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He suffered a near-fatal stroke in , but with the help of wife Mary and physical therapy, he has made improvements in his speaking, walking and singing. He was elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in As the candle burns, it is time to share the history that made me who I am, tell the backstory to some of my songs, give insight to the challenges I faced, and reflect on the blessings through it all. Last week we got the chance to talk to Maren Morris about her Playboy article the day after it was published.

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I feel like the book does that. It was exhausting going through the writing of it. Just emotionally and spiritually and physically, as Ken will tell you. But Ken made a daunting task very tolerable. We spent a lot of time on the phone, in person, going through articles and magazines and pictures, and just re-creating the life of Randy Travis. That's a challenge, because he had such a life and lived it in full color.

CMA Awards 2016: Randy Travis sings 'Forever and Ever, Amen'

Full color, indeed. One of six children born in Marshville, North Carolina, Travis' father was an alcoholic known for violent outbursts, causing Travis to live in fear for most of his childhood. Before Travis was a teenager, he was already drinking, setting off a pattern of trouble with the law that could have continued, if not for his singing. He's always owned up to his mistakes and the tough times that he's been through in life. Especially in his childhood.

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It probably brought up some things he wished that he could forget. And I know there's things.

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