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Na pa vezo e Lilia Tout ar c'hezeg o vrennika. Na pa vezo ar baotred vat Diskroget diouzh ar chopinad. Rigodo falifardo falarino When there are in Plouguerneau Women frowning upon their coffee. Where there are in Plouguin Plums to hanging from the fir trees. When, in Bourg-Blanc, they wear Shorter skirts. When, in Guipronvel, Gabrielle's bonnet is more upright. When there is in Plouvien, Coffee and tea for tea-time. When in Lesneven We'll find limpets among the hay. When in Kerlouan Endives grow within the church.

When in Lilia All the horses are gathering limpets. Four potatoes, some chard s , it makes good soup x2 At nine o'clock, in these green meadows…. Rossignolet du bois joli, Les amants qui s'entraiment Se marieront-ils? Oh oui! Little nightingale from the pretty wood, Will the lovers who love each other Get married?

Oh yes! There are five ears…. Two wool spinners passed by here…. O ya toud holl am eus [sedet] Met hani ma mamm baour n'em eus ket. Malrieu : Yannig Skolan. When Skolvan's mother was going to see her fields She found the slopes on fire. Yes, I've gained all the forgiveness But my poor mother's" "My poor godson, retrace your steps And I'll ask forgiveness for you" "My poor woman 1 , how cruel you are Not to forgive your child.

To kill three of his sisters And pretend they were innoncent, It even wasn't his greatest sin. To set fire to seven churches And to burn [nine bunches of things] It even wasn't his greatest sin. To go to church and break all the stainglass, To kill the priest in front of the altar It even wasn't his greatest sin. He lost my little book Written with the Savior's blood. That was his greatest sin. Coirault : Saint Alexis II Alexis, my spouse Why did you marry me? My tears and my sighs Will make me die. On the sea side He fortunately arrived For his disembarkation. Trimmed with braid.

Then he goes near The servants, the quarry-workers. Servants who were looking for him Found him on their way But without been able to recognize him Because he had changed so much, They gave him a handout. At his father's palace He came to appear Without aknowledging who he was He asks to sleep Under a staircase. I'll pray the Lord To bless your greatness With a pleasant love. Seventeen years of penance Under this sad staircase. From fast and abstinence His body was mortified.

The servants and the maids Would spit and throw at him The garbage of the house. The devout Alexis Comes to give up the ghost, 2 Comes to give up the ghost Within our dwelling. The good-natured pope Went to the palace. His mother thought to die From the pain When she saw her son. Everybody regrets The devout Alexis. Perfect devotions Come from all countries Come from all countries To invoke Alexis. She only was 15 when she was telling her mother and father If you don't want to marry me, I'll leave you. It's a little early, daughter, to love the boys, You're not 16 yet, you didn't turn Mother, you weren't yet my age When you took it into your head to love my father.

If I had the means I'd give a car riage with silver wheels I'd give a car riage with silver wheel, I'd take my daughter to the convent in Vannes. I'd take my daughter to the convent in Vannes, I wouldn't leave her here with young boys. For young boys are treacherous And would take my daughter's honor. Tell me, mother, what I would do in the convent I'd only shirr my apron 1 , think of a lover, I'd only ruffle the apron, think of a lover And write many letters to the young boys.

In the convent, daughter, there are no lovers, Only young priests, masters and nuns. There, you'll be locked in a little bedroom And you'll go out neither day nor night. Langredig a lanla, let's tell the truth Those who like young girls are bad too. Those who like young girls should be punished They do nothing all day long but talking about girls.

Coirault : Ur priz butum d'ur gwaz, a zo ken agreapl, Ur priz butum d'ur vaouez, a zo forzh divourrapl. Malrieu : Ar merc'hed hag ar butun mallet. Tobacco in the nose, like the flower to the broom, The daughter would tell her mother "now Joan will croak" 1. For a man, a snuff is so pleasant, A snuff for a woman is not recommended. Joan goes to the wood in the mud and the muck The daughter would tell her mother "now Joan will croak".

Joan goes home in the mud and the muck She lost her apron, her bonnet from the top of her head. She arrives thus with the careless women But it won't happen the same to us tonight yet. Elle voulait que je la caresse Et moi qui n'avais pas le temps. She wanted me to caress her And I hadn't time to twice See you soon, beauty, see you soon I'll caress you and I'll caress you See you soon, beauty, see you soon, I'll caress you 2 properly.

Tant qu'il y aura du chanvre, du chanvre, Tant qu'il y aura du grain dans le lin. During cod fishing, the fishermen would dig lines in the salt in the ship hold in order to put the cods away. Two white spades, two spades with their pretty handle, Spade up, you don't have much, spade down, you don't have any. All the crows pinch her ass, Marie-Margot why would you go asleep? Je veux m'y marier, sans m'y faire consentir J'aime mieux la mort, souffrir.

Elles sont toutes proches de vous" RADdO : I greeted her, she responded me In a so bold way "I can see from you face and your painful look That something has changed". I asked her "What's the matter, beauty? I want to get married, without having my consent, I'd rather die, suffer. Before leaving, I'd want to talk to you One hour, to my pleasure. Yannig Kongar fleur ar werzed Karantez an holl dimezelled. Ha gant se, diwallit diouti, Betek gouzout vec'hiet tromplet ganti. Ober reer ganti kalz a arc'hant. Eo pa vez yec'hed da labourat, Ha d'en em selaou, santimant mat.

Pa 'n em glevet an eil gant egile Honnezh ez eo ar gwir vuhez. Met un nebeud goude, en em wel tourmantet. Hag evit-se gant Yannig Kongar ez on aet. Ken oa o vont davit dour n'en devoa ket gwelet. Met e-barzh an dour p'en devoa sellet, E galon neuze a zo rannet. P'en devoa eta kement-se gwelet, Da di e vamm eo partiet. Mersi a lavaran deoc'h bepred. I've often heard it said That Marie Tilly was treacherous!

I've also heard it said That she like to make fun of the boys. For this reason, beware of her In case she'd betray you. She also owns, they say, an ironed cart And four horse to draw it. To get along together, This is real life. However well he could do, Nobody talked to him. However well he could work, Nobody talked to him, nor gave him a good-willing look. If you'd wanted to wait a little more, she said, You'd have found better than him" "I'd have found one, she said, better than him, But he didn't want me And this is the reason why Yannig Kongar got me".

One day, they fought And her mother told her, "According to what he'll say, It only to give him the Extreme Unction" Yannig Kongar is leprous! He didn't see anything he wasn't aware before he went to fetch water. When he was going to fetch water, He didn't think he was was ill But when he saw his reflection in the water, His heart was broken lit. But I have nothing to reproach you Since I chose her myself. I thank you anyway, For it wasn't you who recommended her to me. But before my life is over finishing my life Have a new house built for me. Have now a new little house for me.

From where I'll see the beautiful golden cross That I carried more than once. Dans mon chemin faisant rencontre mon capitaine. Celui qui me tuera sera mon camarade Tu m'y banderas les yeux avec un mouchoir bleu Tu m'y feras mourir sans m'y faire trop languir. On my way, I came across my captain. My captain told me "Where are you going, my friend? On the first strike, I killed my captain, My captain is dead but I still live.

Maybe before three days it'll be my turn.

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The one who'll kill me will be my comrade. You'll blindfold me with a blue handkerchief, You'll make me die without taking too long. Ah, rather tell her than I enlisted myself On an English ship, That she'll never see me again. Here is a white switch made of two-three plants, Shepherdess, that will make you toe the line whether you want it or not. To make the soup, you put meat, cabbage and carrots.

Now then, I won't go to see my Vannes girl any more, The other day, I've been told of one from the fisel area! Fiche fiche logodenn war ar bodig war ar skodig Fiche fiche logodenn war ar bodig drein War c'horr' war lein war ar bodig war ar skodig War c'horr' war lein war ar bodig drein War c'horr' war dindan war ar bodig war ar skodig War c'horr' war dindan war ar bodig moan. Thanks, Monique! I'll start translating the lyrics to CD 2 after New Year.

Those 2 who betrayed Napoleon beat their breasts And they were still begging the "napoleonists" their pardon. Remember the little hat that never turned his back He never turned his back, he always squared up: "My soldiers and my generals, I won the battle! I want my nephew Napoleon to be mounted on his blue horse To go to the battle field, to horn, to horn his valiance And to go back to Mount Saint-Jean, France's loss.

Il y a douze ans qu'il est parti, Qu'il est parti mais pour la guerre. Il y a douze ans qu'il est parti, Nous n'avons jamais vu parler de lui. De toute part, oh logez-moi, Nous vous paierons tout c' qu'il faudra. Avancez-y trois pas plus bas, Les voisins n' vous refuseront pas. He left twelve years ago, He went but to war. He left twelve years ago, We never heard lit. For fear of hurting them lit. I met my charming beloved, 3 She was the one who hurt me much 4 I met my charming beloved, The one I left when I went away.

Go three paces farther down the street The neighbors won't refuse you. It was a purple birthmark 7 Now you can see clearly. Mais ma ceinture elle est en or, bis Pour moi elle sera bien perdue. I saw my sweetheart dance… As soon as the fair lady glimpsed me twice Her little heart sighed… "What do you sigh for, beauty? But my belt is of gold twice It will be lost to me for good.

Three little pigeons took their flight. They took it so high, so low, they crossed the great sea 2. They rested on the king's dwelling, They took their food lit. On the king's bed, they laid their clutch, Those who will find it will earn a good day's pay. They'll earn ten francs per day and on top the night stay. If she's married, where will I go? Up there, on these yonder mountains, At the foot of a tree, I will pine twice I wept so much, shed so many tears That the streams flowed, Little streams, large rivers, All our mills are carried away twice Girls are like the moon, They're subject to change, But boys are not like this For they love them very tenderly twice.

If we hadn't this little piece that hangs, We couldn't fuck the girls If we hadn't this little piece that hangs, We couldn't fuck all the time. Asshole, what are you complaining about? Don't you feel well in the alley of my buttocks? Don't you feel well in the alley of my ass? Why were you wearing them? Didn't you walk on the grass? Didn't you walk barefoot? Coirault : Le galant aux gants blancs.

In her right hand she holds a white glove And in the other a silver case. My love is inside. Mon bel amant si j'ai grand tort Donnez-moi le coup de la mort! To make her die, here or far, But her parents wouldn't know it. All night long I think of you, My handsome lover, come closer. He hit her so hard That the fair maiden lost her blood. Voici mes bagues et mes joyaux, Nourrissez bien le fils Renaud. Terre ouvre-toi, terre fends-toi, Que j'aille trouver Renaud mon roi. Coirault : Jean Renaud.

His mother who was on the crenel Saw king Renaud arrive. Mother, mother, go ahead Prepare a beautiful white bed for me, I will stay in it no long, During the night I'll pass away. Have it made here, downstairs So that the new mother 1 doesn't hear, And when midnight came, King Renaud gave up his ghost. And when day break came, The servants were still crying, Before breakfast time, The maidens were crying.

After eight days, She wanted to wear her finery again. She noticed, when kneeling down, Fresh earth under her bench. Here are my rings and my jewels, Feel Renaud's son well. Earth, open, earth, break open For me to go with Renaud, my king. Mais pour lui faire voir que non, Que je me moque d'elle, J'irai faire l'amour, Tout proche de chez elle.

Si elle a mal au talon, Qu'elle batte la semelle!

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Are they near you? They don't say the same any more! Ah, the little rogue…. They tell one another "Do you know So-and-So well? She thinks, on my word, That I feel love for her. If her head aches Let her bandage it!

If her calf hurts, Let her remove her garter! If her heel hurts Let her go to and fro! Elle porte d' la dentelle C'est pour mieux se faire voir La belle demoiselle S'en va se promener. She wears lace, It's to better be seen. The beautiful maiden Goes to stroll about. On her way she met A young lover who took her along. Oh, when morning came The handsome suitor greeted. Il aura le navire dessous mes pieds Et ma fille en mariage. Coirault : La courte-paille. At the end of three full years They went short of bread and wine.

They had to draw straws To know which one would be eaten. The short straw was left to the master He was the one to be eaten. Is there one from the crew Who want to climb in the top? I see the sheep in the plain And my mistress a-bathing. I see the chimneys smoke To cook a dinner for us. From the bottom of my prison, I hear the crowd rumble And shout "Death, death For this lazy rascal. To die on the scaffold 1 Is an atrocious death, Since I must, Let me 2 die without fear lit. Do recommend them To stay good above all For, from leading a bad life There's nothing to gain.

Yes, maybe tomorrow They'll behead me, I hear the time of my death Strike. Je suis cornard le dimanche Mon voisin l'est le lundi. But when it was two, The groom woke up. We'll make tobacco boxes, Knives handles too. This will do for the beautiful ladies They'll have their husbands snuff. Peter catches her, he puts her on the ground, With his rod he hits her ass!

Touch yours for I touch mine, Touch yours for I touch mine. I must drop the idea of Going to evening gatherings, I must drop the idea of Going to dance. I enter marriage I leave liberty And my enjoying myself Is over lit. Je ne regrette pas la ville, ni les bourgeois qui sont dedans Ni les bourgeois qui sont dedans, naviguons ma brunette Ni les bourgeois qui sont dedans, naviguons en avant. Je ne regrette qu'une fille, une fille de dix-huit ans Une fille de dix-huit ans, naviguons ma brunette Une fille de dix-huit ans, naviguons en avant.

Coirault : Que regrettes-tu en partant. I don't regret the town, nor the bourgeois in there either, Nor the bourgeois in there either, let's sail my brunette Nor the bourgeois in there either, let's sail forwards. I only regret a girl, an eighteen year old girl, An eighteen year old girl, let's sail my brunette An eighteen year old girl, let's sail forwards. Chantant le rossignolet Le rossignolet bis La vit venir d'alai Sieis grands cavaliers de guerre. Lo premier, eu li disset : "Dio, ma petite Marguerite! The first said to her 2 "Say, my little Margaret! But this saddler boy Was caught by an old grenadier He shouted to the men and loud But with a louder voice, "The duke of Berry is being murdered here!

I have to leave you, But with a very sad regret. They'll put a prince in my place, God may allow it, But what I'd want is the happiness of the Frenchmen". Listen to it, children and adults lit. The ears are made to listen The mouth to tell it. Our Lord goes to stroll "Hung" like an angel. When they were half the way there They find a lot of people. You'll see my heart pierced By a thousand spear blows You'll see my blood drip Along my limbs. Faut aller voir les filles, les embrasser souvent, En leur disant la belle, je serai ton amant. Bring me the moon, the sun in your hand, You'll touch the rose which is in my garden".

Unfortunately it's sheet-music only, no ABC - and most of the tunes I looked at were notated in C, not the D or G I play in - but the sheer wealth of tunes makes up for the inconvenience. Est-elle en soie ou bien en laine? Her father is looking for her everywhere And her lover is sorrowful. There's a shepherd in the meadow, Let him tell us if he saw her: "Shepherd, shepherd, my sweet shepherd, Didn't you see Beauty itself? Is she wearing silk or wool? Has one to be so near the rosebush Without been allowed to pick the rose? Nous irons-t-en Flandres Nous en trouverons Des brunes aussi des blondes Nous en choisirons.

My shepherd calls them When the birds sing. We'll talk of love, Some little words" twice "If love is pressing you, Be on your way Or beware of your bottom, I'm going to set my dogs loose. If my talking bothers you, I'm going to leave. One evening, at dusk, I was strolling And smoking my pipe Cheerfully. We will go to Flanders, We will find some Brunettes and blondes too, We will choose some. Beauty, you will keep The apples in your garden. Go away over there, You great entertainer of girls, twice Ah, you took my heart, Now you go away, When you cross the river, Lover, you'll perish.

If your hens laid well Give an egg, give two of them To put in this basket Hallelujah! And if you have no eggs, Put a franc, put two of them In this purse. Mais quel est donc cet insolent qui m'y parle de la sorte, bis Je ne suis pas un insolent, je suis le premier d' ses amants. I put the bridle to my horse, oh, oh, I put the saddle on twice My unsheathed sword at my side to go to see my beloved. But when I arrived in her yard, her little heart sighed twice. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, ha the bagpipe Ha ha ha ha ha ha, plays lit. Demain-z-avant la messe, Tous deux venez me voir! Assassinons cet homme, Nous aurons tout son or!

Ce soldat estimable N'est point sorti d'ici! Mon fils est ma victime, Grands dieux, quel triste sort! A good military man Going back from war, Dreaming of his happiness. A-going to the fountain Perrier's wife Recognized her brother, This lovable warrior. On a straw mattress Deign to make me some place For it's already cold! The hostess rather curious Searched the bundle. Oh, without believing it but shameless, Oh, this lady counted Eighteen hundred gold coins in it.


What an amount, For us it's a treasure! Let's murder this man, We'll have all his gold! This worthy soldier Didn't go out from here! Please wake him up So that I kiss him I love him tenderly! I feel my crime Dragging me to death! My son is my victim, Great gods, what a sad fate! Yesterday night after dusk To get his wealth I took my big knife. Oh, of this lovely child, I, his abominable mother, Have been the executioner.

Il faut les aller prendre un dimanche matin. Do you want to know the carefree children? You need to go and catch them on a Sunday morning. You need to go and catch them on a Sunday morning, Going out from high mass "Mate, where do you come from? You'd have drunk sour wine and left this good one. I'd have sold my gown 1 and my velvet doublet I'd have sold my gown and my velvet doublet Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Go to tell my beloved that she'll have no sweetheart any more Go to tell my beloved that she'll have no sweetheart any more, That he went to war to serve the king That he went to war to serve the king To serve the king, the queen and his fatherland too.

To serve the king, the queen and his fatherland too. Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Wild nightingale, pretty nightingale Go to fetch my fife and my nice lit. And too la la La dera dirette And too la la They would go away during the evening gatherings, Leaving their husbands in bed… And eleven would strike And almost midnight… Their husbands would ask, "Poor women, where do you come from?

Les mariniers sont des trompeurs de filles Plus de cent mille fois je m'en suis repentie. We hardly were into their ship When the North wind started to blow To blow, to blow such a storm That it brought us on the floating sea. I stayed on the floating sea Without going back to see my homeland to accost Saying 'Mother, my sweet mother!

What will the people from my homeland say to me, For having spent seven years without being back? I'll tell them that I was in the shadow, Over there, over there under a tender folliage. What will the people from my neighborhood say to me, For having spent seven years without earning anything? I'll tell them I was in the islands 1 That I was courting some beautiful girls.

Sailors are girls deceivers, More than a hundred thousand times I regretted that I did. SPRING WATER Spring water 1 will make you die, poor dear, 2 Spring water will make you die, You must mistrust this water, poor dear, You must mistrust it, drink a glass of good wine 3 If a young girl wants to get married, poor dear, If a young girl wants to get married, She mustn't be given of this water, poor dear, she'll better drink a glass of good wine.

Ent as jagut? Where did you sleep? I an tampat lo cuol Amb una castanha. Chorus Didn't you hear The cicada sing? Didn't you hear The cuckoo sing? Quand nous tondrons nos blancs moutons Nous partagerons la laine. A horseman happened to pass by He brought back the fifteen of them When we fleace our white sheep We'll share the wool.

Fat Thursday has eight sheep…. Occitan -Gascon dialect Qui t'a cargat la gala, Torrin? Qui t'a cargat la gala? I-ala-te-la, i-ala-te-la Son las goiatas de Sent Sever. Who passed the scabies on to you, Tourrin 1 Who passed the scabies on to you? Take it away, take it away, It was the girls from Saint-Sever.

She's always at the foot of the casks. She looks like young veal 1 Never near the water 2 No risk she'd fall in it. When I'm away, You'll have to drink water. The merille 3 wine peps me up The aramon 3 wine makes the cork go off. You have a wolf in your sheep barn, it wants to eat the sheep lit. If you give me my weapon back, I'll let you go away. We don't dare to say what happened to us. While drinking a glass, they can sing it! Les petites plages de galets rappellent avec douceur les falaises calcaires vertigineuses qui les surplombent. Prenez Capri, le haut-lieu du luxe. Les rues de la ville bruissent sans cesse: il y a toujours une course, le retour du ski, un concert live.

Une rencontre au sommet qui rassemble des inconnus du monde entier. Elle longe les falaises de la Versilia et traverse la campagne toscane.

Location de villas de luxe et expériences sur mesure.

Leur douceur vient des courbes des coteaux de Gaiole in Chianti. Leurs toits sont en lauze comme l'exige la tradition savoyarde. Chaque promenade apporte son lot de surprises. Dans la douceur du matin, la dune du Pilat est rose. Mais enfin, la plage, immense, battue par les vagues aux reflets verts et bleus, fief absolu des surfeurs. Sauvage et lumineuse, la plage - sable fin et eau cristalline - est presque vide de baigneurs. Le riad est un havre de paix frais et verdoyant dans le tourbillon de la Medina. Leurs couleurs, leurs tons rappellent ceux de la ville.

On lit dans les palmeraies et on fait la sieste sous les bougainvilliers. Le Luberon est une peinture. On se salue, on discute, on se donne rendez-vous. Ou un peu de truffe du Luberon, si la saison le permet. ShabnaM M. Hosein rated it liked it Apr 08, Amir Reza rated it really liked it Feb 14, Orkid rated it it was amazing Aug 06, Amir rated it it was amazing Sep 09, Amanda rated it really liked it Apr 23, Vderevlean rated it it was ok Feb 28, Omid Zargari rated it really liked it Nov 20, Ali-Reza rated it it was amazing May 16, Mahekoli rated it it was ok Feb 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Forough Farrokhzad. Forough Farrokhzad. The third of seven children, she attended school until the ninth grade, then was taught painting and sewing at a girl's school for the manual arts.

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At age sixteen she was married to Parviz Shapour, an acclaimed satirist. Within two years, in , Farrokhzad and her husband divorced; Parviz won custody of the child. She moved back to Tehran to write poetry and published her first volume, entitled The Captive, in In she spent nine months in Europe. After returning to Iran, in search of a job she met film-maker and writer Ebrahim Golestan, who reinforced her own inclinations to express herself and live independently.

She published two more volumes, The Wall and The Rebellion before traveling to Tabriz to make a film about Iranians affected by leprosy. This documentary film titled The House is Black won several international awards. During the twelve days of shooting, she became attached to Hossein Mansouri, the child of two lepers. She adopted the boy and brought him to live at her mother's house. In she published Another Birth. Her poetry was now mature and sophisticated, and a profound change from previous modern Iranian poetic conventions.

On February 13, , Farrokhzad died in a car accident at age thirty-two. In order to avoid hitting a school bus, she swerved her Jeep, which hit a stone wall; she died before reaching the hospital. Her poem Let us believe in the beginning of the cold season was published posthumously, and is considered by some to be one of the best-structured modern poems in Persian. Farrokhzad's poetry was banned for more than a decade after the Islamic Revolution. A brief literary biography of Forough, Michael Hillmann's A lonely woman: Forough Farrokhzad and her poetry, was published in