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Not a so fast. It is actually chick-oh, as the eldest brother was quite the ladies man. Yes, really. And a degenerate gambler by age There are many tangential bits of info as well, including on Margaret Dumont, and they are interesting. That Duck Soup is rated among the best actually the 24th best, the book cover exaggerates a tad all time war movies by Military History Magazine which reminds me it must be about time to renew which seems odd, although it is a rather magnificent send-up of faux casus belli , which is enough to give anyone indigestion.

It is enlightening to learn that in an earlier script version, Rufus T. Firefly was an arms merchant, and was thus motivated to start a war as a way of boosting sales. From The Mirror Sketch — You can see the full scene here Blount offers many quotes from the film, and these are the funniest parts of the book. I was surprised that, while I did guffaw, chortle, laugh out loud, snicker and otherwise react in an expected manner to these, as a complete sucker for puns, I was guilty of frequent laughter to the point of gagging I found no such reaction to the actual words of the author.

He looks, for example, at the film with French subtitles and finds it amusing to comment on that. It seemed to me that it was more a way of padding the material to reach a publishable length. A more interesting sequence was when he went through a scene from the film in minute detail, pointing out specifics that are likely to flash by those of us who have only seen it at regular speed. I like Roy Blount, appreciate him on radio, and generally take him to be a funny guy.

But all the humor in this book is by reference and not from Blount himself. I guess one must, then, be satisfied with the humor of the Marxes and the information and analysis added by the author, which is considerable. If you are a Marx brothers fan or a Marx Brothers air conditioner there is ample material here to sustain your interest without leaving a mark and enhance your appreciation.

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And atsa no joke. His shorter work has appeared in over publications. View all 3 comments. Jul 21, David Schaafsma rated it it was ok Shelves: film.

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Duck Soup is one of my favorite movies ever and regularly makes the top hundred films of all time and the top ten of film comedies of all time. And Roy Blount is one of our funniest commentators. And he is obsessed with the Marx Bros and and this film. So this short book has a weird premise: Blount will have the movie on one part of the screen of his computer while he comments on it on anothe Duck Soup is one of my favorite movies ever and regularly makes the top hundred films of all time and the top ten of film comedies of all time.

So this short book has a weird premise: Blount will have the movie on one part of the screen of his computer while he comments on it on another screen, like a lot of film commentaries you can get with many DVDs, the director or minor character commenting on it as we all see it. And in this, Blount looks up stuff on wikipedia and wherever as he goes and stops to talk about the Marx Bros and related topics along the way, whatever he thinks is interesting.

I like what he talks about. This book, written by a funny man about some of the funniest men ever in their funniest movie, is not funny.

Due to the euphoria induced by the consumption of the

Not supposed to be, I think, for the most part. It is a comedian and comedy fan's love letter to the movie. And what you're looking for, deep insights and tidbits of stuff to share at cocktail parties, or in showing the film and showing off to friends, that part's kinda fun and sometimes a little disappointing, since I knew some of it already from reading other books on the Marx Bros and Duck Soup. I'm not saying it's boring, but it often reads like a first draft ramble, a highly unstructured journal, all over the place, with some typos and different fonts, not even that carefully edited.

But I love the film, so it is maybe a little like a serpentine bar conversation about an agreed favorite film at its best. There's the famous mirror scene with Harpo and Groucho and that is a great part where he finds lots of similar scenes in movies. My recommendation, as would be his, I bet: See the movie again, even if you have seen it a dozen times. It's one of the best anti-war absurdist films of all time, and still funny. Classic in the best sense of that word. Oct 19, Raquel rated it it was amazing Shelves: classic-film-books , books-i-own.

First of all, that reviewer must have jumped to that conclusion and written the review before reading the actual book because his statement couldn't be further from the truth. It's also about the lives of the Marx Bros.

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This is a book that any classic film fan would love to devour and it's a lot of fun to read. The book is both structured and structureless. While it's not a scene-by-scene play on the movie, it does follow the flow of the movie discussing scenes in the order in which they appear. The text flows with information stopping along the way to look closely on a scene before it moves on. There are no chapters and not a lot of breaks.

The book is relatively short, pages, and you could easily read it in one sitting. Make sure when you start it that you are near a computer because there is a YouTube clip, an online radio recording of Harpo plus a few other links you'll need to check out before you can proceed. The book's subtitle claims that Duck Soup was the greatest war movie ever made. While this is never really explained in the book, the author does give us various insights into why Duck Soup was an effective anti-war film and why it's a good example of the time period it represents. What I liked about the book is that reading it was like going on a treasure hunt, finding goodies along the way including: links to various clips you have to type the URLs out on your computer because no you can't click on the page!

Oct 10, John Capecci rated it it was ok.

See a Problem?

When it works, he provides entertaining insights into whatever appears on screen. May 15, Ron Popp rated it liked it. Feb 23, Stewart rated it it was amazing. The book goes through the movie scene by scene and details the famous sequences of the movie, including the three-minute-andsecond entirely soundless mirror scene and the hat routine between Chico and Harpo and the peanut vendor played by Edgar Kennedy. Feb 02, Clay rated it it was ok. Kinda disappointing.

The book is one long essay on the movie "Duck Soup," but it is packed with other tidbits of Marx Brothers history. Some of it relates to the scene being described and the rest seems vaguely connected to the current discussion. Along the way Blount diverges into such topics as racism within the Brother's films, other co-stars of other Marx Brothers movies, other silent and early Hollywood films and stars, what happened to each of the five brothers before and after this pictur Kinda disappointing.

Along the way Blount diverges into such topics as racism within the Brother's films, other co-stars of other Marx Brothers movies, other silent and early Hollywood films and stars, what happened to each of the five brothers before and after this picture, what the French subtitles say and how the jokes are translated to French, and background on the director, producers, original screenplay writers and almost everyone else even tangentially connected to the film.

At times I felt that Blount was trying to pad out his essay or to demonstrate just how smart he considers himself to be or both. And long-winded. I was one third of the way through the book before we got past the opening credits of the film. Some good anecdotes and history and background of the movie, but way too much fluff to wade through for those gems. Sep 20, [Name Redacted] rated it really liked it Shelves: comedy , essays-and-autobiographies , history , politics , post-quals , war.

A wild, weird look into the history of the Marx Brothers and more especially the making and impact of "Duck Soup" and even more especially into the thoughts and feelings of Roy Blount Jr. Dangerous to start reading before bedtime, because now I don't want to stop! Jan 23, Bill rated it liked it.

I read and enjoyed this in the way that a fan often enjoys pieces about the objects of his obsessions more than clearly sane people would enjoy them. Recommended for the Marx Brothers fan who keeps a copy of Why a Duck on his bathroom shelf. Aug 23, Allen Crosby rated it did not like it.

I'd give this a skip. Apr 02, Bruce rated it liked it Recommends it for: drama majors, desperate fans of Duck Soup with nothing else to read to entertain them.

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Shelves: humor. This is Roy Blount, Jr. Blount claims here to be sitting at his computer, forwarding the DVD a frame at a time while typing out his manuscript. He acts as sort of an MST3K for the literati, which for an author as prolific as Blount is duck soup meaning easy, apparently. The glaring omission is what reduces this book from a 5-star essential companion to a 3-star curiosity. Blount suggests that tit-for-tat is the core of Marxian slapstick, humor arising from mutual assured destruction.

Hilarity and war ensues. Page 90 is also where Blount wraps up a blow-by-blow description of four minutes of onscreen schtick, the hat-exchange slapstick performed by Chico, Harpo, and Edgar Kennedy here, portraying a put-upon lemonade vendor. Blount goes there, but he also uses the scene to consider genre. I should say at this point that I picked up this book to get a deeper understanding of the genre of farce and I should add that I did indeed find this book to be useful in that regard.

Perhaps I'm overselling these two pages of Blount's random ruminations on Duck Soup , but here I begin to start thinking of farce as less comedy of errors than as comedy of the ridiculous. This seems more all-encompassing and in fact allows plot to be reduced to mere Rube Goldbergian connectedness. That sounds fairly easy, right? Of course, abiding by such a definition still leaves playwrights with the inherent challenge of securing suspension of disbelief throughout an entire work -- no mean feat for absurdist humor.

Creative freedom aside, I'd think adopting this kind of approach risks incoherence, which is usually more boring than funny. Yet Duck Soup clearly works. Genre taxonomy matters to the extent that it clearly classifies or lays out expectations for the structure of any work. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part, but following Milton , I believe that having a deeper, more articulable understanding of the ins-and-outs of a given genre makes you more likely to be able to pull it off yourself or at least know why you failed.

The implication is that audience acceptance depends as much or more on the less quantifiable fluidity of rhythm, contrast, and feel than to any kind of organic continuity or consistency. But none of it seems dragged in either. This is something easy to spot on the first date, so although they may be "cute," you should probably drop them if you leave your date and can recite everything about their life since the day they were born, yet they didn't catch what your last name was.

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