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The laughing man—Steen himself—is enjoying a meal of oysters, while a young woman offers him a glass of wine. The men in the background are playing a game of tric trac. The large room and all its contents—the wall hangings, the Persian carpet covering the table, and the richly decorated fireplace—suggest wealth and luxury. The warning is expressed in different parts of the room. The left side of the hearth represents adversity: the painting depicts a sinking ship, a weeping putto leaning on a crutch, and a cornucopia filled with spiny plants.

The right side symbolizes prosperity in the form of ships sailing in calm waters, a putto holding a sceptre, and a cornucopia brimming with coins. The personification of Fortune stands in the centre—not on her customary orb, but on a dice. The film would be the first starring Elvis Presley that had a ballad-free soundtrack since his film debut, Love Me Tender.

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Despite this, only 30, copies were sold, making it the worst selling record that Elvis ever released for RCA Victor. Paramount originally intended to make a movie called Easy Come Easy Go starring Jan and Dean with director Barry Shear but it was cancelled when the stars and several crew were injured in a train crash.

Principal photography began on October 3, and finished about a month later.

easy come, easy go

Howard Thompson of The New York Times called the film "a tired little clinker that must have been shot during lunch hour" and also criticized it for only including "three measly songs. A pittance! Always pleasant, occasionally just plain hokey, it sticks to the familiar Presley formula of songs, pretty girls and a slight plot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See also: Easy Come Easy Go disambiguation. Theatrical release poster. Elvis Presley Pat Priest. Paramount Pictures. Please note these figures refer to rentals accruing to the distributors. Jefferson Saint is awarded the women's title belt at AIW It's Absolution 5 when the previous champion is unable to answer his challenge, only to immediately lose it to Angel Dust who actually is a woman As the Soul Sisters were celebrating the WSU Tag Team Title victory, the Midwest Militia came out, challenged them for the belts and took them.

February , Mr. Any time Harry actually struck it rich in The Lives of Harry Lime , circumstances would cause him to lose the cash almost immediately the sudden arrival of the police means he has to flee before he can collect the loot; a group of drunken bandits spill the gold dust he has just found into the surf; etc. Tabletop Games. Barbarians of Lemuria enforces this by making creative spending of the treasures acquired in the course of a given scenario the game's source of experience points.

Since the game fully intends for the player characters to follow in the footsteps of Conan and similar fantasy heroes see above under Literature , this is entirely genre-appropriate. Reign has an optional rule allowing player characters to squander their personal Wealth scores in exchange for Experience Points.

The game is also about player-run Companies - governments, businesses, or other institutions - which have their own Treasure score. Thanks to the abstract and nonlinear nature of money in the game, you can withdraw fairly sizable amounts of Wealth from even a moderate Treasure score without decreasing the Company's Treasure Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies has two kinds of temporary forte character attributes : Ephemera and, er, Temporary Fortes.

Grand treasures, favors, and other rewards often become these as making them permanent would give a character a significant extra boost for free. As such, these temporary fortes are going to go away no matter what the character does, so players are strongly advised to find some way to blow them that advances the plot or is at least entertaining, often providing the GM with story hooks for later in the process.

easy come, easy go

Video Games. In Radiata Stories , Jack meets an old man who turns out to be the fire dragon that pays him one million dagols to find a member of the castle hierarchy. But, by the time the old man is gone, Jack discovers it's fake money. He even falls for the same trick again later in the game!

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Six years later , however, the charges are dropped, their accounts unfrozen, and suddenly Torg and Aylee are millionaires. She immediately loses said contract when she violently refuses to quit smoking. Western Animation.

In an episode of Spongebob Squarepants , Mr. Krabs acquires a novelty hat worth a million dollars, but when he tries to sell it he discovers it has become worthless. Easy come? He had to fight an entire Army of the Dead in order to recover it, even if he fooled Spongebob to buy it from him in the first place, you can't avoid feeling a little bad for the poor guy.

An earlier episode has Spongebob and Patrick end up in possession of a magic pencil, with the latter promptly asking to have a magic mustache drawn on him, so that his dreams could come true no, we don't know what they are. When said mustache flies away, Patrick says the trope name word-for-word.

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Family Guy In one episode, Joe Swanson falls down a hill and temporarily regains the use of his legs. He loses them again a second later when his son plows into him. May be an inversion: In American Dad! Stan Smith is put in a wheelchair by a bullet only to be later be brought out of it - by a bullet.

Another episode had Klaus get a new human body that of a black man and he flushes his goldfish body down the toilet. Later, his human body is injured so the Smiths buy a new fish looking exactly like Klaus' old body for him to be in. In The Simpsons , Jasper had his cataracts removed by a laser home defense system, only to be re-blinded by the laser's second pass. He even says the trope's name before walking away like nothing happened. Also in an early episode when Homer was able to grow hair from a miracle hair formula which allowed him to be promoted to executive.

At the end of the episode, Homer lost his hair and demoted back to his old position all because Bart messed around with the hair formula and wasted all of it. Additionally, there was an episode where Homer became the sanitation commissioner of Springfield. Naturally, he lost the position in a matter of days, and even got horse-whipped for doing such a bad job.

The Flintstones - a variant example is used where Fred and Barney earn a cash reward for capturing some crooks. Instead of losing the money, Wilma announces that the money will be saved for Pebbles' and Bam-Bam's post-secondary education which means that the money would not be mentioned again, while serving to explain how the kids get into college without the expense being a major issue.

Easy Come, Easy Go

In The Amazing World of Gumball , Gumball and Darwin became rich on at least two occasions, such as when they worked their way up to being CEOs of a burger chain or made a million dollars from selling pirate hooks through infomercials, but then immediately gave up the money. A lot of episodes of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers have this happen, and it's usually the villain of the episode who has it happen to them. Typically, they steal something and by the end of the episode the Rescue Rangers will have either returned the item themselves or left it somewhere for the police to find.

Not to mention the number of times they've turned Professor Nimnul's inventions against him, often leading to his arrest. An episode of Goof Troop takes the "worthless currency" variant up a notch. Pete acquires a chest full of valuable-looking coins, only to be informed that they are Pestoozas, which happen to be worth less than nothing. Happens on one episode of Earthworm Jim.