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Key — the principal key of the work. Date — the year s of composition or arrangement, where known. Librettist — authors of text s used in the work. Published — the earliest-known publication of the work.

CPE Bach: Rondo in B-flat Major Wq 58/5, Robert Hill, fortepiano

Notes — concerning related works, completeness, authorship, etc. List of Works H. Bach's authorship uncertain H. Kast 37 Allegro F major kbd — — — H. Kast 38 Allegretto D major kbd — — — H. Kast 39 Minuet F major kbd — — variant of H. Kast 27 Sonata E minor kbd — — C. Kast 54 Poloniase G major kbd — — C. Kast 23 Sonata C major — kbd — — C. Kast 24 Sonata C minor — kbd — — C. Kast 25 Sonata D major — kbd — — C. Kast 28 Sonata F major — kbd — — C. Bach's authorship uncertain; erroneously attributed to Christoph Nichelmann H.

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Kast 35 Fugue C major — kbd — — C. Kast 66 Adagio D minor — org — — C. Kast 50 Polonaise D major — kbd — — J. Kast 51 Polonaise D major — kbd — — J. Kast 52 Polonaise A major — kbd — — J. Kast 55 Larghetto G major — kbd — — J. Bach's authorship doubtful H. Bach's authorship doubtful; possibly by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach H. Kast 29 Sonata A major — kbd — — C.

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Kast 30 Sonata F major hpd — — spurious H. Kast 41 Partita C major — kbd — — spurious H. Kast 56 Le travagant G major — kbd — — spurious H. Kast 57 La caressant ou affectueux Le contente C major — kbd — — spurious H. Kast 60 Le moribant D minor — kbd — — spurious H. Kast 61 Il est viva D major — kbd — — spurious H.

Kast 17 Vater unser im Himmelreich F major — kbd — — chorale; spurious H. Kast 49 Minuet D major — kbd — — spurious H. Bach's authorship uncertain; adapted from H. Bach's authorship uncertain; lost H. C73 H. C49 H.

Rondo No. 1 in A Major, Wq. 58

C52 H. Kast 80 Arioso with Variations 5 A major vn kbd — — 2nd version H. Bachs Empfindungen"; arr. Bach H. B32—34 H. B70 H. Kast 69 Symphony G major ? Es ist um mich geschehen" — —53 v kbd — published as No. Und Lob und Dank! Und trinkt den Wein" — v kbd — — — H. Des Todes Sieger lebt! Jesus lebet! Kast 11 An den Mond. Kast 13 Cancionetta "Se amor per lei t'accende" — — v kbd — — — H. Erbarme dich! Er ist der Gott — v orch — No.

Matthew's Passion — — — — incomplete H. Mark's Passion — sop alt ten bass ch orch — — incomplete; based on the St. Luke's Passion — — — — fragment H. John's Passion — — — — fragment H. Matthew's Passion — — — — fragment H. Mark's Passion — — — — fragment H. Mark's Passion — ch str — — fragment H. Kast 0 2 Lukas-Passion St. Kast 0 4, 7, 8, 9 Johannes-Passion St. Matthew's Passion — ch str Jean Antoine Cramer — fragment; includes rev. Matthew's Passion — — — — — H.

Ich will predigen — — — — inauguration cantata H.

List of compositions by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach

Michael; included H. Hoeck Jubelmusik — — — — cantata; lost H. Schele; fragment H. Luis; fragment H. Harpsichord Concerto in F Major, Wq. Harpsichord Concerto in D Major, Wq. Harpsichord Concerto in C Minor, Wq. Harpsichord Concerto in G Major, Wq.

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Harpsichord Concerto in C Major, Wq. Minuet with 5 Variations in C Major, Wq Fugue in F Major, Wq. Keyboard Sonata in A Major, Wq. Fugue in A Major, Wq. Keyboard Sonata in G Major, Wq.

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Arioso with 7 Variations in F Major, Wq Keyboard Sonata in F Major, Wq. Keyboard Sonata in D Minor, Wq. Cello Concerto in A Major, Wq. Pieter-jan Belder has a special feeling for these quirky and capricious works, keeping form and content firmly together.

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Bach, harpsichord concerto's MusicWeb International, 13th May De klank is zonder meer voortreffelijk. Pieter-Jan Belder heeft het gezelschap perfect in zijn greep.

CPE Bach: Rondos & Fantasias - CD - Louis Lortie, Carla Huhtanen

Met C. De klavecimbelconcerten van deze Bachzoon hebben nog altijd hun plaats in de canon niet ingenomen en dat is onverdiend. Met zulke goede, liefdevolle pleitbezorgers moet het lukken. Jurjen Vis Musica Amphion's performance of this significant - if not entirely varied - material is heart-felt and compelling. Also a highlight in this compilation is Belder's fine interpretation of Purcell's Eight suites for harpsichord; full of life and energy one moment, intimate and atmospheric the next, Belder achieves an astounding variety of emotions within his performance.

Zipperling, Wauters and Belder are accomplished in the extreme.