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Using a hyperspace hole, the user appears right next to the target and strikes. This also hits a target using a move such as Protect or Detect. The user employs hypnotic suggestion to make the target fall into a deep sleep. The user instructs the target to use the target's last move again.

The user distracts the target by bending a spoon. This lowers the target's accuracy. Light Screen. A wondrous wall of light is put up to reduce damage from special attacks for five turns. Light That Burns the Sky.

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This attack inflicts Attack or Sp. Atk damage—whichever stat is higher for the user, Necrozma. Lunar Dance. Luster Purge. The user lets loose a damaging burst of light. This may also lower the target's Sp. Magic Coat. A barrier reflects back to the target moves like Leech Seed and moves that damage status. Magic Room. The user meditates to awaken the power deep within its body and raise its Attack stat. Miracle Eye.

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Enables a Dark-type target to be hit by Psychic-type attacks. This also enables an evasive target to be hit. Mirror Coat. Varies Varies.

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A retaliation move that counters any special attack, inflicting double the damage taken. Mist Ball. A mist-like flurry of down envelops and damages the target. Atk stat. Photon Geyser. The user attacks a target with a pillar of light. This move inflicts Attack or Sp. Atk damage—whichever stat is higher for the user.

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Power Split. The user employs its psychic power to average its Attack and Sp. Atk stats with those of the target. Power Swap. The user employs its psychic power to switch changes to its Attack and Sp.

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Atk stats with the target. Power Trick. The user employs its psychic power to switch its Attack stat with its Defense stat. Prismatic Laser. The user shoots powerful lasers using the power of a prism. The user can't move on the next turn. The target is attacked with a peculiar ray. This may also leave the target confused. The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. Psychic Fangs.

The user bites the target with its psychic capabilities. This can also destroy Light Screen and Reflect.

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Psychic Terrain. Psycho Boost. The user attacks the target at full power.

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The attack's recoil harshly lowers the user's Sp. Psycho Cut. The user tears at the target with blades formed by psychic power. Critical hits land more easily. Psycho Shift. Using its psychic power of suggestion, the user transfers its status conditions to the target. The user materializes an odd psychic wave to attack the target. This attack does physical damage. The target is attacked with an odd psychic wave. Many of these abilities are also known as extrasensory perception or the sixth sense.

Superhuman abilities from fiction are not included. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. Is There an Afterlife? New Alresford: O Books. Retrieved The seer in ancient Greece [Online-Ausg. See more words from the same year. More Definitions for psychic. See the full definition for psychic in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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