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Why I love Patricia Arquette’s performance in True Romance

Quentin Tarantino sold the script for fifty thousand dollars, which was the minimum amount of money that could be paid for a script at the time according to WGA rules. Gary Oldman met with Tony Scott about the project, and told him he hadn't had a chance to read the script he'd been sent, then asked Scott what his part would be like. Scott told him "You're playing a white guy who thinks he's black, and you're a killer pimp. It was Brad Pitt 's idea for his character to be a stoner who never leaves the couch.

In a interview with the American Film Institute, Gary Oldman was asked to name his favorite role. According to Dennis Hopper , the only words that were improvised in the scene with Christopher Walken were "egg plant" and "cantaloupe". That's Patricia Arquette 's four-year-old son Enzo Rossi in the final scene. Although this movie was not directed by Quentin Tarantino , it is still considered part of the Tarantino universe. The two key pieces of evidence, is Lee Donowitz being the grandson of Sergeant Donnie Donowitz from Inglourious Basterds , this being confirmed by Tarantino.

The second piece of evidence, is the fact that Mr. White from Reservoir Dogs mentioned working with a girl named "Alabama". Avary described the plot as being about "an odd couple relationship between an uptight business man and an out-of-control hitchhiker who travel into a Hellish midwestern town together. After several weeks, Quentin handed him over five hundred hand-written pages of, what Avary described as "the Bible of pop culture". Roger typed and edited the behemoth, working with Quentin on further story ideas.

According to a Film Threat article from , the final script was a combination of this movie and Natural Born Killers Reportedly, it followed Quentin's original Natural Born Killers script until after the prison riot. After escaping, Mickey and Mallory decide to find and kill the screenwriter who wrote the glitzy Hollywood movie about their exploits. The writer goes on the run, and True Romance was the movie he writes while trying to evade the two psychotic killers.

It was told in trademark Tarantino chapter fashion, out of chronological order. When it became obvious that the miniseries-length script would never sell, they split the two stories into separate movies. In the diner scene, when Clarence Christian Slater asks Alabama Patricia Arquette what her turn-offs are, she replies "Persians" in the finished film. Being turned off by her character appearing racist in that scene, Arquette name-dropped a different ethnicity, race, or nationality for each take that was shot. She said she wanted to be equally offensive to all people.

The hat Brad Pitt wears in the kitchen sequence, he found abandoned on the boardwalk in Venice, California. He took it, washed it, and wore it for the film. Gary Oldman stated in an interview that he would like to do a film on Drexl Spivey, his character in the film. In early versions of the script, the character of Drexl had several more scenes.

Many were removed and re-purposed for Pulp Fiction , before being removed from that project as well. Director Tony Scott gave Patricia Arquette the Cadillac featured heavily in the film, as a gift after shooting wrapped. Quentin Tarantino said that he never visited the set of the movie during filming. Copies of the original script sent out to studios had the tagline, "When you're tired of relationships, try a romance. Quentin Tarantino named the Sicilian scene as one of his proudest moments. One day I was talking with a friend who was Sicilian and I just started telling that speech.

And I thought: 'Wow, that is a great scene, I gotta remember that'. Gary Oldman had his Bram Stoker's Dracula wigmaker work on Drexl's dreadlock wig, and he sported one of his eyes from the same movie. His seventy-year-old mother was on set each day and he would solicit her opinions on his performance. In the DVD commentary, Quentin Tarantino admits that this is the most autobiographical movie he has ever made. Kilmer spent eight hours in make-up being transformed into Elvis Presley. Fortunately, he was only required for two days of filming.

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The character is called Mentor in the closing credits, so as not to face any litigation from the Presley estate. The original script even had Clarence mention that the name sounded like a Pam Grier character. As a temporary music track, Film Editor Tony Ciccone put "Outshined" by Soundgarden in the scene where stoner Brad Pitt gives directions to the henchman. The result was such a hit at test screenings, that a good portion of the music budget went for obtaining rights to use the hit song in the final film.

The scene on the roller coaster was filmed over two days. Michael Rapaport unfortunately has a fear of roller coasters, and suffers from acute motion sickness, facts which no one knew during the first day's filming. By the second day, the crew was prepared for this, and they gave him something to calm his nerves.

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As a result, one can easily tell from cut to cut on which day a particular moment was filmed by watching his face in the background. His expression goes back and forth from apprehensive and nauseous the first day to bland and oblivious of his surroundings the second day.

On the first day of shooting, it became clear that Christian Slater and Director Tony Scott had different ideas on how to play Clarence, so Scott gave Slater a copy of Taxi Driver and told him to watch it as homework. Bronson Pinchot ad-libbed the scene where his character was caught with the cocaine. Jack Black appears in a cameo as a theater usher in a deleted scene.

In 1993, Tony Scott and Quentin Tarantino defined a different kind of crime movie

She takes them from Buck after she wakes from her coma, and wears them to shield her eyes from the florescent hospital lights. Director Tony Scott slapped Patricia Arquette on-set. He did so with her permission, and by the end of shooting, she was asking for the "persuader" to be able to act in key scenes. The character of Blue Lou Boyle was originally a speaking part with Robert De Niro as the definite favorite , but many cuts were made to Quentin Tarantino 's script, including a scene featuring him.

Instead, he's briefly mentioned as Vincent Coccotti's Christopher Walken 's associate. The screenplay of this movie was originally part of a five hundred page screenplay written by Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary called "The Open Road". The other half of it was used for Natural Born Killers In both films, Tom Sizemore plays a cop.

Drew Barrymore was the first choice for the role of Alabama Whitman, but she was unavailable. Brad Pitt improvised most of his lines. The roller coaster scene was originally written to have taken place in a zoo. Tony Scott changed it, to give the movie an "adrenaline rush". The two had just worked together on The Last Boy Scout Scott hated working with Silver during the making of that film, and they both had problems with Bruce Willis. Silver even called the making of The Last Boy Scout to be "one of the three worst experiences in my life".

When Scott told Rubinek that he "got Joel exactly right" during his audition, Rubinek had no idea who Joel Silver even was. In the article, Scott is quoted as saying: "The Hollywood satire is affectionate, but Joel didn't talk to me for a long time after that. According to Gary Oldman, " I met him once at the interview. And he said, "I cannot tell you what the story is.

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And then over the course of working on it, I had this idea about the dreadlocks and a scar, and teeth and all of that, and I would just write to Tony, "What about this? What about that? So yeah, I'm thinking and I'm thinking about those details. In Quentin Tarantino 's original script, Floyd D. That's why Drexl kills him and Big Don. Also in the original script, Marty wasn't around when Drexl kills them. The word "fu-ck" and its derivatives are said two hundred twenty-five times. Tom Sizemore was originally cast as Virgil before eventually assuming the role of Cody Nicholson.

Sizemore recommended James Gandolfini for the role of Virgil. The movie that appears on the television, when Clarence and Alabama check in to their motel room, is Freejack Coincidentally, Floyd is watching the same movie when Virgil visits. Juliette Lewis was considered for the role of Alabama Whitman.

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Ironically, she played an analogous role in Quentin Tarantino 's other original screenplay for Natural Born Killers Kevin Corrigan 's character is listed as "Marvin", but he is never referred to by that name in the film. In one scene, Frankie calls him "Mad Dog". Tony Scott spent a year searching for the right actress to play Alabama Whitman. Liam Neeson turned down the role of Vincenzo Coccotti. F ast-forward a few more years, however, and Tarantino, now working at the film distribution company CineTel, found himself at Tony Scott's birthday party, pitching him Reservoir Dogs and True Romance.

True Romance trivia

Scott, a film-maker of brash panache, was blown away: he wanted to shoot both pictures. F rom here Scott set about tackling Tarantino's story of an Elvis-worshipping comic-book clerk who falls for a call girl and gets swept into a vortex involving cops, gangsters and a suitcase full of cocaine. Only changing the ending — Tarantino had his male protagonist killed — Scott found inspiration in Terrence Malick's bewitching Badlands, one of the great fugitive-lover texts in American cinema, and one of the most disturbingly amoral. Or to its dreamy voice-over, full of flatly intoned innocence, aping the Sissy Spacek monologue that opens Malick's movie.

But who would play the leads? Tarantino had written the script with Robert Carradine and Joan Cusack in mind, but the roles of Clarence and Alabama would eventually go to Christian Slater, back then a heart-throb, and Patricia Arquette, who was yet to step out of her more famous sister Rosanna's shadow. A rquette wasn't Scott's first choice, either. He had pictures of her wearing little outfits. But I think she was unavailable. Scene by scene, the chemistry fizzes between her and Slater.

W ith the leads in place, Scott now had to assemble the rest of the cast. P erhaps the most memorable performance is that of Oldman as Drexl, the scar-faced, dreadlocked pimp with a milky eye, an incongruous Jamaican accent and a mouth full of gold teeth. Critics were split. The Washington Post , on the other hand, deemed it a dud: a "bloody mess" and "aesthetically corrupt", they scoffed. I t wasn't just critics that were put off by the film's moments of barbarity, though. O ne scene is wince-inducing, certainly. It sees Alabama returning to the motel room where she and Clarence are staying to find Gandolfini's Virgil sitting there, shotgun across his lap, ready to reclaim the stolen coke.

At first she plays dumb. But eventually he loses patience and socks her in the jaw — and so begins an ugly, blood-soaked battle to the death, in which no punches are pulled. I started crying. T rue Romance was also denounced as having racist overtones, not least because of its sequence involving Dennis Hopper's protective father insulting Christopher Walken's Don Vincenzo Coccotti about his Sicilian heritage "You see, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the Moors conquered Sicily…". Both Hopper and Tarantino have since argued that they were merely stating fact.

T oday the film is considered a bona fide cult classic — a giddy fairytale redesigned as a pulpy B-movie and jacked up on machismo. It moves fast, pinballing from one scene to the next on the vim of its script and the bombastic flair of its director. With the crop tops, the neon bras, the Hawaiian shirts, and the outlandish sunglasses, it provides a colourful snapshot of American trailer-trash couture in the early Nineties.

As for the newlyweds, theirs is a romance so intoxicatingly pure that it fills you with unfettered optimism about love.