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Alex would never wish anything but the absolute best for Maggie and vice versa. I feel like we did a really good job with that. The biggest question from here on out is, of course, how Alex will cope with the breakup. Leigh explains:. But with that, you kind of see Alex going back and really having to figure some stuff out. So you see her sort of like go forward and go back, and then go forward and go back. We had a lot conversations about saying that and keeping that authentic, and what that would look like in reality.

The situation on Delta Sigma IV continues to deteriorate. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the …. The Fall of Terok Nor. Diplomatic Implausibility. While some aspects of that life are similar to the years he spent …. A Time to Love. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise continue to deal with the fallout from their disastrous mission at the Rashanar battle site, a new crisis threatens to unravel the civilization …. The Farther Shore. A Borg virus slowly spreads all around the Earth. A full-scale holographic rebellion is bringing the service industry to its ….

In May of , the Starship Voyager took her final on-screen voyage as Captain Janeway ordered her crew to "set a course A Time to Harvest. The situation in the Dokallan system is deteriorating rapidly. As Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise attempt to normalize relations with the Dokallans, sinister forces are working behind …. Surak's Soul. Subcommander T'Pol, on a landing party to the planet Oan whose population has almost completely been wiped out, inadvertently causes …. Phil Farrand: The Nitpicker's Guides.

Many people think of nitpicking as a disrespectful act. If you enjoy a show, why pick it apart? I, however, …. A Time to Sow. Morale aboard the Enterprise has been dealt a serious blow. The incident at the Rashanar battle site has left a definite stain on the career of Jean-Luc Picard, and he and his crew can't help but feel …. James Swallow: Fear Itself.

For many fans, the breakout character of Star Trek: Discovery has been Saru, the Kelpien science officer aboard the U. Kelpiens are a prey species, driven by instinct to heed …. The Root of All Rage. Across the Alpha Quadrant, opinion is turning against the Renao. A terrorist group, The Purifying Flame, is responsible for …. Through the Mirror. Enterprise plot to raid our universe for valuable plunder to fuel the ever-expanding war machine of ….

A Time to Die. Captain Picard relieved of command and under psychiatric care. The Enterprise in mortal danger. A "Traveler," scared to use his power, but knowing that he must in order to save his friends from another …. How Much for Just the Planet? Star Trek is no stranger to absurdity. Fallen Heroes.

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Deep Space Nine under siege! A seemingly indestructible and implacable foe is tearing through DS9 deck-by-deck, destroying everyone in their path. Salvation will come from an unlikely place, however, and …. A Time to Be Born. In , Pocket Books undertook an ambitious project: a nine-book series that bridged the gap between the films Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. Dubbed the "A Time To Collision Course. James T. He has crossed the galaxy, fought Klingons, Romulans, and Borg, and lived through more than anyone ever thought ….

Dark Mirror. In the year , four Starfleet officers found themselves trapped in a strange alternate universe, a dark and deadly mirror of their …. Kirsten Beyer: Architects of Infinity. A strange planet with an enticing mystery is also the perfect destination for shore leave for the Full Circle …. Last Full Measure. Captain's Glory. Kirk has embarked on many adventures in the 24th century, often alongside Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the ….

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Dayton Ward: Drastic Measures. Tarsus IV: A name that will live in infamy throughout the Federation. The site of a horrific crime perpetrated on its …. Spock's World. Vulcan: more than any other fictional world within the Star Trek universe, this desert planet has captured the imaginations of Trek ….

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Captain's Blood. In front of a crowd of thousands of Romulans, Ambassador Spock is apparently killed in a terrorist bombing. Kirk, …. David R. Deep Space Nine was known for, among other things, the quality of its writing and the depth of its characters. The Gold Key Archives Vol. The voyages of the Starship Enterprise continue as the valiant crew faces off against exotic stellar …. Captain's Peril. Saving the galaxy on a regular basis is pretty tiring work, and for Starfleet's finest, rest and relaxation is important.

But when ….

The Final Reflection. The Klingons: No other species in Star Trek has gone through so many changes over the years as this race of warriors. In , author John M. Ford set out to write the definitive book about …. Gold Key Archives Vol. From haunted asteroids to weird cyborg mummies, the Star Trek Gold Key comics are certainly very different from …. Prometheus: Fire with Fire. Terrorist attacks are rocking the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and the U.

Prometheus teams up with the I. Bortas to investigate. However, as the investigation progresses, not …. David Mack: Fortune of War. The Husnock: described as beings of "hideous intelligence," this sprawling empire represented a surprise threat to the United Federation of Planets in the 24th century. However, the …. Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann: I, The Constable. Quark is the kind of Ferengi that can smell profit on the wind, and when his tavern-magnate ….

Literary Treks Team Garak! A Stitch in Time. For every action we take, there are multiple possibilities. And for each of those possibilities, a new universe is born, with each decision …. David A. Jean-Luc Picard: Son, brother, explorer, captain, negotiator, hero. The public perception of this great figure from future history is certainly well known: both …. Ethan Siegel: Treknology.

Ever since Star Trek first hit television screens in , audiences have been fascinated by the amazing technologies that …. Benjamin Sisko has inhabited many roles in his life: husband, Emissary, and Starfleet Captain. But when a …. David Mack: Desperate Hours. A new Star Trek series is a huge deal to Trek fandom. It's a pretty rare occurrence, and what's even rarer is a first novel that looks and feels anything like the actual show!

But thanks to …. Vulcan Ambassador. Wife to Amanda. Father of Spock and Sybok. Guardian of Michael Burnham. Sarek has been many things during his long life, …. Mudd In Your Eye. Harcourt Fenton Mudd: liar, thief, brigand, and frequent thorn in the side of Starfleet captain James T. Most who encounter …. The Prime Directive: The cornerstone of Federation law when it comes to interacting with other cultures.

How did this …. There were no options to …. A powerful force has been unleashed on an unsuspecting galaxy: a dangerous being who once tested the might of the entire Q Continuum. Now, …. What if our actions are not our own? What if all of us are merely pawns in a universe-spanning game, controlled by vastly older races with …. As the Enterprise holds her own against a swarm of energy creatures determined to keep the crew from completing their mission, Q leads Picard ….

Garak has gone from spy to revolutionary to ambassador to castellan of the Cardassian Union in just a few short years. Shield of the Gods. The Department of Temporal Investigations is responsible for maintaining the timeline, preventing galaxy-ending paradoxes, and stopping temporal criminals.

Their track record for meeting these goals …. When Q appears on the bridge of the Enterprise-E to stop a scientific experiment, Picard is understandably annoyed. Defying Q, the Enterprise presses on in its attempt to breach the galactic barrier that …. On Literary Treks, we have reviewed the first original novel of each of the Star Trek series. Now it's time for our attention to turn to The Next Generation, and a very unique novel that shows us a take on ….

Hearts and Minds. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an alien world with a dark link to Earth's past. When the captain and his away team are arrested for crimes supposedly committed by a sinister …. For a ship's surgeon, Dr. McCoy tends to spend an awful lot of time on the bridge of the Enterprise, usually grousing to Captain ….

The Entropy Effect. When Captain Kirk is killed in a vicious attack, Spock must navigate his way through an impossible time-bending paradox to get to the bottom of the mystery of what happened. However, it is not only …. During the original five-year mission, Captain Kirk and his crew found themselves at the mercy of a seemingly-omnipotent being: Trelane. Kirk has faced many enemies over the course of his life: Klingons, Khan, Romulans, and countless others.

However, none of them …. Time travel has been covered a lot in Star Trek. Starfleet characters often find themselves thrown about the space-time continuum, usually in some sort of unintended accident. But what if there was a society …. Section The Federation's dirty little secret. Amoral, operating in the shadows, and accountable to no one, the …. Captain Picard and the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise must stop a political assassination by extremists ….

Season one of Enterprise was a unique time in Star Trek history: for the first time, humans were setting out to explore the galaxy and …. We once again return to everyone's favorite space station, Deep Space Nine! Kira has returned from her time in the celestial temple, Morn is still missing, and Nog wants his friend …. When the new J. Abrams Star Trek film hit theaters in , audiences were left with a lot of questions: who is this Nero …. Like every new Star Trek series, a line of original novels was produced by Pocket Books, …. A long term mission of exploration far beyond the boundaries of the Federation has yielded many surprising discoveries, but none more surprising than the crew of the Enterprise-E crossing ….

Kirk: a name that has blazed across the quadrant for over a hundred years, shaping political events and influencing …. The mirror universe: an alternate reality where humans value treachery, personal gain, and avarice over friendship, community, and shared triumph. A place where history has crafted a very ….

The 50th anniversary of Star Trek has been a year of celebration of the franchise we all love. What …. When "The Corbomite Maneuver" first aired in , it introduced a number of concepts that became inextricably linked with Star Trek: the wonder of exploration, courage in the face of fear, and …. There are a few books in the history of Star Trek literature that could be considered "essential reading.

The 50th anniversary of Star Trek is a time for celebration and revelry! And what better way to celebrate than with an epic three-part story featuring the Federation's …. Shoot first and ask questions later! Blatant disregard for the prime directive! Spock waving to the crew and pretending to be …. Kirk: to many, the quintessential Starfleet hero.

Courageous, selfless, and principled, the embodiment of Starfleet and the Federation's ideals. However, he wasn't always the hero we know …. When Admiral Jellico seemingly steals a top-secret Starfleet prototype starship, a comic adventure of epic proportions is kicked off. Captain Calhoun of the Excalibur sets off in pursuit, but ….

A Klingon usurper, bent on seizing control of the Klingon Empire. A dangerous con artist who uses trickery to control an army of …. When Kirsten Beyer took over the "Voyager relaunch," she breathed new life into a series that many Trek fans dismissed the first time around. Crafting stories that feature well-developed and ….

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Spock with 5-inch tall ears! Bored megalomaniacs with aspirations of world domination! Huge rocket flames bursting forth from …. When James T. Kirk defeated Kruge on the doomed Genesis Planet, a noble Klingon house was left leaderless. With no heir apparent, the …. Defending the fabric of time itself from criminal elements, protecting the Federation from all manner of temporal distortions and ….

In the 50th anniversary, it is important to remember Star Trek's roots. Morality plays that take place against the backdrop of high-minded science fiction concepts were the backbone of Star …. When the crew of Voyager finally returned to the Alpha Quadrant after seven years on the far side of the galaxy, they never thought they …. A dangerous rescue mission into a confusing alternate reality.

A critical peace conference between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is threatened. The Enterprise and her crew up against …. Writers and artists often struggle to properly emulate the style of a show when adapting Star Trek to …. Landmark anniversary years are traditionally a big deal in the Star Trek book world. For the 40th anniversary, we got the amazing …. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Star Trek: The Next Generation comics done in the style of the …. Sacrificing his life once again to save countless others, it looked as though we had again lost the ….

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