day, and it will reward you with undying Scorpio loyalty. In both human and feline form, Sags are free spirits. They're not content to be cooped up indoors, so if you have a Sagittarius cat, be prepared to give it plenty of outdoor time , said PerroPet. If you don't want your cat roaming, building a cat run in the backyard will let it enjoy nature safely.

CatTime added that, like Virgos, the Archer cat likes to sit and stare into space planning for the next eight lives, maybe?