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Log in. New to BookLikes? Sign up! Wrong email address or username. Sign up. Already on BookLikes? Log in! Incorrect verification code. Please, check your email, the code to access your BookLikes blog was sent to you already. Log in Sign up. Taken by the Minotaur. When young prince Theseus enters the Labyrinth, he expects to fight a deadly man-beast monster: half man, half bull. But Theseus does not expect the Minotaur to be so enormously strong, or quite so well endowed.

And most of all, he does not expect to find the Minotaur aroused and ready for And most of all, he does not expect to find the Minotaur aroused and ready for him Warning: this 7. Adult readers only! All characters are 18 or older.

Guardian of the Minotaur

Book 2 and 3 are here: amzn. In response, the creature's fingers tightened, cutting off his breath. Theseus kicked, trying to connect with some sensitive part, but failing; the creature held him at arm's length, and its reach was much wider than his. Already his air was running out. Theseus saw dark spots float in front of him, and his head pounded. He struggled even harder, but nothing seemed to make any difference. His vision was fading, his thoughts dimmed, and he thought, I am sorry, Father Then, just when he thought his last breath had come and gone, the Minotaur's fingers loosened and let go of his throat, and he felt himself being lowered to the floor.

Theseus shook his head, feeling overwhelmed.

''Powerful Taken Minotaur'' Location Easy Location Guide The Taken King

The imprints of the Minotaur's fingers burned, ringing his neck like a brand. She had been too young at the time to know what they had been doing, but she knew now, her mother had taken him to bed, to make love. After which, he had seemed much calmer. After she had first got engaged, her mother had given her pieces of advice, taken from her own experience from years of marriage. She had a belief that rage and lust were like two sides of the same emotion, so when a man becomes aggravated, the best way to calm him is in bed.

She half-raised her hand to her chest, and then stopped. What was she doing?! Was she seriously contemplating showing off her body to a beast like the Minotaur? And what would happen if she did? The Minotaur snorted, and started brandishing its trident at her again. Biting her lower lip, she reached up to the other strap of her dress and slowly pulled it down, exposing her chest before the monster. Cleo closed her eyes again, trapping the tears threatening to spill from them, as she stood there naked, humiliating herself as she slipped out of her garment.

After a while she opened her eyes again, though only slightly, as she stared at the Minotaur. Its eyes were definitely fixated on her now. It had lowered its trident, yet still kept a hold of it, as its red orbs followed her every move. It still bore some of the rage it had before, yet now it was mixed it with what she could only assume was lust, yet it also looked unsure and confused. Being a monster thrown into a labyrinth at birth on its own, Cleo supposed it had had no one who ever taught it the facts of life such as sex, so all this was completely new to it.

Its nostrils were once more flaring, as its hooves pawed the earthen floor, one after the other, looking as though it intended to charge. The Minotaur charged forward, easily closing the distance between them in four large steps, and grabbed her by her arms. It raised her up to his eye level, its blood-red eyes staring into hers intensely.

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She whimpered in fear, expecting it to rip her apart any second, but then it raised her up higher until her chest was at level with its eyes, and pulled her in closer. She felt its hot breath pouring over her, as it sniffed her chest, belly and finally her crotch. Cleo cringed, as its nostrils were pressed up against her opening, flaring open as it breathed her in, and started moving up and down against her. And then, she felt its tongue. She unconsciously crossed her legs, but the Minotaur continued its assault on her body without any hesitation, ignoring her attempt.

Theseus and the Minotaur

Its tongue slipped in through her legs, like a warm slimy snake, licking her opening at first, before entering her. Cleo gasped again, as its tongue wiggled about inside her, tasting the inner walls of her vagina. It moved and squirmed, licking both sides inside her, and slowly working its way up. Her purity was about to be stolen, her virginity taken, by a half-beast man?! It felt like it had already worked halfway up to her uterus by now, and yet it was still going.

Suddenly, it pulled its tongue out, and Cleo was momentarily relieved, but only for an instant, as the Minotaur then quickly thrust it back up. It paused every few seconds, to pull its tongue out again to lick some of the spilt juice coming out of her, only to push it back in again. The Minotaur made low but deep grunts, like a true bull, as it licked. It knew nothing about women, sex or what to do in those situations, but its instincts guided it as they had always done before. It had relied on nothing else since being thrown into this prison when it was but an infant.

It also relied on experience, and whenever anyone came into its lair, the Minotaur had always been attacked, the intruders attempting to slay it. That was what it expected from outsiders. This maiden, though, was the first one ever not to scream, run or attempt attacking it. When she had dropped the weapon on the ground, it had been confused. Usually, an outsider would start to attack or at least flee, but this one did neither.

Then she had started to take her garments off, which confused it even further. The Minotaur had always had clothes, as the ones from the world above had dressed it as an infant before sealing it down in the Labyrinth all those years ago. Even before Minos started sacrificing the Athenians, he had sacrificed some of his own people as well. But amidst its confusion, there had also been a sensation that it had never felt before. It knew where to start, too, as the maiden seemed to emit a scent that it had immediately found enticing, and had gone towards her.

The scent seemed to come from between her legs, and when it first licked her, it found her to be secreting some kind of juice that was sweet and intoxicating, and made it want more. When she came, her juices overflowed within her, and the Minotaur tasted something like sweet sugar, which delighted it, having never tasted anything so sweet before. It thrust its tongue further in, to get as much as the sweet stuff as it could. It licked her a few more times, supposedly cleaning up all her leftover juice, and then lowered her back to the ground.

As she lay there breathing heavily on the earthen floor, her thoughts in a daze, she made out what sounded like the rustling of cloth. She half-raised her head to look up, and saw the Minotaur as it unbuckled the belt on its pants and pulled them down to its hooves. When it did, her first thought was that it had somehow hidden a large sword inside its garments, until she suddenly realised that that was no sword it held there! The Minotaur gave a grunt and deep sigh, as it pulled off its pants, releasing its trapped penis. Its pants were leather, and thus fitted it tightly, making it exceedingly uncomfortable for when it had started to grow large within its nether regions.

It enjoyed the freedom, but there was something it wanted a lot more now. The Minotaur was not completely blind to the art of physical pleasure, as it had touched and explored its own body many times during its life, which was why it now knew what it wanted. Its eyes never left her, as it took a step forward. Cleo started to panic. It was enormous! It was bigger than her forearm, and its width looked to be half the size of a tree-trunk! It stood to attention, fully erect, with a bead of its seed at the top, looking like it was salivating for her.

She barely made it a few steps, though, when the Minotaur charged forth and grabbed her again. The taste of her body had now completely awoken its primal instincts, and her scent was urging it on further. It raced forward, and after but a few steps, it grabbed her with one huge hand, grasping her by her waist, and lifting her effortlessly back towards it. It turned her around until she was facing it, and then took hold of both her legs with its hands, and positioned her right over its member, which was rock hard and pulsing now, as the Minotaur guided her down.

The Minotaur slid her down, as she felt its huge tip penetrate her opening.

At first she thought it had stopped, but then it practically dropped her, as she felt its manhood enter her and rise up. The beast seemed to take her cry as a sign of encouragement, as it began to thrust up into her. It held her legs, lifting them up and down upon its penis, like she was a ragdoll, while all the time moving its hips in a thrusting motion. The Minotaur breathed heavily with each thrust, as it blew hard and hot upon her chest, its nostrils flaring.

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The air from its flaring nostrils washed over her as it grunted and puffed. The pain of her first time was agonising, as she felt like a hot sword were being stabbed into her. She feared she would be torn apart. It found the sensation of this act to be unbelievable, as it had never felt such pleasure before, even when fondling itself in the past.

Taken By The Minotaur: Slave To The Beast (Reluctant Gay Sex)

Its body screamed in delight with each thrust, making it want to thrust harder. The Minotaur was still more beast than man, living life by its instincts and emotions, so the thought of rape, emotional pain or anything like that was alien to it. The beast lowered its mighty head down, and removed one of its hands from her leg while the other one held her waist, holding her still in place without missing a thrust, and with its free hand it began squeezing her breast. It noticed that it seemed to enjoy touching that part of its body most so it thought she would like it.

It also began licking her again, as its tongue caressed her other breast before heading up to her higher body, where it licked her mouth as though giving her an affectionate kiss. All the while, it never once stopped thrusting. Cleo squealed, as the thrusting felt like they were splitting her insides apart. It then began licking her again, this time on her chest, as it tickled the whole of her chest before moving up to her mouth.

Her insides tightened with each thrust, as waves of pleasure flared within her scorching womanhood. It squeezed her breast, released it and then squeezed again, making her moan, and then its thrusts started to pick up speed, but she found herself actually desiring that, as the speed elicited even further pleasure within her. Its tongue licked her a few more times, and she returned its kiss, before the Minotaur pulled its head back and straightened its body, thrusting its hips up hard and pushing her body down.

Cleo fell forward, slamming her head against the beasts hard and fur-covered chest, breathing in its earthy smell as its fur brushed against her face while she moved up and down. The Minotaur was delighted. It then moved itself back into its previous position, but kept its fingers around her breast, enjoying the feel of it, and thrust up hard. It growled, as it felt a pressure beginning to build up within its shaft.

It thrust and pulled her faster and faster, its breath coming out in loud snorts that sounded like what modern people would call a steam engine. At the same time, Cleo felt her mind tilting, as her body grew hot and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. She was close to climaxing any minute now, as she moaned in pleasure. The Minotaur snarled with glee. It knew what was coming, having gone through it before when it fondled itself, only this time it felt like it was coming much harder and much stronger than before.

It thrust its hips forward, inserting as much as it could without seriously damaging the female, wanting to get more of it into her as possible. And then, finally…. The Minotaur roared so loud that it felt like the walls of the Labyrinth itself were shaking, but Cleo did not notice, as she was too busy riding her own wave of ecstasy. She screamed in desire, as her opening seemed to burst wide open, and she felt her belly swell up, as though warm milk was being poured into it. The shame of it consumed her, even though she knew it had been the only way to keep the beast from killing her like it had the others in her group.

But at the same time she also could not help but breathe in a contented glow. The Minotaur then lifted her up, sliding its penis out of her. The moment it did, she felt its seed pour out of her, making her belly begin to gradually deflate back to its normal size. After a few seconds, the pouring finally stopped, leaving her insides empty.

But then the Minotaur brought its head forward, and its tongue once more licked her womanhood, cleaning her of all its spilt seed. She moaned again at the touch of its giant pink tongue, enjoying it as it moved about, licking her opening and insides, bathing her clean until all that remained was its own saliva trail. Her face felt flushed, and she was tired. There was still the possibility that the Minotaur, now that it had its fun with her, might still kill her, but she was so worn out from its lust that she did not care. When it started to shift her in its grasp, Cleo did not put up a struggle nor even raise her head.

She actually tried willing herself to drift off to sleep, so that her passing over the River Styx could be more peaceful. Her body was then slowly tilted over to the side, as the Minotaur laid her down in the crook of its arm, resting her head on its massive bicep. She looked up at it, and was momentarily surprise by the look on its face.

Gone was all its rage from before, and even the lust seemed to have ebbed out of it. Its face, though difficult to read, seemed to covey concern or even affection. It gently shifted her whole body into the crook of one arm and carried her like a baby.