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But in my day job, I was hearing of and seeing some downsides. Multiple times, young folks would come to a clinic or other health setting and say things like "I'm strung out on "E" -- been taking it for months now every night and can't stop. Our brains cannot replace the neurotransmitters released fast enough. What was happening was "substitution" -- other, cheaper drugs were being sold as "ecstasy" -- usually some version of amphetamines, or "speed.

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But they'd be hooked, and doubly endangered, yet still deny that their PLUR-type dealer would do such a thing. But some of them certainly did. The serious acute consequences were relatively rare but could be severe, even lethal. Heat exhaustion and dehydration from dancing too long and hard led to some deaths; some actually overdoses and severe "hyper metabolic" reactions -- think of your car's throttle stuck to the floor -- killed some partiers.

Much drug education helped, with a controversial practice of providing non-judgmental counseling and actual testing of pills at parties undeniably helping in many cases, even as "just say no" drug warriors complained. Giant raves were even banned at some venues due to bad reactions to both the drugs themselves and those who sought to practice this type of "harm reduction. Same scenario as before -- much adulteration is going on, and some "horrible deaths" -- as one grieving parent reported -- have occurred and many more lesser bad reactions.

A new class of adulterants are called "bath salts" -- chemically-similar substances known as synthetic cathinones, including methylone and mephedrone -- note the "meth"-type terminology.

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Like the speed used before, these are strong stimulants with potentially severe impact on both mind and body. Ironically, the "Molly" term emerged a decade ago in an attempt to "rebrand" ecstasy, which had garnered a bad rap due to impurity. The rise in deaths and other lesser problems, even as overall self-reported use of "MDMA" has declined overall, indicates the marketers have succeeded again.

A report from New York where street-bought lab tests of drugs sold as Molly showed that only 13 percent of the drugs had MDMA, while over 60 percent were bath salts, and as a DEA official put it , "Molly could be anything A million people reported using MDMA -- or what they thought it was -- nationwide in That declined a bit in more recent surveys, but the prevalence of bath salts seems to still be increasing rapidly.

Again, unsurprisingly, profit is the driving factor.

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The bath salt ingredients can be purchased online, at one-tenth the cost of what would be needed to get real MDMA. But again, the street price is the same, and the users are the victims.

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Some more cautious users test the product using kits also bought online, but most take their chances. In a Final Consent Judgment signed earlier this month, Advance Stores agreed to ensure the accuracy of its pricing both at point of display and at the register.

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In addition, Advance Stores will implement in its 69 Advance Auto Parts stores throughout New Jersey a monitoring program, in which the company will conduct regular audits of its pricing and keep a log of those audits. The company will also provide its general managers and other employees with training to ensure compliance with its pricing policies. Advance Stores will designate a corporate compliance coordinator to oversee the compliance program. Advance Stores also agreed to not engage in any unfair or deceptive business practices and not sell or offer any merchandise without the total selling price of the items plainly marked either on the items or where the item is located in the store.

This award is the second highest honor that can be achieved by a Girl Scout and the highest award at the Cadette level. It requires detailed plans and activities encompassing over 50 hours of service to the It began today with the demolition of the former Wonder Bread Factory, a space occupying 20 acres of land off Tices Lane.

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Wonder Bread was the first packaged sliced bread sold in America. The orginal bakery was brought down starting today. Redevelopment, which is different from The projector's malfunction was an intentional Zionist sabotage of the evening. He relates a travelogue of the projector's winding journey through foreign ports and its ultimate delay by customs so that it would arrive "too late to be checked".

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He's clearly trying to sell me a story about the evils of Israel. But I'm wondering how late that projector actually arrived. Certainly faulty machinery — discovered even a few hours before — could have been replaced with one from a sympathetic Israeli cinema.

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To him, the failure will always be caused by Israeli malevolence. From my Israeli point of view, it seems like Palestinian incompetence. How does a journalist report this story?

She could describe the excitement of the crowd, the disappointment, the suspicion among those present that this is another Israeli plot, and then get a token denial from an Israeli official. Or, determined to justify Israel, she could launch into an investigation to debunk the charges. Perhaps the projector was indeed held up in customs, for either security reasons, because a tax was owed, or just plain inefficiency.

Probably, facts will be eclipsed by opinions. Personally, I'm sceptical that a country which produces so many self-critical films would make an effort to kybosh a West Bank cultural event. But then, I tend to think well of Israel. In the final analysis, the story told will wind up being more a reflection of attitude than fact. In this, we reporters can be equally culpable. Many reporters pick up local attitudes or are influenced by the prevalent buzz of the press corps.

Someone like me, with a strong pride in her country and unembarrassed Zionist ideology has to be careful not to accept at face value stories of my own people's heroism or victimisation.