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She is abundant in joy and warmth. Her children are the caregivers, the teachers, the lovers. You can find Her in the trees and the soil, in every hug and drink passed. We are given our capacity for love through Her, we find with Her our desire for companionship of all creatures. She is worshipped with food and drink, with the celebration of life. Nurturer is when a hug is given, when a life is created, when an age is celebrated together.

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We worship Her as one of the gods of Verity, the goddess of love and life and abundance. Type your paragraph here. The Gods of Verity.

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God Destroyer. He has been known to us as Pele, Malsumis, Perseus, and Shiva. He can be found in Erra and Kali.

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His realm lies in excess and emptiness. He is a patron to scholars and seekers of peace, of sages and those who wish to gain knowledge. Destroyer is a difficult being to describe. He is found in meditation and peace. He teaches us to let go of our worries and burdens. He, if heeded, will take you as close to the Gods as you can get before walking your Road. He created space and stars, as well as the depths of darkness found on our own earth. His children are observers, seekers, and those who wish to no longer be burdened.

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He teaches us minimalism of spirit. He is of new beginnings, the period just after transitioning into a new being, and just before starting a new chapter.

He is worshipped in mediation and fire, in darkness and in low hums. We worship Him as one of the gods of Verity, the God of cold and space and release. Goddess Healer. She can be found in Pinga and Eir. Her realm lies in caregiving, in medicine and counseling.

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She is a patron to doctors and counselors, to friends and pastors. God needs original builders, not copycat builders. God has set people in the body as it has pleased Him. Your place comes by Him unveiling or uncovering that to you. Question: How did the Lord let you know of your place in the body of Christ? Anything built on the foundation of God has revelation from His Spirit as an essential element.

What is the Believer in Jesus Staircase to Glorification? Posted on Saturday, October 28, A fascinating tale of good vs. Bernie is a young god who fixes broken universes for a living.

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Struggling to find another solution, Bernie tries to get Ashok to give up his plans for world domination. The young god is drawn into an epic battle pitting the power of the gods against the forces of magic.


And the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet hang in the balance. The gods searched everywhere for her — except the woods. Bernie was willing to make that search, and, naturally, he sought the help of his two friends, Suzie and Lenny.