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Booklet contains photos of the band, lyrics, credits and various member thanks. The cellophane wrapping features a small black sticker stating: La Petit Mort, the new album from James. Pre-orders of the album from the official James store were sent out with an exclusive A4 print of the album artwork signed by all members of the band.

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Add Review amurr August 26, Report. Producer Max Dingel gives the band's sound a slightly commercial makeover with singles Frozen Britain, Moving On and Curse Curse arriving instantly in a flurry of addictive and fully-formed noise.

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There is little "fat" on the songs here with even the 7 minute opener Walk Like You utilising every second of its duration nicely. Moving On in particular is one of their finest singles to date and sits comfortably alongside the more established James hits. The second half of the album slows the tempo down a bit beginning with the darker Interrogation and the introspective Bitter Virtue. The piano led songs towards the end return the listener to more familiar James territory which is a nice way to round off proceedings.

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In my opinion, the song writing on La Petite Mort displays more of an effortlessness than that of the previous two mini-albums and possibly even Hey Ma. Tim Booth's singing soars with Max Dingel mixing the vocals skilfully so as to bring out the best in his voice; little echo effects at the end of verses and such like. Curse Curse with it's almost rave-like atmosphere will no doubt divide the fans but I reckon the band pull it off convincingly. As has been noted elsewhere the album's lyrics revolve around themes of death, loss and rebirth which Booth recently experienced first-hand but it is by no means a depressing record; there is positivity and affirmation going on too.

I don't think it's done the band any harm revisiting that way of making songs as there is a certain energy here which was perhaps lacking towards the end of their tenure with ex-producer Lee 'Muddy' Baker.

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