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From the Toy Story soundtrack, children as well as parents will recognize this one!

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My absolute favorite for preschool graduation! So moving. If you asked parents to send in pictures of themselves with their kids, this would be a good song to play with those. Of course, we all know that the real stars of the ceremony are the children, so why not let them sing to us? One choice is to have the children perform a few simple songs or fingerplays relating to growing up, graduating, or saying good-bye.

Here are some adorable songs to sing at the graduation. Be sure to start learning these ahead of time so children have enough time to learn the lyrics. You can modify this for children moving up from preschool to prek! Just replace the "Kinder-Garten" with "Prek! We make a montage of pictures of the children from the year and put it to music!

I have details on how I do this!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas preschool graduation songs and music for your end of the year program! Privacy Policy. Preschool Cubby.

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I KNOW, I know , you spend hours of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans each week. I read a book about trains and another book about zoo animals. I can work on the Computer but only for 10 minutes. Tony built 2 puzzles with me in the Toys and Games area. I like Tony. He is my friend. Everybody got a turn. The Sand and Water is a cool place to play.

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There are funnels, fish, buckets, boats and cars. I have to wear goggles in the sand area to protect my eyes.

Baby Crab, Where is Your Shell? - Fun Song with Baby Crab and Baby Shark - Fun Songs by Little Angel

The Woodworking area has wood, nails, and a vise to hold the wood. I have to wear goggles there too. The teacher watched me very closely when I nailed my wood. It looks like a ladder. The Discovery area is sooooo neat.

Kids Songs: Complete List

The teacher said we will take a walk today and collect leaves, rocks, and dirt and then we can look at them with magnifying glasses. There are bikes, a jungle gym, parachute, balls, paint, blocks, and a slide. We are going to the beach, to the Beach, to the beach, We are going to the beach, in our bathing suits. We will find there rocks and shells, Rocks and shells, Rocks and Shells. We will find there rocks and shells, to gather by the water.

We will build a sand castle, Sand castle, sand castle, we will build a sand castle, with bridges and a tower. We will have a picnic too, picnic too, picnic too, We will have a picnic too, With Sandwiches and oranges.

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Building castles in the sand Is ever so much fun. We'll fix a picnic lunch And eat it when we like. And when we all are nice and full We'll take a nature hike. Be sure to wear your suit And bring along your float.

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We'll ride so far out in the surf Pretending it's a boat. We'll find some pretty shells And throw the gulls some bread. Put on a lot of suntan oil So that we don't turn red. We'll never want to leave.