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Crush the flax seed using a mortar and pestle. Place ingredients into a blender at medium speed be sure to place the lid on top of the blender.

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Pour into two 16 oz glasses and serve immediately. My beautiful and sporty friend is Lorena. Panna cotta literally means cooked heavy cream.

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The main ingredients are cream sugar and gelatin, some recipes also include egg whites. This dessert is originally from Northern Italy in the region of Piedmont Piemonte , were back in the days people boiled the fish bones and getting collagen out of this process that was used as the first gelatin. Uva passa is the sun dried Zibbio grape, that you make the Passito di Pantelleria sweet wine of. This beautiful dried grape is a regular sweet here in Pantelleria and is used as a raisin in cooking and baking. Almond panna cotta with uva passa and orange compote Panna cotta Serves 6.

Ingredients: 2 gelatin sheets bowl large enough to cover sheets with water 1 cup 2. Place gelatin sheets in a bowl and cover complete with cold water for min minutes.

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Lift the gelatin sheets from the water and stir into the hot cream until dissolved as well. Oil 6 ramekins or small coffee cups. Divide the panna cotta mixture evenly among each ramekin, set on a level shelf in the fridge,cover with plastic and let set for at least 3 hours.

The Almond Lifecycle

Uva passa and orange compote 4 oranges 24 uva passa 1 cup 2. Peel the oranges by cutting the skin off using a sharp kitchen knife.

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Cut the oranges into medium sized chunks. Deseed the uva passa.

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In a small but heavy sauce pan, pour the Passito di Pantelleria wine and sugar to boil. The sugar should dissolve and the liquid must reduce to half on my gas stow this takes about 5 min. Stir constantly all the way to the bottom of the pan when it is boiling, so as to avoid burning the sugar.

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Add the fruit and set a side until serving. When serving: Run a sharp knife around the edges and flip on to serving plates. Spoon up the compote cooled to room temperature around the panna cotta. The Association of Producers of Ecological Agriculture of Ibiza and Formetera, Apaeef , organize a new Planting Day of Almond Trees as part of the almond crop recovery project that is being carried out on the island.

9 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Almonds

It is an initiative that is carried out with the collaboration of the Ibiza Council, Ibiza Preservation Fund and Sustainable Art and with which it is intended to plant new specimens of almond trees to boost and recover this area so famous for the abundance of this type of fruit trees since always. And, despite the fact that the almond tree is one of the most traditional crops in Ibiza, most of these trees on the island are now aged, affected by diseases and have very little production, which makes their recovery a very important question.

It is an activity free. For more information or to sign up you can contact apaeef gmail. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.