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Safe, sound investments based on the author's Wall Street expertise, and much, much more. Over 30, people have already purchased this seminar it is truly a grass roots success story.

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The thousands of letters they have written to Joe Dominguez prove one thing: his methods do work. Transforming Your Relationship with Money is for every person who earns or spends money. It is for you. Profits from the sale of this audio seminar are donated to non-profit organizations working toward a healthier world.

070 -Your Money or Your Life - Vicki Robin

False assumptions about money, and what the reality based assumptions are. Making a living vs.

How to Get Ahead Financially and Start Living the Life You Want.

How to know what is enough income or money for your life, and lifestyle. The 1 rule for financial success n Your purpose and your purse. True fulfillment n What is money? A revolutionary definition that will change your life. The nine steps to transforming your relationship with money. Three questions for increasing your income and fulfillment. And, many more powerful insights which will, when applied transform your relationship to money.

From Fear and Avoidance to Love and Trust: Transforming Your Relationship with Money.

This is a 4 Cd series which has changed over 30, people's lives for the better. The list of people benefiting is growing daily, why not find out the secrets Author Joe Dominguez has to teach you. You've got nothing to lose. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product! All Right Reserved. Powered by BigCommerce. Brands Rakusu carrying case View all brands.

Transforming your relationship with money Seminar | Ontario

Eventually, the efforts coalesced into the book called Your Money or Your Life, which became a big seller and really helped the word start spreading. Today, there are a number of financial independence blogs and the concept even has its own category on reddit. But while the book itself has changed the lives of millions of people and I agreed with its methods and message, I found it decidedly quirky and antiquated in parts.

And while I know it is considered effective by many and I consider its authors to be god-like in their accomplishments, it was clunky reading at times and it took me over a month to get through it. How much have you managed to hold onto? How much did you spend? For most people, this yields an unpleasant surprise.. The net result is that you take home a lot less than you think, and spend a lot more time doing it. Tracking your spending is the easy part — the book recommends you use a notebook to handle everything, whereas I just do all of my spending by credit card, allowing it to be tracked automatically.

No more unconscious impulse shopping. Restaurant meals: 20 hours. The authors report that most people start to see their income grow even as their expenses shrink, since they are now learning to spend more consciously. But if you are a beginner who still wrangles with optional luxury purchases while still in debt, the kitchen wall is a good idea. The book presents tips, most of which have been covered here on this blog at various times. When you reach that point — DingDing!

But Mustachians of course have other options, discussed below. Due to our continued hangover from the financial crisis, the latest figure for the year bonds is about 2. Safety is just an expensive illusion anyway.

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  • Your Money or Your Life is a wise book, and the authors were clearly motivated by what they saw was a pointless death march of society. Even 20 years ago, when the first clunky SUVs were coming to market and trailblazing a path to widespread stupidity, this pattern was already obvious. And Joe and Vicki were wise to it, trying to guide society away from its wasteful ways and vividly aware that our consumption is an ongoing trainwreck of environmental destruction.

    The bad news is that we went through some pretty shitty decades since then, when measured by the spread of the very consumer disease the book was fighting against. Cars turned into personal trucks, commutes grew, suburbs sprawled, and China joined the party, building a communist copy of the Great American Smokestack, flooding their own country with asphalt and ours with cheap manufactured goods.

    Americans kept working more so they could borrow more and buy more, we grew much fatter and less happy, and generally continue to live our lives in the most blind and inefficient way possible on average. The good news is, the Internet happened. Of course, it spawned an acceleration of technological progress, giving us things like remote working and energy-efficient products. The good news comes from the free exchange of ideas. Only now can the ideas of the non-wealthy majority compete equally with the billion-dollar budgets of crusty old companies seeking to prolong over-consumption.

    Nowadays, even an untrained individual can sit on the couch and type some shit into the computer, and it can reach a wider audience than a successful book might have in the past. So imagine what a big group of people could accomplish, some of them with influence over companies and governments, if they all started grooving on the right message.

    The bottom line: I am thankful to Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin for getting so much of this started, as are countless thousands of other people who are now more free than they could have otherwise been. When I wanted to educate myself about personal finance I had accidently picked up YMOYL as one of the first books, and it was an eye opener.

    Time IS precious. It is finite. Live each day that way. Mary M January 5, , am. I think you would like them… the husband is a big bike enthusiast! Bogdan bankowe January 5, , pm. Trudy January 11, , am. Joe lived a wonderful life and has been a hero of mine for years — totally changed my way of thinking about spending. Put your attention on the living and the things that need to be done.

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    Chris January 12, , am. Like the look of the book I will certainly have a read! Marina January 14, , pm. I first read this book in my early 20s when I was working minimum wage jobs, and had to stop reading it when I calculated I had spent over two hours of life energy on my most recent purchase: a pair of socks. It was seriously depressing. That said, a lot of the philosophy has stuck with me as my income has increased. But the book is really aimed at mid-career middle class folks who want to cut back, not early career low income folks who want to get ahead.

    Kingston February 27, , pm. Because that is the biggest stumbling block I see with living very frugally on a limited income.

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    Hope this helps. I agree it is one of the early bibles and that Joe and Vicki are amazing people. He retired at 35 after working as a CPA for about 12 years. They are still retired and maintain a website. Rachel June 28, , am. Joe and Vicki were never married.

    Transforming Your Relationship with Money

    They were just friends. The original People magazine article published about them covers that aspect of their relationship. I think a lot of people thought they were romantic partners but their relationship was always platonic.

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    • Katie August 17, , pm. I really liked this book. I am very actively implementing certain parts of that book. Which leads me to a question.