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There are several legends and tales of lost of buried treasures throughout the state of Washington.

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None of the treasures have ever been found though, and since word of mouth is the only proof we have that they actually exist, no one knows for sure if the stories are true or just made up. For more than a hundred years, there have been rumors that there is a mine full of riches hidden in the Cascade Mountains near the headwaters of the Lewis River, somewhere in the wilderness between Mt. Helens and Mt.

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The mine was said to have been worked by an old Spaniard in the 's. He often visited The Dalles to do his banking at the French and Company Bank and on a number of occasions, other prospectors would attempt to follow him as he returned to his mine.

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Time and time again, the old Spaniard eluded them. When he suddenly stopped making trips to the bank, local miners began to wonder what happened to him.

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  • A year later, Yakama Indians began to show up at stores in Washington--paying for their goods with gold nuggets. They never said where they got the gold.

    People began to wonder if the Indians had found the old Spaniard's mine. Some years later, a skeleton of a man and a mule were found near Spirit Lake around Mt.

    Forrest Fenn Friday: Questions on The Thrill of the Chase Treasure Hunt: Buried or Hidden?

    The skeleton was thought to belong to the old Spaniard who had been killed by the Indians--and some say the mine is hidden behind a waterfall in a cavern near there. Still undiscovered to this day. Why are you so angry and given to disbelief? Let there be a little magic and adventure in the world. Friday, August 19, Ain't Nothing but the Facts I only state the facts.

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    Facts that I have accumulated over the past 7 months. Facts continue to find me. I am like a magnet for them. Let the fact fiesta begin I'll begin with this fact Yes, it's been 6 years and no one has found the chest yet.

    $5 Million Rocky Mountain Treasure Still Waiting to be Found

    Supposedly people have come within feet. Oh, please. It's hidden in one of 4 states! The chances are slim to none that the loot will ever be found in one of those 4 states in our lifetime. Why not just be considerate and pick only one state?

    No can do.