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Darhower holds no punches while delivering a heartfelt chronicle of love and heartbreak, of two young people torn apart by the changing tides of life, only to find their way back to one another when the time is right. I loved this book so completely and so overwhelmingly cover to cover, that I am not quite sure how to move on from such a tremendous reading experience. When everything else fades with time, those are what shine bright, undying.

It was a new author to me, but from the moment I read the blurb, I was drawn to this story, lured by its very premise and the gut-wrenching emotional conflict that would inevitably ensue. Within the sticky walls of a love triangle, however, I soon discovered a most persuasive exploration of the very state of being in love, of its limitations and its endless possibilities, and of how adaptable the human heart can be.

I was rapt from the first page, consumed by its every word, and I still cannot stop thinking about it. Put in the time. Just like she was always meant to be. This book—this delightful, feel-good, at times incredibly moving tale of second chances—owned my heart cover to cover.

This is one of my most beloved books of the year, a story I simply could not get enough of. All is well. From the moment I finished this book, all I wanted to do was go back to the very first page and read it in its entirety once more. There was simply not a single aspect of this story that I did not love, these characters and their story capturing my heart over and over again, and making me only greedier for more. Grey is a master at crafting tales that speak to the heart, but with this story, she sang to mine, making it an absolute joy to read. With confident, intelligent, highly refined prose that never stops morphing as the story changes, adjusting its tempo and style to the storyline itself, Taylor Jenkins Reid leaves us breathless with the tale of a woman whose life forces her to learn the meaning of loving truly, no matter how many times it comes her way.

I cannot stop thinking about this story, these characters, the situations they found themselves in, and I am recommending this book to every fellow reader. With all my heart. Then he leans in closer, and runs his tongue along the edge of my ear. Wow, I think every piece of clothing on my body caught fire more than once while reading this crazy wonderful book. And, oh Lordy, were the sex scenes ever delicious! We are aligned like chess players. A perfect Romantic Comedy in my eyes, this story hooked me in from the start.

Mark my words. I will not spend my life without you. Flawlessly written, perfectly paced, this book was utterly irresistible to me from the very premise of a husband fighting to get his estranged wife back, but the more I read, the more I realised nothing could have prepared me for this kind of remarkable storytelling or the many marvellous twists and turns along the way.

Bird, man, or king, I love you, and I will always love you. A mesmerizing tale set in a fantastical world that captivates us instantly and then gently fills our hearts with the kind of joy and wonder that can only be found in an Amy Harmon book. From the spellbinding, truly poetic writing style, to the depth of emotion present on every single page, this story was sheer beauty in every possible way, and an instant favourite for me.

Once in a blue moon, you come across a game changer. A story so mind-blowing that it only takes you a few sentences to know in your gut that you are about to embark on an epic journey that will leave a profound mark on your soul, because from the moment you open that book, from that first shiver down your spine, you can tell you are in the presence of greatness. This was that story for me. An extraordinary tale of love, courage, loyalty, that pulls us in with its sophisticated prose and painstaking attention to detail, and holds us captive through an intricate love story that is nothing less than breath-taking in its beauty.

Every time my mind returns to Tamar and Lyrik, I feel the urge to revisit their story, to re-read the countless passages I found myself highlighting page after page, to lose myself in them once again, because this is not a story you easily walk away from. You hesitantly totter away from it, forever glancing back longingly. I fear I do not have enough stars to offer to a magnificent story such as this one.

When it comes to romantic comedies, I am hard to please, rarely connecting with the humour, and finding the intensity of the sexual chemistry between the characters lacking more often than not, but this book was my complete and utter undoing beginning to end. I giggled, I swooned, I even fist-pumped the air a few times, because I never delight in such a story this much, yet I found myself relishing every single thing about this book.

But it is not just the mouthwatering chemistry between her leading characters that has me hooked on every word, or the wicked stuff that comes out of their mouths—brilliantly written, hilarious, with an engaging storyline beginning to end, these stories are truly the full package in every possible way. And this book is no exception. An alluring tale of revenge and deceit, set against a century-old legacy of family secrets and lies, this was such a magnificent addition to this author already remarkable repertoire, an absolute must-read for anyone seeking a true page-turner.

My mind was blown away right from the start, and then the twists and turns just kept coming and coming. I am absolutely obsessed with this duet! Determined to track down her friend, the heroine follows a chain of clues that leads her to a gorgeous and equally dangerous hotelier known for his power games and shady dealings.

But in order to find her friend, the heroine must return to her playgirl ways…. This was a truly stunning love story—told over two equally riveting books—that I am recommending with all my heart. His voice grows husky. One of the most emotional reading experiences of my life.

A heartfelt and truly gripping tale of second chances, of forgiveness, of two people finding their way back to one another and learning how to trust each other again—my heart was in my throat from beginning to end and I adored every gut-wrenching moment of it. Poignant, romantic, impossible to put down, this was a rare treat for my greedy heart, full of great characters and a story that was gripping enough to keep me awake and reading until dawn.

Destined to be together, written in the stars, Bogie-and-Bacall perfect. And relentless. I loved every single word of this splendid second chance romance, genuinely connecting and understanding these characters even when their actions would not have been my own, and letting go of them in the end was sweet agony.

What a truly spectacular read this was! The perfect balance of steamy romance and engaging plotline, I never stopped feeling while reading this book, and could not put it down even for a second. I was enthralled by these characters, emotionally invested in their every high and low, and utterly smitten by the magic that is woven between them. Bring us back together. I believe that.

An unexpected love story, striking in its beauty, juxtaposed against a violent backdrop of deadly gun fights, sadistic mobsters, and hair-raising escapes—I felt like my poor heart was going to either burst out of my chest or give up on me altogether, and I loved every single exhilarating second of it. I held her cheek with my hand, turning her lips to meet mine. Ask me if I think about you and miss you every day. A truly splendid tale that might have started as a forbidden romance between two people who stood to lose everything by simply loving one another, but this book ended up being so much more than that.

I loved this book madly, finding myself addicted to its every mouth-watering scene, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking not just a great book, but an unforgettable one too. An absolute must-read. I adored every single thing about this book—from its quirky and utterly addictive writing style, to two of the most loveable, compelling and downright delightful characters I had come across in a very long time, not to mention a storylin e that I never saw coming, its twists and turns keeping me on the edge of my seat start to finish, and making me turn those pages faster than a speeding bullet.

Holy cow! Gripping and unexpected, this story literally took my breath away, and I not only found myself reading until dawn, but also incapable of moving on and picking up another book for days to come. This was one of the most riveting, compelling, and truly unforgettable reads of my life. Not to mention, one of the most divinely written ones too.

Because books like these are few and far between, and are nothing less than life-changing. I never found a way to let you go. A heart-wrenching, truly unforgettable tale of second chances at love, of two people whose love never died, never even dimmed, even though what was taken from them could never be given back. Ms Carlino has a flair for dreamy, passionate love stories that warm our hearts and feed every romantic bone in our bodies, but this time around, she has given us a true gem, a timeless tale of a never-ending love set against the backdrop of a magical city she captured oh-so perfectly, a tale that I suspect will become a favourite for many.

It surprised me at every turn, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone looking for a beautifully written book to make their hearts smile. It can be read as a standalone, even though their story continues in a sequel. This is a heart-warming tale of opposites attracting, of two people fighting their attraction to one another, only to fail at every turn, and of life proving true the old adage that when one door closes, another opens in its stead, just as long as we have the courage to walk through it. A daring tale that was truly impossible to put down, I am afraid I could never fully express how much this story has amazed me with its honesty, fearlessness and insight into a dark theme I never expected to quite enjoy so much.

You might find yourself loving it just as much as I did! A story of forgiveness, of second chances, and of letting go of anger and self-hatred in order to be truly free to embrace all that life has to offer—a story like this is simply my favourite kind of reading escape. Every emotional word of this oh-so wonderful tale stole my breath away and even though it was my undoing on more than one occasion, it left me with the goofiest grin on my face.

This is a book I want to urge everyone to read, to drop everything and not wait another minute, because beautiful, inspiring stories like these are rare finds these days. Lie for it. Steal for it. It is worthy of that… I love her completely. She returns the love wildly. This love is worth the unsaid truths. The hidden lies. One of the most mind-blowing books I have ever read. It is not what I expected to find and I was left speechless by the end of it. This book is pure genius…sexy, shocking, unexpected, and nothing is what it seems.

Oh, how I cried!!! It is the story of loss. Collective loss, individual loss, loss of beauty, loss of life, loss of identity. A tale of second chances at finding love, it tells the story of two people whose lives have taught them to recognise beauty once it comes along and to allow themselves to hold onto it, regardless of how undeserving of it they believe themselves to be.

Maybe have some ice handy? But the only thing I ever wanted was a man like you. This is a story about life, about the unexpected journeys that life takes us on, about the curveballs, about the direct hits and the pain they bring, but it is first and foremost a story about second chances at finding happiness, about finding the strength to be whole again and fighting for what matters the most in life.

Love does not always mean an easy road ahead, but stories like these make us believe that there might be a happily-ever-after for us all. There is no other way to put it. In awe. Addicted to you. I live and breathe you. For you. No other series has kept me as emotionally invested for such a long time as these books have, having re-read each one of them countless times and always discovering new layers to the story, new details that I might have missed or skimmed over on that first…or tenth…or twentieth re-read.

Emotional, intense, deliciously erotic, flawlessly written, this is one of the most powerful, passionate love stories that I know of, Gideon and Eva being two such meticulously developed characters that we cannot help but want to talk about them over and over again, psychoanalysing their every action, their every word, their every breath… And their grand finale is worth of nothing less than 6 STARS! Tonight was obviously an ill-advised hook up for her. This might have started as a captivating little college romance, but it became quite clear to me from very early on that this book did not follow any given formula.

This story is incredibly multi-layered, so flawlessly written that I found myself re-reading passages just so that I would fully absorb the beauty of the prose, and it moved me deeply. Nothing about this story is predictable, everything is just perfect, and apart from being phenomenally written, it is one of the most refreshing and surprisingly touching tales I have come across.

And Ivy would have flipped out. Gray and Ivy are two characters that we fall in love with on the very first page, their playful banter making us grin like lunatics, and as their story progresses, their every facet makes us love them more and more. This is the type of read I will always be in the mood for and cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone seeking a feel-good, confidently written, sweet but achingly sexy friends-to-lovers tale that makes you want to read it in a single sitting. Just to touch you. A sweet, slow-paced, very sexy romance, this story is not as straight-forward or as predictable as it might seem.

Gently and sensitively interwoven with some heavier, much more intense emotional undertones than I ever expected to find in a story of this kind, this was a book I found to be absolutely impossible to put down. I feel like my heart is glowing like a Christmas tree from the sheer exquisiteness of this beautiful, oh-so romantic and yet very tantalizing story, a story that sneaks up on you unhurriedly, pulling you in deeper and deeper, as you lose yourself in a swirl of emotions and truly superb prose. I cannot believe that this is my first novel by this extraordinary author.

Ever since we were kids. And I will find you. It is one of the most positive, feel-good, emotionally fulfilling stories I have ever read, a story about finding the light at the end of the tunnel, and the courage to live rather than wallow in sorrow. While captivated by this book, I found myself smiling, snickering, laughing out loud, crying, even hugging my dog. There are really no words that would ever do justice to a story like this one.

An absolute delight to read. It might be a story describing a grave human condition, but it is also a beautiful romance between two people who were born to save one another, and it is one of the most sensitively and candidly told stories I have ever come across. I love you now. And it is a story of a man whose birth right gave him all he ever needed in life, but it is the love of a woman like Ivey that made it all worth fighting for. You were worth it. You were worth everything. I loved the message it carries, I loved the characters and how perfectly imperfect they are, I loved the confident writing style that oscillates seamlessly between elegant, philosophical prose and explicit, steamy erotica, but I loved the unconventional nature of the love story the most, in all its illicit beauty.

I took your virginity, baby. All you know about pleasure you learned from me. I know how to make it work for you, how to do you right. I know what you like. And how you like it. This is not a book for the prude folk out there — we have a very dominant and rather kinky alpha male in the house who is not afraid to voice his wishes, and every time he opens his mouth, something so mind-blowing comes out of it that you will either blush like a schoolgirl or want to start a fan club. God has provided you with a sacred duty to keep this family together.

You are the only one who can do it. This is all falling into place because it is your destiny to bind the blood once again. It happens every couple of generations. This is your time. The best way I can describe the feeling of reading a book such as this would be to say that if Dynasty and Downton Abbey had a baby, this would be it! One of those timeless love stories that shows us how unique true love is, how hard it is to find it, or let go of it, this is a heart-warming, comical at times, sexy, moving, somewhat bittersweet tale of giving love a second chance, but also of parenthood and finding that golden balance between overprotectiveness and letting your child make their own mistakes in life.

I giggled, I swooned, I fought to catch a breath while sobbing like a baby, and I have loved, loved every single moment of it. One of my favourite books of the year, one of my favourite stories ever. It made me hopelessly fall for a silent boy whose gentle soul and kind heart showed me that there is nothing more romantic than a look that speaks a thousand words. The story of a woman chained to the memory of one horrifying night and the man whose love is the key to her freedom, this is the story of suffering, fate, and the transformative power of love.

This is a story I cannot and never want to forget. I cannot tell you how deeply this story has touched me and how much it still hurts even just recalling some aspects of it. This is a book that drowns you in its heartache as much as it blinds you with it beauty. I swooned, I cringed, I smiled through my tears and I bowed from the pain, and every word of this extraordinary tale is sheer magic. One of the most beautiful modern fairy-tales I have ever read is the timeless romance between Liv and Danny.

This is a story of second chances at love, of true love surviving time, distance, life, a heart-warming tale of friendship and unconditional love, and from the very first page I was hopelessly captivated and unable to step away. This story was everything I seek, need, hope to find in a romance book, and then some. But it is no match for the heart. This book was like no other that I have ever read, its unique structure and pace designed to make our hearts race, skip beats, melt and crush from one moment to another, never knowing what to expect next.

The perfect marriage of romance and steam, this was a book I loved cover to cover, and would recommend to anyone seeking a feel-good but thoroughly emotional escape from reality. Tattooed guy, god in the bedroom is included. I was utterly enthralled. The signature KA prose, the unmistakable pace, the sizzling chemistry between the characters, the suspenseful back story—it is all there and I could not get enough.

I have re-read this book too many times to count, or admit. This is my absolute favourite book in the Colorado Mountain series and the one book I have re-read the most times in my life. The hero in the story, Tate Jackson, is the ultimate alpha male, and there are scenes in this book that get to me every single time, regardless of how many times I have read them. Ty Walker. There are no words to describe the alpha god that is Ty Walker. There are a few scenes that are so heart-breaking, I re-read then every time I need a book to make me feel.

Two best friends, a tale of unrequited love at first, and then nine years later, they meet again and finally get a chance to create something that should have been theirs from the very beginning, this is a heartwarming story of second chances at love, of best friends turning lovers, of people finding a home in one another. This is not just a love story. This is not even just a timeless love story. This is a story of two best friends, two soul mates, two halves of the same whole, two people whose shared past made them capable of truly loving and giving themselves to only one person in the whole wide world.

It is a story about learning to let go of a past that cannot be changed and embracing future in all its unexpected and unpredictable glory. The woman who occupies my thoughts and my dreams. An unconventional and truly twisted storyline that made my skin tingle from the very first page a pregnant virgin!!

The story pulls you in like a rip current and your mind does not know which way is up. Nothing prepared me for the way it manipulated my mind, stretching it in such a way that I wholeheartedly adored every convoluted, complicated, messy, borderline crazy part of it. This heartwarming, funny, unexpectedly profound little gem took me by surprise and ended up rocking my world. There are so many heartbreaking layers to this story, so many themes to ponder on, but even more reasons to smile and walk away with a spring in our step.

24 things I learned self publishing 3 books in only 6 months

I read this book in one day, sporting a permanent smile on my face because everything about this story made me happy, and at the end, I so desperately wanted to re-read it all over again. And excellent pun, by the way. My name just happens to be a homonym. There are so many fabulous layers to this story, all working perfectly together to deliver an engaging, uplifting, unputdownable tale of opposites attracting, of two people being exactly what the other needs, in good times and in bad, and never giving up on each other.

This is a story that had me grinning cover to cover, and while it had the perfect combination of addictive plotline and fulfilling character development, this was first and foremost a fun, heart-warming read. Against a rough backdrop of everything that being part of a motorcycle club might entail, we lose our senses in one of the most beautiful and untraditionally romantic love stories penned by a beloved author.

A truly breathtaking story. There are no words for the kind of range of emotions I have felt reading this book.

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Not many books make me cry but this book succeeded effortlessly and it did so on more than one occasion. The emotional vulnerability of these characters, paired with their desperate longing to be loved—unconditionally, genuinely, completely—made my heart clench page after page. Only you. You have it all! I gave up everything so you could have it all!

Leave me to my nothing! And if you gave one single shit about me, ever, make them let me have my nothing! I have never cried so many times and so desperately as I did while reading this breathtaking story, every aspect of it touching everything that I am, everything that I dream of, everything that I fear the most as a woman. Talk about total sensory overload! And loved every delicious moment of it. Steamy, romantic, exhilarating—every twist and turn in this mouthwatering story was delivered just right, penned to perfection, and kept me hypnotized cover to cover.

Every part of it was just perfect, done just right, the story flowing organically from page to page, immersing me deeper and deeper into a story I never expected to find. I can feel his fingertips tattooed all over my skin. This story was the very opposite of what I thought I would find. When I picked up this book, I expected light-hearted humour, romance, a fun read at most.

And as much as those elements were all present, this book is first and foremost a stunning insight into human nature, into short-term escapism versus the vivid reality of everyday life.

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A deceivingly predictable scenario which turns into one of the most real and realistically told stories I have ever read, this is a book I adored. I laughed, I sighed, I fanned myself, and I even choked up on occasion—the story of Mia and Ansel is what happens when a modern fantasy is faced with the starkness of everyday reality. My hands, my lips, my cock. I trust you with all of it more than I even trust myself. A beautiful read, an astonishing love story, a couple whose journey I understood and felt from beginning to end—this is a book I would recommend with all my heart.

A must read by a most beloved author. It is emotional, sexy, utterly addictive and it poked my heart repeatedly,.

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  3. 24 things I learned self publishing 3 books in only 6 months.

They met as teenagers, for a brief but unforgettable moment in time, and while their lives have led them onto very different paths, they both ended up becoming survivors of the cruel hands that fate has dealt them. A touching friends-to-lovers tale that had me either squirming in my seat from the unrelenting chemistry between the characters, or clenching my chest from all the angsty emotions it stirred in me page after page. This book was a successful follow-up to Nobody's Goddess, and like the first book, deserves four stars.

I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys complicated romances, alternate histories, and some good old-fashioned curses and magic. May 28, Minke rated it it was amazing. I wasn't sure about this series from the first book since the Noll kind of got on my nerves at first but this book I really enjoyed. It had so many twists and turns and new developments that I couldn't put the book down, I was shocked when my kindle faded to the review page, I didn't even notice that I had finished the book.

Can't wait to start the next one!!! You guys. Nobody's Lady was such a great sequel, and it was pretty much everything I was hoping for! There are still lots of twists and turns, and I still have so many questions about this world, but in a good way! Nobody's Lady picks up pretty much where Nobody's Goddess leaves off, with everyone still dealing with the aftermath of the curse being lifted. I liked Noll much better in this book - she still kind of whines a lot, and she's still not satisfied with how things are, but I can kind of sympathize more with her now.

She can finally be with the man she loves, Jurij, but she's not sure that she even wants to be with him. Because having the Lord break the curse has changed everything for her. I felt like she really matured over the course of the first book, and now her decisions and actions are much less impulsive. I also felt like the world was better defined.

But just when I was starting to get used to the rules, there's a whole new element that's introduced and now I have so many more questions! Will Noll ever be able to use the pool in the cavern to travel to the past again? Who is pulling the strings? What does Ailill know that he won't tell her?

What happens now that the men are free to live their lives and love whomever they want? And then after that ending - I need to know more!!! The one thing that I didn't really like, and it's not even much of a complaint, is that this book felt a little bit slower than the first one. I mean, I understand that there's a lot of setup and redefining everything that needs to happen now that the curse is broken, but I felt like there were several sections where I was just waiting for something big to happen.

The whole first half of the book really felt that way, but then things do pick up and we're right back in the middle of all the action. Amy's writing is still fantastic and still had me frantically flipping pages trying to find out what was going to happen next though! It just felt to me like there was more exposition than there was actual things happening and I could definitely see where that could be a turn-off for some readers. This series would be great for anyone who enjoys YA fantasy novels, especially ones with strong, but flawed, heroines at the center of it.

Noll is just trying to do what's best for herself and her village and learning as she goes. Wow, I don't know what to think after I've finished this book. The first one I was able to devour in a few hours, and I was desperate for the next installment. I finished this one in two days, and I was still pleased despite some of my reservations. I still have a lot of questions, and it's going to be a long time until the next book. Perhaps I'll end up driving myself insane waiting. Zonal is now living in a world where women are no longer goddesses to men, and she doesn't have to fear the outca Wow, I don't know what to think after I've finished this book.

Zonal is now living in a world where women are no longer goddesses to men, and she doesn't have to fear the outcast from being the only girl in her village without her own man. Except now, there are other reasons she's being excluded from her village. No one remembers anything going on after the curse was broken, but they seem to speculate a connection between Noll and the Lord.

The village is chaos with couples no longer obligated to one another and floundering to find their new places in society. Noll watches the unrest happening in her village and wonders if there is a solution. She is wrestling with her own conflicting feelings. The chaos gives this novel a different feeling because it raises the questions of how to find your own meaning when what you've always known has been ripped away unexpectedly.

Once again, mcnulty raises a lot of questions about life and gender roles in society. This was a highly thought provoking read. The only part I found myself really mad at was that there not of Allill until the end of the book. He was locked away in the castle most of the time, and I would have loved more interaction between him and Noll. This was a great follow up to the first book, and I'm dying for the next one.

Brilliant Story! Amy is a tremendously talented writer, which was evident with the first book Nobody's Goddess, but this one just stole my heart! I so loved it! The conflict of the first book is carried on into this story and elaborated on, in the first story we see her struggle to maintain order in a world of goddesses and the men who worship them, where in this one we see her struggle in a world of disillusionment and hea This book was given to me by the Author In Exchange For an Honest Review. The conflict of the first book is carried on into this story and elaborated on, in the first story we see her struggle to maintain order in a world of goddesses and the men who worship them, where in this one we see her struggle in a world of disillusionment and heartache.

No longer do the men worship their goddesses but the spell has been broken, the men are cast adrift, lost without the one thing that kept them going all this time, the love of their goddesses and the knowledge of a perfect and safe existence. I loved seeing Noll's world without its blinders on, Amy creates a world that has been completely broken out of its safe bubble and thrown into chaos without a safety net.

Even the lord of the village who is a man feels cast a drift like the others only more so as he was to be Noll's husband and it makes their relationship more complex and strained. I can't wait to read more! I can't wait to find out more about the magic behind it all! For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: www. Nobody's Lady full review 3. And I am being quite honest in saying that I did not enjoy this book as much as Nobody's Goddess. So the curse is broken, the village is in chaos. Couples have broken up.

Some still stay together and some are figuring out their relationships. The main thing I didn't like about this book is how little Ailil's part is in this book. He's up there in the castle and we don't see him till Nobody's Lady full review 3. He's up there in the castle and we don't see him till the almost ending. Yeah, that killed the mood for me. But hey, I like Jurij. Liked him from the first book but the way he was acting in this book made me dislike him. So now you ask, was the book really that bad? Absolutely NOT.

The story takes a turn for the better as soon as some of the villagers try to figure out the truth of why the curse was broken and what was the reason behind it. Another thing I liked was how Noll helped some of the guys get through the day and explore their new found freedom even after the hatred she got for it from the other villagers. Way to go, Noll!

And then there's that ending and now I want to read the next book. There's a bigger mystery here that I curious to unravel. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. It was amazing, as I expected it would be. I can say I loved it even more than book one!! To make matters worse, Aillil has decreed all marriages void, unless both parties ask to be married again.

This allows a number of men to walk away from their marriage duties, Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. This allows a number of men to walk away from their marriage duties, which of course, leads them to spend more time at the local pub gallivanting.

Adult lgbt fantasy books

But what I loved was the realization that these men, who had never been able to think for themselves once they found their goddesses, now struggled to think for themselves in freedom. At first I thought, what a bunch of lazy bums, when really they were struggling to find purpose. But when they decide to go after Aillil and find out how he knows the villagers comings and goings, it results in more questions, and reignites the spark of romance between Noll and Aillil, as she realizes she truly does love him At the end of Nobody's Goddess the curse is broken, allowing both men and women of the village to make their own choices when it comes to who they will love.

This seems like a happily ever after sort of ending, doesn't it? Think again. In Nobody's Lady, the village is in turmoil. Characters we met in the first book are now acting completely different as they deal with their new found freedom. Their marriages are dissolved and, as it turns out, most of the couples who were together in the first bo At the end of Nobody's Goddess the curse is broken, allowing both men and women of the village to make their own choices when it comes to who they will love. Their marriages are dissolved and, as it turns out, most of the couples who were together in the first book no longer want to be together.

This was my favorite aspect of the book; after getting to know these characters in Nobody's Goddess, you must relearn who they are in Nobody's Lady. Some of them have improved, personality wise, while some of them you wished had just remained cursed. Throughout it all, Noll and the lord continue to dance around one another, both too stubborn to admit what they really want from the other.

I love their slow-burning romance; it had me on the edge of my seat as I hoped and wished they would finally take their relationship to the next level. Do they? You'll have to read the book to find out! But watch out for that ending, because it's a doozy. I enjoyed this book even more than the first book. I didn't particularly care for the ending, but that's not because of bad writing or anything.

You'll see, my friends, you'll see. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the next one. If I wrote it, I would have changed the pacing a little, but I didn't write it, and it is good as is. I would definitely read this again and I would definitely recommend it to others. I loved this book so. That being said, it is much darker than book one, where almost everyone was happy because they had no choice otherwise. Now that they have the choice, some people react poorly, to say the least.

Suddenly their world can be very cold and cruel. I loved the progression of the characters and seeing how the men react to their new thought processes. Read it. Devour it. Love it. Let's go :D [this review reflects my opinion upon my second reading of the book] The Story Noll finally got what she wanted: everyone on her village was free to love whomever their hearts truly desire.

After so many bad blood between her and Ailill, he politely tossed her away from the castle and after her father and Jurij left her mother and sister, Noll felt politely tossed out from there as well. Now living on her own at an isolate area of the village and woodcarving her own pieces to make a living, all Noll wants is to be forgotten and, perhaps with a bit of luck, forgiven by her people and Ailill. Her peaceful days were short-lived as her old childhood friends made way into her heart once again and begged her for help. This time, Noll was sure she could fix things and help people rather than destroy their lives and beliefs.

She knew she would do everything in her power to make things right, even if it meant her own demise. But is Noll prepared to expose others to a danger even bigger than she knows? Like in scrambled-eggs-made-out-of-what-is-left-from-our-brains blowing. I was already in awe with the first book, but the second took things to the next level. My feelings for Noll got more clear, my love for Ailill only increased and I felt Amy pulling my blood thirst as I got to know the real personalities of some of the men of the village.

Honestly, at first I was making so many concessions to Noll, but now I just hate her. Also, McNulty has the upper hand with me: her writing style is so involving and beautiful. For real. The plot was, once more, wonderfully done. Since elementary school, I have a special knitted group of friends and those four amazing girls were responsible for my education in predicting shit hitting the fan. Especially as, most of the time, I was the one with the bucket of water to do damage control in the afterwards.

I was indeed bothered with the pace of the story. Then, we succeed. I honestly hope that someday the people who really have the power to bring significant change on a world level wake up to face the facts and help us build a free and less hypocrite society and series like Never Veil help me to feed my hopes even when all facts point to a continued downfall of the whole human society. Maybe someday the right person will come across it and make the difference, who knows?

All right, things got intense here too fast. I do need a therapist after this post, wow! Sorry, guys! As it happened with the first, I already liked the first version, but the second nailed it even more! Who knew George R. Martin syndrome is contagious? I liked this book a LOT more than the first one. The main character is still irritating as all heck but she's changed since the first book and that's a HUGE plus for me. She likes to point out the obvious problems in the village and instead of doing something productive about all the problems that were caused with the breaking of the curse, she mainly just sits by and complains for the majority of the book.

She wants the men to g I liked this book a LOT more than the first one. She wants the men to get back with their wives she wanted Elfriede and Jurij to get back together in particular. What kind of an idiot would think this? She's so self-involved due to the events in the first book that she feels like everyone's watching her.

She wouldn't even stay with her family because she didn't want to be judged by them. Since Noll is the only one other than Ailill who knows that she was the first goddess, she feels like everyone's eyes are on her at all times. The lord has changed in her eyes since she discovered that he's the little boy from the past. She thinks about what he must have thought when she treated him so badly, even when all he wanted to do was make her comfortable and happy in the castle.

He remembered her as the kind woman that he first met a years ago when he was but a child. When he realized that she hadn't even ventured to the past quite yet, he knew that he that he shouldn't take her actions too seriously but wow was she a I mean it isn't even realistic considering their current relationship. It honestly made want to do this When she visits her mother for a "poultice" no surprise, there's no judgement there. She actually missed her daughter but she wanted to give her, her space due to what happened with the "lord".

I found this funny because Noll only moved away to essentially give her family some space as well. If they talked it out, they could have saved SO much time. Noll's mother like all mothers wanted her daughters to get along. So she kind of made Noll stay for dinner.


It was a VERY awkward dinner. When the "secret" about Darwyn and Tayton came out Noll was surprised but I wasn't! The people in the village really changed; I mean it feels like it was overnight. I felt that Noll was really naive when she thought that all the men wouldn't change after they gained their freedom. I mean they got their minds and free wills back. They could think for themselves without having their "goddesses" constantly on their minds. Of course they were going to change! I found this to be ironic considering what happened in the past.

The men and women stopped functioning after the whole "you need to get married again" ordeal. The women grew angry about the fact that they didn't have men worship at their feet. I didn't sympathize with anyone in the village. I only sympathized with Ailill.

How Long Are the Chapters in Books by Famous Authors?

He is mysterious, aloof and yet forthcoming when need be. I believe that he deserves a chance to be who he was meant to be before Noll came and messed everything up. I would really like to know more of his back story. He's lived over a lives and all he wants is peace. When Ailill imprisoned the imbeciles I sincerely approved. Jurij and Jaron are out of control. They were starting to resemble the men from the past who caused Noll to turn all men in mindless idiots. They believe that Noll has them. Instead of trusting or asking Noll outright, they plan and sabotage.

They even planned a fight that grew out of control. The men in the village even resorted to stealing so that they could continue to have "fun". Women were still trying to order the men about.

The village was falling apart, the economy was plummeting. The ones doing well were the couples that remarried. They worked and earned a living. The rest of the village were barely surviving which made them resort to stealing. At least not until they sorted their lives and psyches out first. This book was riddled with so much. There was good and bad. I hated it and sort of like it at the same time. When I compare it to the last book; I have to say that I really liked this one.

I think I wanted to snap Noll's neck in the first book but Noll kind of redeems herself by reflecting and accepting her monumental mistakes here. I would have liked to see Ailill a little more though. He kind of only appears in the beginning and end. Ailill better return in the third book or I'll rant in that book's review! Jun 15, Kalli Bunch rated it it was amazing.

Still not a love story!!! Well, it kind of is, but it's kind of not. In this one, the curse is broken but life as everyone knows it gets flipped. Men no longer know what to do or how to live, and women are no longer worshiped as Goddesses. All marriages are deemed null and void, and any couples who wish to be remarried can do so, but any who wish to remain parted can do that also.

Men no longer have to love a woman against their will. But with that comes other complications. Men have discovered Still not a love story!!! Men have discovered free will. They have discovered they can harm others. They have also discovered they do not want to do much, so the work falls to the women while the majority of the men drink themselves stupid in the local tavern. Noll and her gang of friends work, drink, hang out, and try to pass the time while their lives adjust to the changes around them.

Little does she know that her friends are plotting against the Lord of the Village and using her as a pawn. This books was a good read. But this book was written like a recovery. Everyone was dealing with the aftermath of the previous book. I like that their was character growth with a few of the characters. And the endin Yes! And the ending made me excited for book 3.

Well done. A complete page turner! Love the creativeness of the story line and the plot twists. Great book! Can't wait to read the 3rd book. May 12, Kailey Kathryn is looking for me rated it liked it. I mean Now on to the next to figure out what the freaking frick frack is going on! Safe to say I was very much invested in Noll's story after reading Nobody's Goddess. And while I greatly anticipated Nobody's Lady I was also a little worried about where the story would go after all the events of the first book.

How Many Words in a Novel Chapter?

Those misgivings were done away with as soon as I read the first chapter of Nobody's Lady, I had no idea where Noll's story was headed but I knew Amy would make it one hell of a journey and I was ready to see it through. The curse has been broken but we're a world away f Safe to say I was very much invested in Noll's story after reading Nobody's Goddess.

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  • The curse has been broken but we're a world away from happily ever after. The second book of the Never Veil series really focuses on the aftermath of the curse being broken. Between Noll's time travelling and being held captive in the Lord's castle in the first book, we didn't get to really meet a lot of the people in Noll's village outside of her and Jurij's families. Which is why it was great to see that happen in this book and now that the men of the village have free will, things have certainly gotten engaging.

    I loved seeing the changes in the characters we knew before the curse was broken as well as learning about new characters. There's just a great cast of supporting characters and its made for some complex and intriguing relationships. I've seen a few people say that there wasn't enough of Ailill in this book and yeah we don't actually see Noll and Ailill interacting all that much.

    But the Lord of the village still seems ever present throughout the book and I don't think we actually see that much less of him than we did in Nobody's Goddess.