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Love & Devotion

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Nominated Payment Source has the meaning given in clause 4. The single was originally an album track featured on their original Space Invaders album. It was later released in Europe in as a Real McCoy single.

Love and Devotion: From Persia and Beyond

For unknown reasons, the single was not released in the U. It was first produced in in Germany by the music producers Juergen Wind J. Wind and Frank Hassas Quickmix under the producer team name Freshline. The single peaked within the top in Australia, Finland and Scotland.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved Ultratop GfK Entertainment Charts. Irish Singles Chart. Single Top Top 40 Singles. Love and devotion, baby I can't get enough Of all that love and devotion in my life. Love and devotion, baby love and devotion, You are the sunshine of my life. When a man loves a woman, a woman loves a man, love and devotion gotta keep it if you can. A kiss, a smile, even when you cry, Everybody knows it we need it once awhile. So come on come on, you gotta keep it if you can.

Love and devotion is the master plan.

Love & Devotion

I I'm talking about I'm talking about a wonderful emotion, I'm talking about a game called love and devotion. Oh-la oh-la oh-la oh-la hey, Oh-la oh-la I want you baby, I want you baby, Oh-la oh-la oh-la oh-la hey, Oh-la oh-la I want you baby, I need you baby. Sweet little dreams as you can see. Easy come easy go but not for me.

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One life one love one family. Together forever in unity, so come on come on, You gotta keep it if you can.