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Promoting general culture in a world of specialists

Hide details. Abstract : Purpose: How do students comment on ethical principles, which principles are important for their awareness of librarianship, how do they understand the relevance of human rights for their future work? Approach: The case study presents the results of a lecture on information rights and ethics with 50 Master students in library and information sciences at the University of Lille France in The cultural commentators of the past, whether the philosophy professor recommending reviews or the journalist reading and citing them, have become rare.

Should a financially healthy publication refuse all aid from the state, as representative of the public interest?

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Esprit is no cultural giant; we have no billionaire patron to support us indefinitely. Hence we have never refused the annual subsidy from the National Book Centre Centre national du livre — CNL , an institution financed by a tax on photocopies and reproduction. We have also accepted support from the Book Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which subsidizes journal subscriptions for foreign universities and cultural centres.

Two recent decisions have called both these grants into question. Yet this decision argues simply that a grant cannot be allocated to an enterprise that successfully makes a profit.

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Should there be no criteria beyond profit or loss? This is clearly poorly thought-through and unserious in terms of economic rationality.

The CNL, which is funded independently of the Ministry of Finance, is spared the parsimony and indignity of the budgetary process. What makes this decision doubly shocking is that it advocates private investment during the current financial crisis. Staying solvent is not a failing, but precisely what enables the development of a small enterprise such as Esprit , whose long and rich history is indexed in a recent DVD collecting all Esprit articles published between and Finally, while a budget deficit can show real difficulties, it might also indicate management failures.

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We can only hope that CNL takes the trouble to differentiate between these two eventualities. If it bases its judgement on profit and loss, it risks punishing sound management and rewarding bad management.

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The second decision comes from the Foreign Ministry, which has reduced subsidies for foreign subscriptions by a third — with further reductions planned for the years ahead. In this context, it is worth considering the role of generalist journals within French and international culture. Above all they are meeting points in an era of globalization, enabling encounters between authors and publications across the world.


Generalist journals, whose role is not merely to connect networks of researchers, contribute to the decentralization that is so needed in France. Our links with numerous foreign journals, strengthened by our participation in the Eurozine network, has enabled us to build up a large intellectual network, enabling numerous translations and the publication of joint issues. With the specialization of academia, and with the social sciences experiencing the constraints of a model of knowledge framed by the hard sciences, 3 there must be some response to the fragmentation of knowledge.

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Je n'ai pas de crainte sur ce sujet. Je le tiendrai.

EXCLUSIF. Le patron de Lactalis sort du silence : "Il y a peut-être eu des erreurs ­humaines"

Nous avons Quand l'usine de Craon pourra-t-elle reprendre sa production? Il y a des offres! Ces hommes qui partagent la vie des Bleues. Dossiers, Parcoursup, boursiers Canicule : dans le Loiret, les maisons croulent sous la chaleur. Abonnez-vous Suivez-nous.