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The Reiki Attunement: A Primer on This Spiritual Ceremony

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Why is a Reiki Attunement Necessary? I am going to focus on the word initiation as I feel that when you receive an attunement to the Reiki energy you are being initiated into the energy.

I am sure that there are those who worked with energy work much longer than I had when they took their first Reiki class. They may question why it is necessary to be initiated into something that they believed already existed within them.

Initiation or attunement?

I would have two responses to them. Would the neophyte believe in this natural gift from Spirit of healing self and others without the ritual? Usui went through when he received the Reiki keys to healing from Spirit? Read on to learn more about this special spiritual ceremony.

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While other healing techniques are taught, Reiki is learned in a unique way. Although hand positions, techniques, and much more are part of classes, the attunement is an integral part of Reiki classes. The ability to practice Reiki does not only depend on acquired skill, intellectual capacity, or talent.

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  • Rather, a part of its knowledge is passed on to student from teacher through the process of attunement. This sacred ceremony opens the flow of Reiki energy and connects recipients to the universal life energy and its source. Once you have received this energy, it is yours forever to utilize whenever you wish.. The attunement process takes place through a ceremony including gentle touch and breathing techniques. Different people experience the attunement process in different ways.


    For some, it is simply a natural step in their practice while others undergo a subtle shift in perspective. Some people find attunement to be a profound, life-changing experience that leaves them feeling physically and emotionally altered. These feelings can happen instantaneously or over time.

    One thing shared by most attunement recipients?