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Artful Murder in the Hamptons. The Bench. He often wished police work was more like television or the movies because most of He often wished police work was more like television or the movies because most of the time it was boring and sometimes disheartening like it was today. Hell Naw! The so-called "highway" is nothing but a dirt track cut on the side of vertical cliffs.

Many Soviet vehicles have fallen off the road in Hamhung area map. The communists have left the town during the night. The air raid sirens are left wailing continuously - a prearranged signal for all party cadres to leave town immediately. One week earlier, all cadres were issued one Russian army survival kit and ordered to head toward Manchuria upon hearing the signal.

Each man is allowed to carry only one knapsack and to hide or destroy important documents or equipment. I wonder how they managed to move all those wounded soldiers from the army hospitals in one night and where to? Our old family friend Comrade Chu the former boss of the Hamhung Communist Party and my history teacher - the man from China stops by our country home in Oro-ri about 40 min. He is carrying one knapsack on his back and nothing else - probably, all of his earthly possessions are in his bag.

Chu tells my father that the Chinese troops are already in N Korea. They have reached as far south as Kotori only a few miles north of Hamhung. It is only a matter of time when Gen. Peng's gigantic trap is closed shut and the UN forces annihilated. My father believes him - but I and Gen. MacArthur whose agents have reported the same info don't believe it; or rather we don't want to believe it. My father gives Chu a list of contacts in Kapsan and an envelop containing some money.

The old comrade Chu walks northward as he had done years ago when the Japanese were about to arrest him. My father counsels those non-communists who held minor positions in the village government to go into hiding for a month or so. He figures that the UN forces will be gone by then. My father himself fled Wonsan where he ran a small state dairy farm and is lying low in Oro-ri.

We have an apple orchard here. His wife 1 and wife 2, with their kids, are staying together for the duration of the war. His wife 3 is staying out in Hamhung - she is caring for her sick mother who cannot be moved. S Korean artillery returns fire and kills the N Korean officer directing the shelling. All this activity is happening on the other side of Mt. Un Hung close to my house.

A bunch of us watch the 'show' from the top of the mountain. Three men in civilian cloth race toward our city in an American jeep. It is a S Korean scout car looking for enemy units. No resistance - not a single N Korean soldier is to be seen. The jeep bypasses our city and heads north toward Oro-ri and disappears from our view. Nothing happens for an hour or so. We can see clearly the dead N Korean artillery officer still lying next to his howitzer. Then all of a sudden, the scout car reappears racing south. The men are frantically waving and shouting - tanks!

We wait and wait - but no tanks appear. The sun sets and we all go home. I more or less run by the howitzer and the dead body and reach my house in Oro-ri in less than 25 min. On the way, I pass the S Korean guerrilla unit of Commander "X" more on later resting behind a farm building. The commander is exhorting his troops - mostly wearing high school student uniforms. It seems that everyone has a Russian Maxim machine gun, a heavy piece of machinery.

I wonder how they manage run with the gismo. My father is mad at me for running around while there is a battle blazing outdoors. He orders everyone into our bomb shelter - actually our kim-chee storage cave. Every Korean house has a kim-chee cave, a large underground cavity used to keep kim-chee during winter.

It is a large cavity dug deep in the ground with a thick earthen roof over it. Kim-chee caves double as bomb shelters - dating back to WW2. It is dark and damp inside the cave - besides all kinds of worms - ants, spiders, cockroaches, etc. The air is foul and hard to breathe - but my father is adamant that we all stay put. My sister blabbers - " Dad, Young Sik has a pistol in his school bag! First, my father thinks she means a toy gun but soon he realizes that it's real thing.

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He takes my gun away and buries it. He says we will be all shot if either N Korean or S Korean soldiers find the gun. I don't want to tell him that I belong to an anti-Communist group - lest he may have a heart attack. Lucky for me, my mother is staying at our house in Hamhung and I have to put up with only one parent.

My mother does not like hanging around my father's 2nd wife and spends as little time as possible in Oro-ri. We can tell that they are S Koreans from their southern accent, US army issues and their hair N Korean soldiers shave their head. They are going from house to house looking communists. Two soldiers burst into our house and ask us to line up. They are looking for military age men for questioning.

One soldier stares at my teenage half system who is half naked. The soldiers move on and we go back to bed. In the initial period, they will attack the ROK forces. In this regard, we have considerable confidence. First of all, we will put bases in the mountainous areas north of the line joining Pyongyang and Wonsan and rouse the Korean People even more.

In Period 1, if only possible to annihilate several South Korean divisions, the situation in Korea will turn in an advantageous direction for us. Mao Zedong continues -. If we do not send troops, the enemy will control all the way up to the environs of the Yalu River, and, as far as the boasts of the reactionary forces within China are concerned. The whole of the Northeast Defense forces would be pinned down on the front line and the military forces in southern Manchuria would be completely dominated. For this reason.

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We should participate in the war. We must participate in the war. The profits from participating in the war would be very great. The damage from not participating in war would be very great. Marching bands and school children give the soldiers a fine farewell. Soon after, the 42nd Field Army cross the Yalu at Manpojin. Peng's advance army is designated as the 13th Army Group under Li Tianyu. The 13th is ordered to stop MacArthur at a line just north of Chungchon River. Another field army, the 42nd, would move into regions east of the 13th to protect its flank and the temporary capital of N Korea, Kangye.

Two additional field armies, the 50th and the 66th would move into Korea to reinforce the advance units.

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The latter armies would be designated as the 9th Army Group under Song Shilun. Peng has a total of , men under his control. The advance units cross the Yalu undetected by MacArthur. The Chinese intelligence has been monitoring American radio traffic and no mention is made of the crossing. Early in the morning, three light tanks approach Oro-ri. The lead tank hits a mine and bursts into flames. One of the crew members manages to get out but shot right away.

The remaining two tanks turn around and flee northward. We are happy to see S Korean troops. There is no formal welcoming party. We hang around the soldiers, trying to find out what is going on. I spot the ruined tank and decides to take a closer look - a bad mistake. A S Korean soldier grabs me from behind and threatens to shoot me. Lucky for me, the officer in charge stops the madman. It turns out the road is full of land mines and I was about to step on one - I guess the guy has saved my life and those of the soldiers nearby.

I see that the mines are clearly marked and I am so stupid. Truman that no Chinese would dare to face his army; that the Korean War is practically over now. MacArthur tells Truman that:. We are no longer fearful of Chinese intervention. The Chinese have , men in Manchuria. Of these probably not more than , to , are distributed along the Yalu River. Only 50, to 60, could be gotten across the Yalu River. They have no air force. Now that we have bases for our air force in Korea, if the Chinese tried to get down to Pyongyang, there would be the greatest slaughter.

MacArthur continues his fairly tale to his rapt audience:. They have an air force base in Siberia and a fairly good one, with excellent pilots equipped with some jets and B and B type planes. They can put 1, planes in the air with some 2, to 3, more from the Fifth and Seventh Soviet Fleets. They are probably no match for our air force. The Russians have no ground troops available for North Korea.

They would have difficulty in putting troops into the field. It would take six weeks to get a division across the border. Soviet archives show that some , Russian ground troops were packed and ready to move; and that Russian war planes were already operational in Manchuria. It is not clear if MacArthur was telling a white lie or was living in the fantasy world of a megalomaniac. MacArthur answers: " I do not fully understand why the Chinese have gone out on such a limb and they must be greatly embarrassed by the predicament in which they find themselves.

Happy landing. It has been a real honor to talk to you I've never had a more satisfactory conference since I've been President,,,". The radio station is back in business. City water is flowing again and we have the electricity back. The American engineers are superb! Its citizens are returning home by the thousands. Because of the American bombing raids and more importantly, due to severe food shortages, most citizens have left the city for the relative safety of the countryside.

S Korean troops are under strict orders not harm any civilians. Any soldier who harms a civilian will be shot on the spot - " jik-kyok-chue-bun ": so orders the commanding general who is originally from N Korea. These troops don't know a thing about the Chinese trap being set for them.

Even now the Chinese are watching from their mountain positions and laughing to themselves. S Korean psychological war teams spring into action. Convoys of army trucks bring in loads of flour and other food items. They are piled high at several locations. Captured enemy supplies are added to the piles. Everybody is welcome to it. This is indeed unbelievable. These guys know how to win the heart and soul of our hungry citizens.

Free concerts by the army bands are given daily. For the first time, since the days of the Korean People's Republic, we hear Korean folk songs - arirang , dara-dara , etc. No more Stalin songs! The general himself gives the welcome speech. He is a great speaker and talks about the ills of communism and peddles the virtues of Syngman Rhee. He says the war is almost over.

Clark's first objective is to find friendly islands off the coast of N Korea where American pilots can find rescue teams. His second objective is to locate the lone N Korean radar site near the Yalu. His third objective is to pinpoint the source s of mines floating down from the Yalu estuary into the Yellow Sea. And, lastly and most importantly, he is to gather hard intelligence on the Chinese buildup in N Korea.

On the way to the Yalu, Clark loses two of the fishing boats and 75 guerrillas. He sets up a base on an isolated beach near Sinuiju. The Korean agents are sent out to find the N Korean radar site; a handful return no radar is found with reports of , Chinese soldiers south of the Yalu. Clark radios this information to Tofte.

For some reason, Clark's report does not reach MacArthur. The communists guards at the Hamhung Reformatory the same prison where my father was jailed by the Japanese killed all political prisoners and dumped the bodies into wells. They poured gallons of acids into the wells in order to make identification difficult. More bodies are found at other sites. This is utterly unbelievable - how could they have done this to their own countrymen? The bodies are dragged up and laid out in an open field for the relatives to reclaim.

The news of the massacres hits the news worldwide and trigger anti-red witch hunts. Anybody who had any connection with the communists is hunted down, beaten up and often killed - students are beating up their teachers, neighbors are accusing each other, school friends are accusing each other - the whole damn place becomes an inferno. The bad days of post-liberation when unruly mobs hunted down Jap-lovers are back again. Chou Enlai informs Stalin that.

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Our Central Committee has taken the decision to march troops into Korea at once! Stalin is impressed - " The Chinese comrades are good after all".

Future spies

Stalin promises to send 2 air divisions as soon as he can. Political pisoners murdered by retreating communists in Hamhung. Everybody who is some body is trying to join the unit. Me and a close class mate Lee Chin Oh walk into a police station and apply for the job. The guy in charge looks at our papers ID's and tells me to get lost. He is angry at us and says - what a hell are you kids doing here? You have to be at least 18 years old. We realize how dumb the idea was and apologize for the inconvenience.

We are about tail out there when a man walks in carrying a burp gun. He stares at my friend for a second and then grabs him by the neck - 'Hey, this boy is a communist spy! I have known Chin Oh for three years now. His family used to own land just like mine and his father was killed by communists. His older brother fled to S Korea but he and his mother were left behind. He came to my house on the day Hamhung fell and has been staying with me since. It turns out that my friend was an informant of the Political Security Unit jung-chi-po-wi-dae.

The man with a gun takes my friend outside and I decide to split. I have not seen Chin Oh since that day - I presume that he was taken to a ditch and shot to death.

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One thing about my friend Chin Oh: I have confided to him my secret and idiotic plans for fighting communists but he did not betray me to the police. SVA is made of boys 14 to 18 years who are too young to serve in the regular army and also, older kids whose parents have the right connection. It's basic doctrine is 'Wha-Rang-Do' - the nationalistic youth movement during the Silla dynasty.

SVA members help with civilian security, traffic control and occasionally work as guerrillas or intelligence agents. My father is against my joining SVA, but he knows how stubborn I am. He is sad with tears in his tired eyes. He must have realized that his 3 son is about to be lost to him forever. Indeed, this is to be the last time I see him. Paik Sun Yup. This man was a lieutenant in the Japanese Imperial Army in His home town Pyongyang mistreated Paik and his family for their pro-Japanese actions. Paik Sun Yup and his brother Paik In Yup fled to S Korea, but several members of his relatives were killed - including Paik's son, whose head was sawed off.

Paik enters Kim Il Sung's office. Kim's office has no less than 5 portraits of Stalin and one statue of himself. Unbelievably, neither the US intelligence nor the air reconnaissance flights detect the movement of an entire field army. Chinese Volunteers Army marches into N Korea. Peng Tehuai follows Sun Tzu's dictum:. Thus on the one hand we have ability to protect ourselves; on the other, a victory that is complete.

Peng figures that MacArthur's ego and arrogance will cloud his visions and he would either ignore or fail to see the Chinese hordes waiting for him. Indications are that the North Korean military and political headquarters may have fled to Manchuria. Communications with, and consequent control of, the enemy's field units have dissipated to a point of ineffectiveness. In spite of these indications of disorganization, there are no signs, at the moment, that the enemy intends to surrender. He continues to retain the capability of fighting small scale delaying actions against UN pressure.

Peng and Kim agree to wage a guerrilla warfare if Peng failed to stop MacArthur. Peng's first objective is to stop further advances by the US forces and then envelope them into a giant trap and kill as many Americans as he can. As things have developed, MacArthur's forces collapsed faster than Peng expected and Peng decides to chase the Americans across the 38th parallel well beyond what Mao hoped for.

Mao thought that it would take months to establish a defensive line along the Wonsan-Pyongyang axis and to re-equip the N Korean Army and his Army with the Russian modern weapons promised by Stalin. He would have air cover provided by two Russian air divisions. He would then be ready to push the Americans as far south as he can.

During the Cultural Revolution in China, Peng was accused of insulting and ordering around Kim Il Sung among other "crimes" and driven to a horrible death. Peng wrote memoirs before his death. After Mao's death, Peng was restored to his former place of honor posthumously. Peng and Kim Il Sung. These are taught by college kids from S Korea. SVA units are organized on an egalitarian basis much like the Chinese People's Liberation Army - no ranks, only job functions such as squad leader, company leader and so on. Anyone can be elected to a leadership position by his peers.

Those of us who are considered to be reliable sons of landowners, capitalists, Christians, etc. He led a guerrilla army of about 50 men mostly students in the mountains around Hamhung. He has been getting his supplies and men air dropped since the start of the war. We meet the US soldiers for the first time. MacArthur orders his commanders to drive to the Manchurian border with all speed and with full utilization of all their force - in a clear violation of the JCS directive to use only ROK forces in the Northeast Provinces.

Bradley is shocked by MacArthur's insubordination and calls for a top-level meeting in Washington. MacArthur wins again: The ROK forces are too few and their commanders are too emotional to do the job. Chinese infantry passes by US Army trucks. Simultaneously, the ROK 1st Div.

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The ROK Army in the west evaporates. The 8th Army's advance comes to a halt and the entire front lines are in chaos. MacArthur's intelligence chief Gen. Willoughby - perhaps, the most incompetent man on MacArthur's staff is still repeating - " the auspicious time for intervention has long since passed.

One regiment branches out to the Fusen Reservoir north of the Chosin Reservoir. He sacrifices something, that the enemy may snatch at it. By holding out baits, he keeps him on the march; then with a body of picked men he lies in wait for him. The 7th Division units pay dearly for MacArthur's arrogance. Almond moves to Hamhung. MacArthur orders indiscriminate carpet bombing of every village, town and city still in the communists control. The X Corps is made of the 1st Marine and the 7th Infantry. The Volunteers are to protect the Hydroelectric Zone along the Yalu. This gives MacArthur an excuse for another spin to the Chinese intervention:.

On the other hand, MacArthur's G2 chief, Gen. Willoughby warns. Should the high level decision for full intervention be made by the Chinese Communists, they could promptly commit twenty-nine of their forty-four divisions presently employed along the Yalu and support a major attack with up to aircraft. A Chinese division has about 10, men. A field army is made of three divisions. The Chinese troops strike at the marines for the first time in the war. The marines push on north and reach Koto-ri on Nov. It is obvious that they are NOT Koreans.

I realize that Comrade Chu knew exactly what was going to happen. The commander of the 1st Marine wisely follows Sun Tzu's teachings -. In country where high roads intersect, join hands with your allies. Do not linger in dangerously isolated positions. In hemmed-in situations, you must resort to stratagem. In desperate position, you must fight. There are roads which must not be followed, enemy armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, orders of the general which must not be obeyed.

He disobeys MacArthur's order to push on and saves his division from annihilation. An aerial photo of the Chosin Reservoir. The Chinese prisoners are not afraid of the Americans - having been treated fairly by the Americans - Yankee cigarettes, canned beef, chocolate bars, medical attention, etc. Their uniform is more or less of home-made variety.

The Chinese have no military ranks and hence, their uniform has no place for any fancy stuff that the N Koreans have. Leaders are identified by their uniform which is identical to that of a soldier except it has an extra pocket. Another sign of an officer is a side arm. They wear no dog tags, instead they have their name and unit inscribed inside of their jacket.

Under the quilt, they were whatever clothing they own. Since they own only one set of clothing, the sanitary situation of the Chinese army is not good. The Chinese bathe only twice in their entire life - upon exiting from the womb and upon death. Ever since my childhood, I have been waging a losing battle with lice - head lice, arm-pit lice, foot lice.

Every day, I used to spend at least one hour on my battle with lice - you catch them and squash them by the hundreds, but they keep on coming back. The American DDT has solved my lice problem. The Chinese are poorly armed. The only thing they are good for are bayonet banzai. As a matter of fact, about three quarters of the Chinese used to be in Chiang's army. The Chinese soldier carries everything he needs on his person.

His ration consists of powdered rice mixed with whatever staple he can get hold of. The powder is mixed with water and consumed while marching or resting. His ration is carried in a cloth roll pack which has pockets for daily portions. He gets dried fish to chew on now and then. The daily routine of a Chinese soldier is as follows: By daylight, he digs a fox hole for himself and eats his breakfast.

During the day he hides in a fox hole motionless - only a scouting party moves around looking for enemies and the next camp site. At sunset, he packs his gear and starts his nightly march until daylight next day. He can cover as much as 18 miles a day on frozen mountain paths. Chinese soldiers enjoying a hot meal. By the end of October, Peng Tehuai had four armies, more than , men, positioned in N Korea - motionless and invisible to aerial recons.

Lin is patiently waiting for an opportune moment to close his trap. Chinese soldiers carry one week's supply of rice, powdered millet and Soya bean in a cotton cloth tube hung over their shoulders. They have enough ammo and grenade good for one week's hard fighting. The Chinese army needs no trucks, no field kitchen, no clerks for paper work and no frills. Every man in a Chinese army is a fighter - compared to one fighting man supported by 4 support logistics guys in the American army.

He says that there are only a few thousands Chinese 'volunteers' and that he can whip them in no time at all. New orders are issued to hurry to the Yalu so that the Americans can go home before Christmas. This guy is either an idiot or has a secret magic in his sleeves. He will have all of us killed.

He has been saying to everyone, including Truman, that China is incapable of intervening in Korea. Now that some , Chinese are in Korea, he is trying to find a way to save his face. If his Xmas campaign succeeded in kicking out the chinamen, then his misjudgments would be forgotten or justified. MacArthur's daily routine is as follows: Mac works seven days a week. Several dozen Japanese servants wait in line and bow deeply to their master. A waiting elevator takes Mac to his penthouse on the top floor which overlooks the Japanese emperor's palace.

He works on speeches, mail and memoranda until noon. Courtney Whitney an expatriate lawyer in the Philippines - not a military man is Mac's personal secretary. Mac goes home for lunch at and takes a long siesta. He returns to work at P. Charles Willoughby Tokyo chief of intelligence - G2 is another faithful servant - whose job is to provide intelligence reports in support of Mac plans. Willoughby gathers "reliable" intelligence data and issues a definitive statement -. Sun Tzu said:. There are three ways in which a leader can bring misfortune upon his army: 1 By commanding the army to advance or to retreat, being ignorant of the fact that it cannot obey.

This is called 'hobbling'. This causes restlessness in the soldiers' minds. This shakes the confidence of the troops. This is simply bringing anarchy into the army, and flinging victory away. Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:. Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Peng hopes that MacArthur has gotten the message and get out of N Korea without further losses. Peng needs to rest and resupply his troops. Peng needs time to assess battle performance of the enemy and refine his tactics.

MacArthur orders his air force to starts a massive bombing of Manchurian border installations, and anything standing south of the border - "every factory, every city, and village. The air force commander, Gen. Stratemeyer, reports Mac's order to his superiors in Washington which is leaked to the State Dept. All hell breaks out. But Truman sides with MacArthur. Willoughby, chief of MacArthur's G2, reports:.

It will be much easier to ship up support of public opinion in China for major military operations if immediate threat to the Manchurian border can be claimed, which sources believe will be done despite the belief that CCF Chinese Communist Forces leaders are aware that the UN forces have no intention of crossing the Manchuria. The Chinese disengage and disappear. Peng Tehuai replaces his front line troops with fresh ones for the second major offensive. The Chinese army works on a "five-days to fight and 10 days to replenish" schedule due to their limited resupply capability.

Fresh troops are loaded up in a rear area and then march forward to replace the exhausted and out-of supply front-line troops. Later in the war, the Chinese rely on captured war materiel to compensate for this weakness. Pen Dehuai welcomes this unexpected help from mother nature. Peng knows that the Americans are not prepared for winter combats.

Peng rises at A. He does a short run-around in the courtyard - rain or shine - for about 20 min. At A. Peng eats breakfast of tea and a bowl of spicy rice gruel. He goes over cables and reports while eating. He attends the first staff meeting at A. Meetings last all day and night until about midnight. You have to win one. David turns five Thursday. What a wonderful present that trophy from New Orleans will be.

The Chois will share this win with their community ' communities. Is he now a national hero? That is not important. Instead Choi hopes the victory will influence the next generation of Korean golfers to believe they, too, can succeed on the PGA Tour. In that sense, K. He plays beautifully.

Every swing looks to be in perfect balance.