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Additional features also include job listings, advertising and the ability to publish your own content through LinkedIn Pulse. It was made available to all users in and enables them to create content and share it with their network. Link building — Link building is an essential component of SEO Search Engine Optimisation and refers to the process of getting external websites to link back to your own domain. Building links from quality websites will build your own online reputation and help you rank higher in search results.

Metadata — Put simply , metadata is a description that describes other data. When a webpage ranks in Google, this title and description will appear to describe the page in the search results.

Mobile friendly — If a website is mobile friendly, then everything will appear correctly and offer a great user experience. Organic traffic can be generated from free directory listings, rankings in search engine results, and links to your website from your social media accounts and other websites. It refers to the text ads, Shopping Ads and similar paid ads that appear in search engine results when a particular keyword is searched for. Every time a paid search ad is clicked on, the advertiser will be charged.

Paid traffic — Paid traffic refers to website visitors that are gained from paid advertising formats. Its aim was to define low quality websites and lower their rankings in search results. Its focus is on lowering the rankings of websites that use unethical black hat SEO techniques to achieve their placements in search engine results. Pinterest — Pinterest is a photo-sharing website and app that was launched in These pinboards can then be shared with other members. Pinterest also enables companies to create business pages and pay for advertising.

Text versions of these ads will appear above search engine results and in the same format , while banner ads are displayed in pages belonging to other websites.

Personal Branding, Real Estate And A Genius | Internet Marketing Life S2 – E1

Scored out of 10, your Quality Score lets you know if your ad is useful and relevant to the searchers you are targeting, and a higher quality score will also help to lower your Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion. Your keywords, ad text and landing page will all determine your quality score. Remarketing — Remarketing is a form of paid advertising also known as PPC that enables advertisers to target those that have already visited their website. Remarketing ads can market specific products and be set-up to appear when the user has visited a certain page or completed a defined action on your website.

If your website has a responsive design, then it will offer a user-friendly experience across all platforms including desktop and mobile devices. Users are only able to retweet a post if the original user has a public Twitter profile. Your ROI refers to the revenue generated beyond the initial investment. In the world of digital marketing, the ROI can be calculated by dividing the profit gained from your campaign by its total cost. Each time one of these adverts is clicked on, the advertiser will be charged.

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Respected SEO techniques include producing keyword-rich content, as well as adding metadata to your webpages and building links from other websites. This is the page a searcher will be presented with after submitting a search query to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other online search engine. To determine this, split tests will be sent to two separate groups. Elements that are changed can range from images and design colours, to subject lines, titles and Call to Actions. SharpSpring — SharpSpring is the easy-to-use marketing automation software that we recommend to our customers.

As well as enabling users to create and implement forms on their website, it can also be used to set triggers for automated emails, identify leads and manage your customer database. Tag Manager — Google Tag Manager is a free tool that enables marketers to track website metrics by adding and implementing tags. As Google Tag Manager uses a data layer to capture information about webpage activities such as when a visitor completes a specific action on the webpage , tags are often used for conversion tracking and Remarketing.

Traffic — In digital marketing, your traffic is determined by the number of visitors a webpage receives.

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Measuring website traffic is vital for determining how well your campaigns and ads are performing, as well as establishing if individual webpages are generating conversions. Tweet — A Tweet refers to any message that is posted to Twitter. They can contain up to characters and include images, videos, GIFs, polls and links. Please see Twitter for more information on this social media platform.

Twitter — Twitter is a popular social media network that was founded in With companies being able to create their own free accounts and pay for advertising on the platform, Twitter can serve as a great marketing and engagement tool. For a website to provide a great user experience, it should be easy to navigate, encourage engagement, and be physically appealing. Factors such as design and content can both have an effect on UX.

But only for me. It is probably our second favorite traffic source because you can literally pop up a squeeze page or a web page over your competitor, if you are selling a weight loss product you can target weight watchers and you can pop up a web page and say, hey, weight watchers visitors, check this out!

And then PPC is still fantastic as well and we also rank native advertising which is more of a content based PPC along in the content based bucket but any sort of pay per click where you are getting people to click, you are sticking ads in front of them, either ads that are relevant to the page they are on or ads that are relevant to the keywords that they search for, all of those continue to work to bring people in to your funnel and those probably are our three favorites. And listen, that particular talk that Jay gave which I think I heard from a Gary Halbert letter which maybe I heard two decades ago, it blew my mind.

As what Jay said, you need customers. They are a particular type of customer that you can either dig them out of the ground and it is great to do that by the way, I dig a lot of leads and a lot of prospects out of the ground. I am not buying leads from someone. If you are an accountant and you are looking for those kinds of business owners in your area, you contact a lawyer and say maybe I can share those leads with you.

And so a lot of it has to do with figuring out not just who your competitors are because first of all, your competitors will most often give you your data and give you your list. I mean, look at Click Bank or any of these affilitate networks out there. You contact these guys and they sell a weight loss pill or something like that and you call them up and say I sell a weight loss pill, and they are like, okay, I will mail your offer. I mean, how often before the internet would you see a direct competitor say oh you sell something?

I sell the exact same thing and I would love to give you my customers. Same prospect but different products and different services, and they would share those services amongst themselves in order to further their businesses and that is all that Jay is really talking about and that is how we have made a ton of money over the last 20 years. I actually build up a small photography company prior to doing what I do now pretty much based on this host beneficiary type sort of set up.

We did family pictures and we did weddings and we literally went out the very best wedding seller, we went to the jeweler, we went to the bridal shop and we handpicked all of the businesses with the same target audience as us that we premium in our area and we incentivize them to introduce us to their customers and it was phenomenal, one because we are getting the right target audience but the second reason was that they were essentially endorsing us and introducing us to their customer base which made us toward a sale much more fluid.

It works extremely well as you say for local businesses for sure. And you said something that was really powerful. You say, I will pay you to do this, I will give you cash money. When you have someone coming in, the ring seller, and you know they are going to be married because you sell the engagement ring, now there is a three to six months window before the wedding starts getting planned.

What a perfect time for that ring seller to say, have you found a wedding planner? Have you got a place yet, a photographer?

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James: Yeah absolutely! How else are they going to make more money beyond that ring sell so it is certainly worthwhile for them too!

I was talking to a large agency a while back and these guys do a ton of banner ads and they have started to aggregate information that is behavioral in nature. And the number one thing that they learned is that their action takers and there are looker list and what they are looking is that out of all the people in the internet like only 13 of them click ads. Now, we are not talking about Amazon, we are talking about, because we are not going to be competing with Amazon, we are talking about people who are selling a product, an e-book, a widget, or a physical thing off their website.

But now that they are able to aggregate that data in to a huge database and really big data as they are calling it and move that off of the Facebook environment and out of the Facebook site. I think that is going to be really the killer app and if we want to look at something that is not Facebook, it is being done off Facebook as well in native advertising which is native advertising in things like — there are a lot of hypey stuff there but there are also al of stuff that have proven interest type of thing. The videos, the viral stuff, anything that people come in to.

Now you can say, oh out of a hundred million people here are the four million and five million that click on the ads. Google also does this and Facebook does this too. Facebook had a lot of issues with their conversion tracking at first and I think they even took their conversion tracking off for a while and they did not really understand. One thing we saw a couple of years ago was people talking about and last year we finally started to see this and this is really something for Fortune people but it is quickly becoming for us too and that was for people coming to google.

Google would like Ford to target them and Mercedes. It was all aggregated. They know who is online and who is buying and who is clicking and what they are interested in and I would say that the biggest change that we are going to see in affiliate marketing over the next few years is people going to compete with Google and people starting to compete with Facebook.

I remember talking to a guy, a great marketer and he said, why does Google hate affiliates? How can they love affiliates? They ban them and they shut them down and stuff, they are not allowed to do case affiliates. And I see if you are an affiliate, now this is bad news, if you are a merchant, this is good news. James: Interesting stuff. Well, thanks Jonathan.

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It has really given us a sneak peak in to the future and also a good look back in the past.