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This is an exploration of the concept of recovery. It is the life story of Ron Coleman, and tells how he gave up being a chronic schizophrenic and went back to being Ron. To order and for further book details go here. Back to top. The Victim to Victor Workbook is for voice hearers and the people they select to support them. It will enable people who have difficulties to cope with their voices and to discover different sides to their voices.

It will unfold their relationship with the voices and by doing so will stimulate them to acquire more effective ways of coping. Most important in this process, and well stimulated in this workbook, is to take ownership of the voice hearing experience.

Hearing Voices, Living Fully: Living with the Voices in My Head

The workbook provides the opportunity for the person to begin the process of growing from victim to victor by writing his or her own life history in relation to their voice hearing, then moving forward to other positive growth exercises. This book will stimulate the person to plan their own future and life again, and is especially helpful for those who are presently feeling too overpowered by their voices to become their master. This is a unique, innovative book providing support and practical solutions for the experience of hearing voices.

It is in two parts, one part for voice-hearing children, the other for parents and adult carers. Sandra Escher and Marius Romme have over twenty-five years experience of working with voice-hearers, pioneering the theory and practice of accepting and working with the meaning in voices. A new analysis of the hearing voices experience outside the illness model resulted in accepting and making sense of voices.

This study of 50 stories forms the evidence for this successful new approach to working with voice hearers. An introduction to the experience of hearing voices; with advice about how to cope and make sense of the experience and descriptions for voice hearers and workers of new ways of helping to cope better with troubling voices.

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This handbook is an updated and combined version of two previously published booklets about hearing voices with new sections on talking to voices; hearing voices and schizophrenia; children and hearing voices. This book explores ways of working creatively with voices and other inner experiences to foster personal growth, healing and recovery. It includes a detailed description of a wide variety of voice experiences, an overview of theories which attempt to explain why they occur and a comprehensive set of practical strategies for dealing with unwanted or disturbing voices.

Drawing on the practices of the Hearing Voices Network, an international group of voice hearers who are challenging the notion that hearing voices is a sign of mental illness, this book shows how the phenomenon is intimately tied to broader questions of embodiment, practices of government and regulation, as well as to the production of new forms of subjectivity emerging within and between psychiatric and psychological knowledge.

The hearing of voices is generally regarded as a pathological phenomenon — a form of mental illness.

Can we treat psychosis by listening to the voices in our heads?

This title challenges the assumption in psychiatry and psychology that hearing voices has a pathological basis, and contains information from people who hear voices but who have found traditional clinical approaches unhelpful. It also provides information on an alternative approach to hearing voices. He has brought both the philosophy and struggle of the Hearing Voices Network to life. A Guide to setting up and running support groups for people who hear voices, see visions or experience tactile or other sensations.

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Hearing Voices Network, Manchester, England. Just under ten years ago, Marius Romme and Sandra Escher triggered a seismic shift in the understanding of voice-hearing. This handbook for practitioners builds on this work. Hello, Login.

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Visit Our Stores. In this inspiring story, Steele tells the story of his hard-won recovery from schizophrenia and how activism and advocacy helped him regain his sanity and go on to give hope and support to so many others like him.

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A nationally known spokesperson for the mentally ill offers hope and inspiration in this moving story of his decades-long struggle with schizophrenia and his remarkable recovery. She lives in New York City. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 23, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. Very Insightful I have a friend who committed suicide after dealing with schizophrenia for several years.

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It's something that IS obtainable, but takes work every single day. I definite Very Insightful I have a friend who committed suicide after dealing with schizophrenia for several years. I definitely recommend this. Aug 03, Audra rated it liked it Shelves: mental-health. Solid and short. The Kindle version has some errors in the printing. A little disjointed, and sometimes just touching the surface, but is one of the few books that fill the current gap in firsthand accounts of psychosis.

Jan 23, Analia rated it really liked it. Oct 30, Sheri Fresonke Harper rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , memoir.

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Eric Coates' story of his initial "breaks" from reality is told with honesty. The explanation of viewpoint changes he falls into mental illness is explicit and makes the reader think and question how they would feel in the circumstances. Sarah rated it liked it Nov 05, Jose Gaxiola rated it it was amazing Nov 05, Susan Hamlett rated it it was ok Jan 17, Jonathan Harnisch rated it it was amazing May 20, Kathy J White rated it liked it Jul 28,